Why Is Fiji A Good Honeymoon Destination?

Are you looking for a paradise for an unforgettable honeymoon? You will surely love Fiji, a magical place to enjoy its white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Learn a little more about this impressive and unforgettable trip.

Are you looking for a paradise for an unforgettable honeymoon? You will surely love Fiji, a magical place to enjoy its white sand beaches and crystal clear water. An archipelago builds up of more than 300 islands in the south of the Pacific Ocean that will surprise you with its tropical and temperate climate and the beauty of its landscapes. We are going to tell you five reasons to choose Fiji as a destination for your honeymoon.

If you are still not sure where to go on your honeymoon, here are some of the top famous honeymoon destinations in Fiji in the world that you can take advantage of on your honeymoon to visit.

A tranquil paradise

Do you want to rest after the wedding? In Fiji, you can disconnect without problems because in this country formed by 320 islands more than half are uninhabited. Although most hotels in the Fiji Islands are spectacular beach resorts and have all the luxuries and amenities, in some islands, they usually have no electricity supply other than small generators. You can rest from television, mobile phones, and the Internet! Its natural beauty will captivate you to the point that you will forget the world.

A privileged climate

Fiji enjoys a tropical climate in which the average temperature during the year ranges between 20 and 30 degrees depending on the season. In the rainy weather, from December to April, the temperature can reach 32 degrees in some islands. In the dry season, which is the most recommended for traveling, from May to October, the average temperature varies between 22 and 26 degrees.

A constant adventure

If you want to travel and adventure, in Fiji you can visit its more than 300 islands and enjoy all its natural treasures. You can visit the capital Suva, Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and other smaller islands such as Taveuni, Kadavu, Gau, and Koro. Islands generated mainly by volcanic and sedimentary action. The capital Suva has a great architectural heritage such as the Fijian Museum located in the Thurston Gardens and beautiful green areas such as the Clock Tower Botanical Gardens.

You can also visit beautiful Fiji holiday destinations such as the archipelago of the Mamanucas, the Yasawa, and Kadavu Island. For lovers of scuba diving on the volcanic island of Vanua Levu, you will have the chance to enjoy the reefs, its wildlife and wild flora and an incredible mountainous landscape crowned by Mount Tomanivi.

A trip to the past

Taveuni Island can be one of the most original and least visited corners. You can meet a small village called Lavena where men wear skirts and carry hibiscus flowers attached to their ear. A natural paradise in which young people play rugby and drink kava, a traditional drink made with the crushed root of a local plant. A place stopped in time where you can enjoy nature and tranquility.

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Luxury tourism will grow by 6.2% until 2027

In the next ten years, luxury tourism is expected to grow by 6.2% worldwide, especially in Europe and the United States, which will account for 64% of this type of travel, according to a study by the Ostelea university center. Among the trends that will mark luxury tourism in the coming years include the commitment to the local, the personalization of experiences, greater differentiation, exotic places, and visits with an ethical vision with little environmental impact, according to the report Tourism of luxury: challenges and opportunities.

How luxury tourists are and what they buy?

The luxury tourists are, according to the Luxury Tour Operator in Delhi analysis, people between 30 and 40 years old, who have a high purchasing power – annual income of over 150,000 euros. Also, they are travelers who speak several languages, who make a minimum of four trips a year, with a high preference for luxury hotels and cruise ships, and with a high level of loyalty, which makes them “highly requested customers” and “appreciated by the sector.”

If you look at the expense they make, it is observed that 54% of these travelers invest between 5,000 and 10,000 euros in each of their trips, although the budget can amount to 50,000 euros on special occasions such as a Luxury Honeymoon Travel.

Regarding the distribution of spending, the main elements in which these types of tourists invest are, according to Ostelea, high-quality hotels, spas, gastronomy, or sports facilities.

The study also discloses that most of the trips of these tourists are concentrated in  August (11%), and December (14%) and that around 46% usually enjoy a ten-day stay at the destination, while 30 % travels over two weeks.

