A Complete Itinerary For Holidays in Argentina


If its diversified landscape remains a key attraction for tourists, the followers of cultural escapades are not likely to be disappointed by the Latin dance. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, contains, for its part, a true architectural richness. Here, the colonial buildings rub shoulders with the houses in the Art Deco style and the contemporary buildingsa complete itinerary for luxury destinations Argentina.

If its diversified landscape remains a key attraction for tourists, the followers of cultural escapades are not likely to be disappointed by the Latin dance. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, contains, for its part, a real architectural richness. Here, the colonial buildings rub shoulders with the houses in the Art Deco style and the contemporary buildings.

Safety: Is it dangerous to travel to Argentina?

Despite the fact that crime has increased in recent years, Argentina remains one of the safest countries in South America.

Argentine Food and Restaurants


Fantastic scenery, very welcoming people and spectacular food! Three great reasons to visit Argentina. The food is varied: there are many Italian influences – pasta and pizza albeit in style -; Influences from other countries and inventions such as empanadas – we do not know if the origin is Argentine or Chilean – or the Milanese – oh, those Milanese Neapolitan! But what is certain is that they do not eat much fish. What they eat a lot is meat. How good the Argentine beef is! There are many restaurants of Continue reading

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Top 10 Solo Travel Destinations In Argentina


Argentina – whenever you hear that very name you get the vision of football, Diego Maradona, the white and blue jersey and the green football ground. However, the country has an individual identity apart from its spectacular performance in world football. It can be chosen as one of the best travel destination for the solo travelers. You can enjoy a lot in Argentina when you travel alone.

Apart from football, the country can offer you tango, fishing, wine, architecture, the skiing, the mountaineering and the literature. If you can plan your tours accordingly, then you can visit both the Whales and the Penguin festivals which are amazing. Moreover, Argentina is one of the top 10 countries where you can go as a solo traveler.

Therefore, if you too believe that exploring the world can be best done when you are alone, then Argentina should be the country you can start your solo tours.

Buenos Aries


This is the capital of this country and one of the most happening cities in the world. The city can offer you mouth-watering foods, fascinating neighborhoods, and outstanding artworks. Moreover, you can feel thrilled by watching the passionate population that knows how to live a fun-filled life. The sizzling nightlife of this city can attract any male solo traveler anytime. However, it is not unsafe for the female solo travelers as well. The colorful European architecture always allures the travelers, and they find some of the most delicious gourmet cuisines here.

Iguazu Falls


Iguazu is one of the most beautiful and magnificent natural wonders. This is actually a series of some stunning waterfalls which are located on the Iguazu River. This waterfall is the border between Argentina and Brazil. The falls offers a breathtaking view to the tourist. However, the beauty and attraction of the falls enhance when you see the lush green forest which surrounds that area. This forest has some of a unique wildlife of this country. Iguazu National Park Authority takes care of this wildlife and the falls area.

Mar Del Plata


This one was once considered as the retreat for the aristocrats of the country, and now it becomes the most visited resort city of Argentina. It is located on the in the Buenos Aires Province, on the Atlantic Coast. The spot becomes the favorite of the tourists because of its sandy beaches as well as its vivid and lively crowd. If you wish to feel the energy, then do not choose the summer month when it becomes most crowded.


Formerly Ushuaia was a penal colony, and the isolated location of this city helped it a lot to be so. However, that very isolated and remote beauty now makes it one of the most desired tourist spots in this country. This city is considered as the southernmost city of this planet, and it is located on the Beagle Channel. Glacier Martial and Cerro Castor, the two beautiful mountains towered on the city and enhanced its stunning look. Tourists go to these mountains for hiking during the summer and for snow sports during the winter.


Mendoza is one of the well-known wine destinations of this country as well as this planet. This city is positioned in the largest wine producing area of Latin America. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in this region and Mendoza is the nearest Continue reading

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Argentina – A Land of Never Ending Astonishments

Argentina- A land of never ending astonishments

Argentina, a land of natural and man-made wonders. And this the reason there is an abundance of luxury destinations in Argentina. From the sky-scraping peaks of the Andes and glaciers to the bustle of Buenos Aires and the vineyards of Mendoza, there is so much that this unique and dynamic country can offer to the visitors. There are bountiful of reasons that make the country one of the favorite destinations to travel. And you can have your reason to visit the country like if you are looking for the largest waterfall or the highest peak in the America or even more your appetite for extraordinary scenery can be better amused by the country only.

The itinerary doesn’t end here and not the overall excellence of the Continue reading

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Top 9 Luxury Travel‬ Destinations in Argentina You Cannot Miss

Argentina is the world’s 8th biggest nation and a standout amongst the best luxury destinations in North America – no matter you are here for a month long trip or on a budget holiday for a few days. From the bistro society of Buenos Aires to the normal magnificence of the Iguazu Waterfalls and the Perito Moreno icy mass, Argentina has something magnificent in every part of it that attracts tourists from all parts and corners of the world. A percentage of the world’s most eye alluring landscape can be found here in the Patagonian Stepp, the Andes, and the rich Lake District. Argentina is often referred as a Mecca for the tourists and filled with tourists in all the seasons. Take as much time as is needed to explore this beautiful country – the infinite tourist places here require some serious energy to get to and is worth every one of the diversions you’ll discover along the way. This travel manual for Argentina will offer you some assistance with planning your trek to the place that is known for steak, wine, and mountains!!! Here are some of the best destinations you must visit when you are on a luxury tour and trip to Argentina.

luxury tour and trip to Argentina

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3 Must Visit Picturesque Destinations in Argentina

Midst of our struggle for survival there are many occasions when we want to go somewhere in oblivion. A peaceful holiday provides a much-needed break to rejuvenate the tired senses. Argentina is one such destination which can fill your mundane life with many wonders and cherishing moments. This is a place blessed by nature’s caring touch. This South American country is famous for not just being an economic powerhouse but for its rewarded natural wonders. As home to such a collection of magnetizing landscapes like snow-capped mountains, glaciers, grassy plateaus, and massive waterfalls, travelers who don’t get lost in the different towns will most surely get lost amongst these five natural wonders that are certain to steal their breath away.

3 Must Visit Picturesque Destinations in Argentina

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