Top 10 Solo Travel Destinations In Argentina

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Argentina – whenever you hear that very name you get the vision of football, Diego Maradona, the white and blue jersey and the green football ground. However, the country has an individual identity apart from its spectacular performance in world football. It can be chosen as one of the best travel destination for the solo travelers. You can enjoy a lot in Argentina when you travel alone.

Apart from football, the country can offer you tango, fishing, wine, architecture, the skiing, the mountaineering and the literature. If you can plan your tours accordingly, then you can visit both the Whales and the Penguin festivals which are amazing. Moreover, Argentina is one of the top 10 countries where you can go as a solo traveler.

Therefore, if you too believe that exploring the world can be best done when you are alone, then Argentina should be the country you can start your solo tours.

Buenos Aries


This is the capital of this country and one of the most happening cities in the world. The city can offer you mouth-watering foods, fascinating neighborhoods, and outstanding artworks. Moreover, you can feel thrilled by watching the passionate population that knows how to live a fun-filled life. The sizzling nightlife of this city can attract any male solo traveler anytime. However, it is not unsafe for the female solo travelers as well. The colorful European architecture always allures the travelers, and they find some of the most delicious gourmet cuisines here.

Iguazu Falls


Iguazu is one of the most beautiful and magnificent natural wonders. This is actually a series of some stunning waterfalls which are located on the Iguazu River. This waterfall is the border between Argentina and Brazil. The falls offers a breathtaking view to the tourist. However, the beauty and attraction of the falls enhance when you see the lush green forest which surrounds that area. This forest has some of a unique wildlife of this country. Iguazu National Park Authority takes care of this wildlife and the falls area.

Mar Del Plata


This one was once considered as the retreat for the aristocrats of the country, and now it becomes the most visited resort city of Argentina. It is located on the in the Buenos Aires Province, on the Atlantic Coast. The spot becomes the favorite of the tourists because of its sandy beaches as well as its vivid and lively crowd. If you wish to feel the energy, then do not choose the summer month when it becomes most crowded.


Formerly Ushuaia was a penal colony, and the isolated location of this city helped it a lot to be so. However, that very isolated and remote beauty now makes it one of the most desired tourist spots in this country. This city is considered as the southernmost city of this planet, and it is located on the Beagle Channel. Glacier Martial and Cerro Castor, the two beautiful mountains towered on the city and enhanced its stunning look. Tourists go to these mountains for hiking during the summer and for snow sports during the winter.


Mendoza is one of the well-known wine destinations of this country as well as this planet. This city is positioned in the largest wine producing area of Latin America. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in this region and Mendoza is the nearest city of this mountain, which attracts the tourists as well. You can enjoy horse riding and appreciate some of the most beautiful sceneries of this country while traveling alone in this city.

El Calafate

El Calafate is now a very gorgeous and attractive tourist spot because of the nearby Los Glaciares National Park. Once this was a sleepy town, but now it receives a great amount of footfall every year. This town is located in the Santa Cruz Province of the country and is considered as the starting point for several tourist excursions. You can stroll down as solo travel in this charming town and visit museums and souvenir stores.

Los Glaciers National Park


Los Glaciers National Park is situated in the Santa Cruz Province of the Patagonia region. This national park can offer you some of the most captivating natural wonders of this planet. Apart from Greenland and Antarctica, you can watch the largest ice cap here in this natural park. You can also have Mount Fitz Roy in the northern section of the park which is popular for mountain climbing and hiking.


San Carlos de Bariloche looks more like a village in Switzerland and less like a city in Argentina’s Rio Negro Province. The Swiss-style architecture, the picturesque landscapes, the snowcapped mountains, the beautiful lakes and the chocolate shops – altogether this city can be considered as a beautiful European village. You can enjoy some outdoor adventures in this city.

Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn is an Argentine city which is mostly known for being the gateway to Peninsula Valdes. This beautiful city is situated on the shores of Golfo Nuevo. Though the water can be extremely cold, it can be considered as a popular summer destination. It is one of the most famous solo destinations in Argentina.



This is the second largest city in this country and located in the geographical center of the same. The city is surrounded by some picturesque mountains and valleys which make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Argentina when you are traveling alone. There are some Spanish Colonial Buildings that make the city looks gorgeous and exclusive. It has plenty of historic places, monuments, and churches as well.

Now, when you know where to visit while having your solo tour in Argentina, you should start selecting the best tour operator who can manage a nice, comfortable and safe tour in this country. Check the itinerary and plan your tour accordingly so that you can travel to the most beautiful places in this country within a pre-settled time.

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