Keys to attracting Premium tourists

The destinations and tourist brands have to change from a marketing focus based on demographic profiles to an approach aimed at psychographic profiles of tourists (which define personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, lifestyles and travel motivations). For this, it is essential to know well their behavior, their consumption habits, and their needs when they visit a destination.

The main triggers of purchase (factors that favor the demand) for these Premium tourists are the emotion, the perceived value, the reference they receive from family and friends, the expectation and the need to disconnect from their routine and have enriching experiences.

It is estimated that the growth of this segment was 18%, 1% in 2017, three times higher than the growth of the tourism sector (+ 7%) and much higher than the growth of general consumption of luxury products, which last year increased by 5%).

Even over the years of international economic crisis, the number of millionaires has increased.

North America and Western Europe account for 64% of the worldwide luxury travel issue (despite accounting for only 18% of the world’s population).

We must emphasize the market leadership of the US in this segment: The wealthiest 5% US average 14.3 trips per year (half work, half leisure) compared to 4.8 for the average American tourist. It is estimated that there are 15 million families in the United States that belong to this segment.

All this makes the US Premium market the most lucrative in the world. Europe is still the preferred destination for your long trips.

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Chile In The Spotlight

The big winner is Chile, especially for the historical aspect because the country will celebrate in 2018 its 200 years of independence. But beyond the cultural wink, Chile has many other arguments to make.

For its capital

Nestled between hills and mountains, Santiago creates a unique urban atmosphere and creates a more relaxed atmosphere than in some of South America’s major cities. Among the must-see places, the Cerro San Cristobal hill is a must to admire the charm of Santiago while gaining height. The luxury destinations in Chile offers an exceptional panoramic view of the expanse of Santiago and the beautiful Andes Mountain range as a backdrop.

Is it a child-friendly destination?

Traveling with children in Chile is no problem, the sanitary conditions are optimal, and Chileans take a benevolent look at the families of tourists. These last years? The capital Santiago has renovated and opened many museums, some of which have been adapted to the free youth, this is mainly the case of the museum of pre-Columbian art which has play areas for the youngest. In this same city, the zoo, which is accessed by funicular, remains a safe bet. The varied and impressive Chilean fauna will delight young and old, including parents. The observation of condors, llamas, whales, and penguins is a unique experience!

What are the culinary specialties of Chile?

Chilean gastronomy is quite varied. You can start with the famous “empanadas,” the baked, boiled slippers stuffed with cheese, meat or mariscos, then follow with the “Lomo a lo Pobre”. It is a loin of beef or pork topped with eggs on a plate and accompanied by onions. Seafood is also part of the menu. The meal is watered as it should be with “pisco,” this eau-de-vie of reason, or wine that makes the country famous.

How can you save money during your trip to Chile?

To save money, take your time on your journey. The fewer time constraints you have, the more you can control your budget. Even cheaper than the bus, hitchhike! It is not very hard in the Chilean countryside to find a driver and ride in the back of his pickup.

In general, we do not book our accommodation for the night in advance. Once there, look for a comparison of the prices compared to the proposed service. We remain freer and decide how much we want to pay. Sometimes even Chileans in the street advise us to find a good plan.

But above all, for the diversity of its landscapes

Chile holiday destinations are narrow and winding places, isolated from the rest of South America by the Andes to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atacama Desert to the north and the wild expanses of Patagonia to South. Chile has the particularity of offering an immense diversity of landscapes, between the ocean, deserts, glaciers, fjords, canyons, lakes and even volcanoes. An incredible opportunity for all lovers of nature and landscapes, as well as for adventure fans, because there are many activities offered by the Chilean fauna.

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6 Types Of Luxury Travelers Of The Present And The Future

According to data of Tourism Economics, a network of consultants with more than 50 years of experience, in the next ten years, the growth rate in luxury travel will increase by 6.2%, a higher figure, compared with 4.8% of the traditional trips.

  1. Those who always travel with luxury (4%)

For them, the least important is the money they will spend during the trip. Going with all kinds of luxuries is so regular and daily, that they do not think it is something extraordinary. More than a benefit, they see luxury holiday destinations as a minimum requirement and a condition of travel to make their journey more simple, discreet, agile and comfortable.

They will always travel in first class or a private plane, and their lodging must be the highest category. Unlike other types of luxury travelers, they will not change their travel motivations, that is, they will always want to have all the facilities possible.

  1. Occasional luxury travelers (20%)

They are travelers who are hunting for opportunities to make their trips more luxurious. Despite being travelers with high economic levels, their way of looking for luxury is through loyalty programs that reward them with some upgrade, such as a room with more luxury than what they had paid, or through points obtained in a company. They spend it looking for the “WOW” factor in their travels.

  1. Travelers “Luxury” (31%)

Bluxury is a word in English formed by business and luxury (business and luxury). Like Bleisure travelers, the “Bluxury” combine business trips with free time, but for them, the “luxury” factor is essential.

The main reason for your trips is to do business; they take advantage of the salary they receive and the facilities they provide in the company they work to add to their trips, luxury.

  1. Travelers with a lot of money but little time (24%)

They travel without a clear objective, and it is their daily responsibilities that dictate when they can or cannot go. Their plans may be affected at the last minute, so they buy flexible tickets (for air or lodging).

They leave the planning of their trips in the hands of third parties (travel agents); Also, they pay and trust in the experience that sellers have. However, due to their limited free time, what they value most is privacy, because, this is an opportunity to live with both their families and themselves.

  1. Those who have to travel with luxuries (18%)

When planning your trips, you are always looking for the most exciting experiences possible. Besides, they do not lose an opportunity to show off their skills on social networks. They are anxious that people realize how well they spend it, how they live life to the fullest and how they can please themselves.

They consult Luxury Tour Operator in Gurgaon to increase the satisfaction of their trips. For example, it is the kind of travelers that opposes a trip on a private yacht for their group of friends.

  1. Travelers with money and independent (3%)

It is the kind of travelers that seek to travel when they want to indulge themselves or for the simple fact of living a new experience. They are people without any commitment (such as a relationship or a family) and have the freedom to choose for themselves all the conditions (date, place, accommodation) of the trip.

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Do You Want Your Honeymoon To Be Different?

If you are finding a different way to understand your wedding, then you will also want an unusual honeymoon. What yes?

The honeymoon is the perfect moment to share a dream as a couple, to discover new destinations and live romantic adventures that you will remember forever. But, the most important thing to ensure that your honeymoon is genuinely unforgettable, is that it is your measure: right to your style and your tastes, fleeing prefabricated or serial wedding trips.

As with fashion, gastronomy or decoration, the travel sector is also influenced by the latest trends and the desire to innovate. Novel concepts have become popular, such as weddingmoon, marry in a paradisiacal destination and enjoy the honeymoon in the same place; the buddymoon, share the honeymoon with your best friends; the ‘mini honeymoons’, a few days of relaxation after an intense honeymoon; the ‘honeymoon eco’, perfect combination between the private enjoyment respecting the environment and the interaction with the small local economies of the country of destination; or the slow honeymoon.

With an almost handmade confection – how the canons of today apply – and very personalized, the thematic Luxury Honeymoon Travel Destination range from wine tourism, in which wine and everything that surrounds it is the protagonist, going through the ‘movie tourism’, inspired by films with visits to the stages in which they were shot, to one of my favorites: the honeymoons that follow the thread of the wedding itself.

A honeymoon inspired by the wedding itself?

You have chosen very carefully the style you want for the wedding: boho chic, country, Provencal, tropical, Nordic, industrial, etc., etc. Why not turn your honeymoon into an extension of that aesthetic? Eco-sustainable hotels in Canada, Renaissance palaces on the Amalfi Coast, Argentinean and Mexican haciendas, Mongol yurts, tepees in Arizona, luxury tents on private reserves in Africa, glamping in deserts, luxury lodges in Australia, cabins in the Amazon jungle, hotels igloo in Finland, villas in Provence, hotels hipsters in the USA, boutique accommodations in the Caribbean- The list of different destinations and unique accommodation proposals is unlimited!

And if you also complement the destination and the chosen accommodation with authentic experiences and experiences Voilà: your Honeymoon Travel Destination will not only be different, but unique.

Nowadays another way of traveling is possible.

Would you love to fly in a balloon over one of the most impressive deserts in the world in Namibia or over the pagodas of Myanmar? To know the authentic tribes of Bushmen and Himbas? To learn in Japan the technique of the katana with an expert or to attend the auction of tuna in the fish market in Tokyo, to have the possibility of enjoying an unforgettable safari on foot (with romantic picnic included) in reserves of the south of Tanzania or perhaps perform it in a boathouse on the Chobe River in Botswana. Cultivate with local women a rice field in Thailand or Vietnam or maybe a private dinner by candlelight in a temple in Cambodia or on a private beach in Mozambique.

For all this, if a typical and topical honeymoon trip does not go with you, I encourage you to put a different honeymoon at your fingertips.

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Discover Switzerland With Your Children

How many reasons do you need to travel to Switzerland? Many are the reasons to decide to know this beautiful country, full of fascinating natural places, incredible cities, and a most welcoming atmosphere.

Switzerland is a country rich in beautiful natural landscapes, clean air and healthy food from the many local farms.

There are many activities to do in Switzerland, and this makes it one of the most popular destinations for families with children.

Walks in the woods, cycling, hiking, and skiing are just some of the possible ways to spend your days in this green country.

Here are the most suitable Switzerland holiday destinations for a holiday with children in Switzerland:

Bern, the Swiss capital, offers various itineraries for families that can relax by taking walks in the mountains or along the lake or have fun to play ball and organizing picnics in the middle of a natural setting made of woods, meadows, and waterfalls.

The symbol of the city is the bear, and it will not be difficult to find out why. Visiting the medieval old town, you will notice that bears are present in every dimension and material in all corners of the city and children can have fun discovering them here and there. The arcades of Bern, built in the twelfth century are also the longest in the world, a real record.

The possibility also to get on a panoramic train, offers families to enjoy the views crossing them in long and wide.

Lucerne- For many, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The two main attractions that significantly increase tourism in Switzerland are the Water Tower and the Chapel Bridge.

Basel. It is the essential cultural center in all of Switzerland, with a large number of museums and theaters. Among all the places to see in Basel, the neo-Gothic church Elisabethenkirche, the Tinguely fountain, the cathedral and the Basel history museum, the market square and much more stand out.

In Montreaux, on the so-called Swiss Riviera along Lake Geneva, you can stroll along the flowery avenues to meet sculptures and monuments of artists linked to the city.

Not to be missed is the Place du Marché where the covered market is located in an ancient building of the city. Music lovers cannot miss the Mountain Studios, recording studios used by many international artists.

Every year, in the Christmas period, in Montreaux comes to life a charming Christmas Market where the house of Santa Claus is set up, many exhibitors are mounted and organized the so-called Medieval Phantasmagorias inside the Castle of Chillon in which narrators, musicians, Street artists, and artisans animate the city, transporting children and adults to a fairytale world.

The canton of Grisons is characterized by the presence of imposing mountains including the Pizzo Bernina, a peak that exceeds 4000 meters in height. It is a famous place for tourists who love skiing. This region offers more than 50 ski areas. Children have the opportunity to attend ski courses and have fun in the snow.

Switzerland holiday destinations is the perfect for a holiday of relaxation and well-being in the best family hotels.

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Switzerland; An Eternal Romance Of The Honeymooners

The land of purity and heavenly nature, Switzerland has always grabbed the attention of the world since the birth of tourism! Switzerland, for most of the love-sunken couples, is the prosopopoeia of romance and the romantic landscapes, ice-laden panoramas of the Alps, rolling green pastures only add to the mood and flavor!  The luxury destinations Switzerland also has iconic cities full of culture and history.  This is truly a romantic journey that ignites romanticism atop Junfaru Jungfrau and lets you experience world’s first revolving cable car at Mt. Titlis. Switzerland with its enchanting and enticing nature that redefined the idea of heaven itself! Are you feeling that strange and yet pleasurable attraction to explore Switzerland, the vast land of beauty? Read on as we unravel the best honeymoon destinations in Switzerland.

Zurich-The culturally vibrant city has to rank first in everyone’s list. One has reasons galore. For starters there scenic waterfront promenades and the quintessential snow-capped mountains. In other words, Zurich is a land of picturesque landscape and scenic views.              But do not be under the impression that it is all about snow white beauty. The city gets even more gorgeous once the sunlight hits on the land after a brief spell of rain. It is one of those honeymoon destinations in Switzerland that allows you to enjoy fabulous cuisines, have a tryst with history (the Swiss National Museum, Museum of Art and Grossmunster Cathedral are must-visit places).

Geneva- The populous yet surprisingly quiet and somber city of Geneva is also a top visited luxury destinations Switzerland for it has world’s most panoramic views that build the perfect setup of a romantic view amidst seclusion. What has truly been the attention gainer over the years are the vast fields of flowers that symbolize the change of season each time they bloom and eventually wither. Head over to the Saleve Mountain that can kick off the adventure spree in all the hikes and biking camps. On the other hand, you can always fall back on the peace and calm of the Jet d’eau fountain is where you can have a quiet time for yourselves, admiring nature.

Interlaken- Set amidst the stunning Lake Thun and Lake Breinz, and in the heart of the famous Jungfrau Region; that is a reason strong enough to pack your bags and rush to the Luxury Travels in Switzerland. Add to that the amazing               view of waterfalls that you see from inside of the Beatus Caves. Explore more of the history in the realms and artifacts of Open-Air Museum and Oberhofen Castle. Or you can spend some time having adventure on the Lütschine River for river rafting and hiking in Panoramaweg. Finally, we all know for a fact that the never ending romance hits the crescendo only with a bite of chocolates. So waste no time and jump into the Funky Chocolate and drool over the desserts you just cannot say no to!

Lucrene- The city has well and truly preserved the mystic beauty and charm with its beautiful medieval architecture that has literally made Switzerland a honeymoon destination brick by brick. There is this aura and vintage feel in Lucrene that is sure to blow you away. It is the gorgeous fountains that make it one of the most charming destinations without a question.

Laussane- Have you packed your party shoes for the Luxury Travels in Switzerland? Splendid! Because you have Laussane that gets the ball rolling for the jibe in the city that has most happening nightlife in Switzerland. What becomes an equal regulation is a visit to the Notre Dame, the largest cathedral in the country. There are also the spectacular views of the city from the terrace of Laussane Castle.

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The Top 5 Countries To Visit In Europe

Is there any place like Europe on the planet? The continent bears testament of some of the most groundbreaking revolution in human civilization and has ensconced world’s greatest and fabulous monuments. The history of Europe is rich and the breathtaking natural scenery the most diverse of them all! It would certainly not be an exaggeration to say that all the European countries amalgamate to make one vivacious kaleidoscope of culture with landscapes, relics of history and incredible beauty which is as intriguing as its past. As such, it is indeed a predicament to shortlist only 5 countries to visit in Europe. Let’s find out anyway!

Austria- Austria, the land of Mozart and Waltz, is a magnificent rendition of scintillating alpine lakes, majestic mountains, and elegant cities, with a rich cultural heritage. It is undoubtedly the capital city of Vienna that steals the thunder with its imperial grandeur, world-class art, and alluring café culture but its beauty stretches far beyond it as well. On your luxury travels, you can set your thrillometer high with an adventurous skiing in Innsbruck, Kitzbühel, and St Anton that embed several castles in its wonderful mountainous landscape. At night, it is the twinkling blue lakes that set the tone for some real romantic night outs. You can sign the entire journey off in the baroque city of Salzurg which is set against a resplendent backdrop.

Scotland- There is no other word better than “dramatic” to define Scotland, the country that has spanned over the glorious Renaissance past and kept its natural beauty shining with lush woodlands, stunning lochs, rugged coastlines, and the green rolling hills topped with crumbling castles that still roars the grandeur of the country. Some of the top sightseeing spots to cover in your European tour and travel are the famous Eilean Donan Castle, the Scottish Islands that has an evocative history and an amazing landscape. Get the most of the splendor and absolute beauty of the Isle of Skye famous for its astounding cliffs and dramatic Cuillin mountain range.

Iceland- Another sketch of visual natural beauty and the most intricate surroundings, Iceland is well and truly the Land of Fire and Ice. The country is also known for being one of the most cosmopolitan and broad-minded residents, a fact that gets corroborated by the urbane capital Reykjavik which is bustling with rich cultural scene, original festivals and buzzing nightlife.

Greece- Greece is one such country that leaves a long-lasting impression thanks to the legacy of heritage which is embellished in its ancient sites. Chilling out in the sublime sunsets of Santorini is another perk of being on luxury travels in Europe. The Greek city of Athens is brimming with some of the most astounding ancient monuments and unspoiled villages filled with archaeological treasures to satiate the history-bent wanderlust. The biggest draw is the Olympic National Park that lures hordes of tourists each year as for the plethora of outdoor activities. Moreover it is infused with Greek mythology, playing host to Greece’s highest mountain wherein the Greek gods have supposedly lived.

Norway- “The land of the midnight sun”, this is how we have been introduced to the Scandinavian country of Norway over the years. Norway is a country replete with long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs, rugged mountains and glaciers that can take your breath away right at the outset of your European tour and travel. As the northern part of the country lies on the Arctic Circle, you get to see the most dramatic magnificence of the sun rising on the country that has wild scenery, white reindeers and polar bears that hop in the ice fields of the Svalbard Archipelago.

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The Top 5 Wellness Travel Destinations In The World

Wellness tourism is neither a voyage nor an expedition to discover the unknown lands. Rather it is an odyssey that heals the body and calms the mind. It is the perfect way to detach yourself from the worldly pleasures of life that otherwise ruins your chances to lead a healthy lifestyle. No wonder there is a spurt in the demand of luxury wellness travel destinations that gives the opportunity to get over the temptations and make the most of life in a healthier way. There is no dearth of such destinations that marks your need to pamper and attain the ultimate relaxation courtesy constructive indulgence. We walk you through the 5 destinations across the world that is tailored for wellness travel. Take a look!

India- Why India? Perhaps this question’s answer is as vast and varied as the country itself. Nevertheless we try our best to summarize India as a Wellness Travel Destination. It is your one-stop destination; be it the treatment of physical ailments or improving emotional well being through spiritual enlightenment. All of these are done both by Western medicine and indigenous practices as well. Ayurveda, the healing practice which is over 3000 years old is a powerful tool for healing and transforming the body has India as its birthplace. And of course, you have the vast riches of Yoga to exploit in the beautiful country which has become synonymous with this form of exercise as well as recovery. Look no further than the Hrishikesh, the city that has rightly earned the sobriquet “the yoga capital of the world”.

Bali- The tropical country of Bali is serene and filled with lush scenery that gives you plenty of opportunity to revitalize your mind and body. If you are up for a wellness retreat then visit the Fivelements Puri Ahimsa, a healing center that emphasizes on the eco-conscious aspect of wellness. Besides Yoga and clay retreat, you can also flex your muscles and learn Japanese martial arts.

Costa Rica- If you happen to be a resident of the colder part of the country, Costa Rica is the perfect Wellness Travel Destination that can suit your needs to get some rejuvenation after a series of monotony and endless fatigue. The country has warm beaches wherein you can surf all year-round. It is due to the presence of unique hot springs and volcanoes which makes the country optimally warm and lets you enjoy all the wellness destinations. Head over to the Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort which is situated at the base of the Areneal Volcano. To top it off, the entire stretch is eco-friendly and natural!

Hungary- Hungary was and still is the undisputed champion when it comes to the Portugal luxury wellness destinations that has time and again been revered and relied upon by tourists worldwide. The country is perhaps the only one to provide thermal because of its rich thermal water resources that give a mesmerizing therapeutic effect. One is literally spoilt for choices for the bevy of baths, saunas, relaxing massages, beauty treatments and healthy food according to the standard of hotels.

Japan- The Nippon country is also one of the preferred destinations for health and wellness. The world goes gaga over the beauty of the Japanese eves and the intense spirit of hardworking men. What the world is privy of is that Japan is also a country that holds the heritage of reiki, an alternative medicine technique where healing energy is supposed to flow from the therapist to the patient. It is important to understand though that Onsen bathing is practised as part of Japanese sociocultural traditions which also emphasise hygiene and purification in a religious and personal sense

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7 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Next Holidays In Tunisia


Tunisia is the less explored and less fancied country of the situated in the northernmost zone of the African continent. Its uniqueness in flora and fauna can be underlined by the fact that Tunisia is sandwiched between countries like Morocco and Algeria. By and large, Tunisia is the cynosure of all eyes as the beach destination thanks primarily to the soft sandy Mediterranean beaches. But that is not all that makes Tunisia a stunning visual spectacle. The country has immense riches of ancient archaeological sites, stunning desert scenery, and magnificent Islamic architecture, to name just a few. In this article we give you the 7 key reasons to visit Tunisia, a country that can give the big boys of tourism a run for their money.


  1. Amazing local cuisine and seafood- Yes it has to be the food that has to be taken into consideration by almost all the globetrotters. Mark our words, Tunisian delicacies won’t disappoint you! Tunisian local cuisine and seafood is truly awesome to say the least. It is a healthy combination of elements ranging from Turkish, French and Mediterranean cuisine. Don’t forget to gorge on the local specialty of grilled fish which is locally known as “poisson complet”. Some other foods that you ought to try are Brik, very crispy thin pastry with a whole egg, parsley, onions and sometimes meat. For the non-veggies, it is Merguez (small spicy sausage made from mutton meat) that they absolutely need to devour!

2. Numerous archaeological sites- A wide number of archaeological sites in Tunisia bears testimony to the fact it had a significant historical role as an important crossroads of civilization. The country has some of the most iconic and wonderful Roman ruins outside Italy, the remains of which can be found in the cities of Dougga, Bulla Regea and Chemtou. As a matter of fact, Tunisia hosts the UNESCO listed amphitheater El Jem, build around 238 AD. With an estimated capacity of 35,000 spectators, it is the world’s third-largest amphitheater.

3. Sidi Bou Said- Of all the magnificent and wondrous cities of Tunisia, we had to handpick Sid Bou Said for reasons more than one. The town would simply leave you mesmerized with its blue and white architecture. Moreover the town can be your strategic base when traveling to Tunisia since it is located very close to Tunis. Sid Bou Said is like a perfect display of local artistry and craftsmanship.

4. Ease of transportation- One is unlikely to face any trouble while traveling in and around Tunisia because of the well connected roadways. You can easily find rental cars at affordable. However the most dependent conveyance has to be the long distance buses that are pretty cheap albeit they come and go without any fixed schedule!

5. Country of culture- One is likely to be amused to find out that Tunisia is of great religious significance for the followers of Islam and that Kairouan is one of the holiest Islam cities, perhaps only a tad behind cities of Mecca and Jerusalem. Add to that the country is like a diverse cultural punch with the island of Djerba being the oldest of Jews enclaves. The Berber culture is still kindling in the Tunisia’s heartland as well as in the Sahara.

6. Hammamet- The beach resort of Hammamet the first point of tourist attraction of Tunisia. The small town situated between Tunis and Sousse captivates the view of one and all with its stunning white sand beaches clubbed with the turquoise waters and the green bed of cypress trees. Although the place has been in existence since the 1st century, Hammamet was officially given the status of a town in the 15th century. An interesting thing to note is that no building can be built higher than the cypress trees. This makes the appeal of the beachfront stay in its most natural form.

7. Tunisian Sahara- There is no way you can give a miss to the vast stretches of the Sahara desert, the largest in the world. The desert can be visited by heading toward the southwest of the country, near the villages of Ghomrassen and Douirat. You can also move to the Grand Erg Central, near the Algerian border to have a view of the expansive sand dunes. Make your desert tour memorable by taking camel ride of the desert.

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