Unleash the luxury destinations of Germany.

A perfect guide for you to explore the unique spots:

About Germany  

When luxury destinations comes to mind, Germany is always at the top of the list. A western-European country that offers a wide variety of luxury tourist destinations that can mesmerize you with all its travel spots. A country that is full of landscapes of forests, mountains, rivers, and beaches. Germany is not only about its astounding views; its history is something that always asks for your undivided attention. Whether it’s the art in Berlin or sites related to WWII, Germany is a blend of nature and history. Visiting the luxury destinations in Germany is not just a trip; it can be a lifetime experience with unforgettable memories.

luxury destinations in Germany

Though Germany is altogether a travel destination, having this experience with Welgrow adds a touch of luxury and makes it unique from a common Germany trip. Let’s explore some luxurious travel destinations in Germany that will surely make your visit worthwhile.

A one-of-a kind cycling experience around Bodensee-Königssee-Radweg

luxury destinations in Germany

Cycling itself is an energizing activity, but when the location is in Germany, it’s not just cycling but an experience that can be captured in one’s eyes for a lifetime. Riding a bicycle with your friends or beloved on the streets of Germany is fun, and if you want to go solo, the roads will never disappoint you. Just a beautiful evening, a long-distance cycle path in Germany with the visuals of nature and towns, and some light music on your headphones For this luxurious cycling experience, you can visit the “Bodensee-Königssee-Radweg”, a 453 km-long path that connects Lindau on Lake Constance with Schönau on Königssee. The road will also attract you towards the town’s beautiful attractions, like Neuschwanstein Castle.

Diving into childhood again with water parks

luxury destinations in Germany

Kids and youngsters always find a place where they can play and have fun. When talking about having fun, water parks are always the first thing that comes to mind. Just like Germany, its water parks are also unique in their own way. This is the place where your children can enjoy themselves, and you can also discover your inner child by indulging in playful activities. The indoor rainforests, palm trees, sandy beaches with a Hygge sauna, looping slide, pool bar, or ‘Blue Lagoon’ will give you a whole new vibe on your Germany trip. A visit to water parks with Welgrow will give you a blend of fun and luxury.

Wine: Getting tipsy amidst luxury!

luxury destinations in Germany

A bottle of authentic wine and a 360-degree view of Franconia’s most beautiful wine view—there is no other beautiful evening than this, especially when you bought the wine from the vineyard itself. A glass of wine with your partner, romantic music, and the beauty of nature will surely make your visit to the luxury destinations in Germany worthwhile, especially if you are a wine lover and love to travel with your partner.

Living the German Dream

If you are living the life of boredom with a repeated schedule of work and want to give yourself a break, then this time, do not live the American dream but the German dream. Give yourself a break and live the best German life. Baden-Baden, a town in Germany, offers the best of German life to its travelers. Some other attractions include famous joie de vivre, magnificent buildings from the Wilhelminian era, exquisite shopping destinations, blooming gardens, an unbelievable world-class cultural offer, and lots of sights.

World’s best parks

If we talk about luxury and the best parks to visit, then Germany’s parks are not just the common gardens to explore but something more than that. These are the parks of Germany’s grand palaces. Hundreds of gardens are covered with floral splendor. Some of the luxury parks include Munich’s English Garden and the island of Mainau on Lake Constance, affectionately known as the ‘Island of Flowers’. Mannheim, Germany, has the largest garden exhibition ever. Covering more than 100 hectares, this place offers a range of interesting events and concerts alongside the green wonders.

Final remarks

Visiting Germany is itself a luxury, but knowing the right destinations if you want to experience luxury and comfort is important. The country is altogether a tourist destination, but the above-mentioned destinations will surely make your travel memorable and worthwhile. These are the top-notch luxury destinations in Germany that all travel lovers must visit if they are planning to explore Germany this time.

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Step into the surreal beauty of Lapland

Step into the surreal beauty of Lapland

Lapland is the dream destination for all those globetrotters who wish to spend time amidst the snow-clad nature, and want to set their eyes on the famed northern lights which is also known as aurora borealis.

Nature’s bounty and a burst of hues

Step into the surreal beauty of Lapland

With the onset of autumn in Lapland, you are in for the most enchanting display of nature’s niceties to soothe your eyes. This is the time when nature transcends into a flurry of colors spread across the landscape of Lapland. Expect to see the hues of fiery reds, vibrant oranges, and golden yellows resting on the tree leaves in all its glory. Such is the magnitude of this wonderful sight that you are certain to get transfixed or you may be left wondering how spectacularly the nature unfolds its colors.

Timeless memories abound

The season of autumn is the times of transition, the time when we see the nature unfold itself in a transformed avatar. Immerse yourself into this seasonal change to forge memories of the future whilst regaling one’s self to the niceties of the nature in the present. It is these memories which shall soothe your minds and leave a wide smile in your face all throughout the winter.

Outstanding outdoors

The sheer vibes outside will invigorate your senses to the point of allowing yourself to dunk into the beauty of nature with which the Lapland is blessed. The gentle rustling of leaves underfoot, the earthy aroma of fallen foliage, and the caress of the wind create an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

Autumn Adventures

Amidst the picturesque trails, the vibrant forest takes you to a memorable journey which is closest to the nature. What’s more? You can also satiate your fondness for food in some of the most exquisite and hearty autumn cuisine that captures the essence of the season. In essence, you get to witness the breathtaking beauty of Lapland with some good food to relish upon.

Go hiking at Lapland

Step into the surreal beauty of Lapland

It is a win-win for all hikers out there as the autumn season is all about rising to the heights of beauty! If you are something of an adventure, you are set to see the picturesque trails accompanied by cool breeze and the crunch of leaves. The view gets even more vibrant with multicolored trees that make the backdrop all the more stunning!

Chase the Northern Lights

Step into the surreal beauty of Lapland

How can a trip to the Lapland ever be complete without the coveted northern lights? This aurora natural light display on the earth has captivated the imaginations of one and all. All we can say is you shall get mesmerized once you gaze upon them and see the spectacle of a celestial performance.

Horseback in Autumn

With cold breeze brushing aside you cheeks and the earthy aroma of fallen leaves that fill your senses, you are all set for a season which is best enjoyed with some equestrian adventure, where the beauty of autumn unfolds before us with each hoof beat. Add to that the canvas of the forests which are covered in the hues of reds, oranges, and gold, to cast a warm, magical glow over your ride.

Dig in to culinary adventures

Step into the surreal beauty of Lapland

One cannot ask for anything more when you have the gastronomic delights that are amalgamated with the enchantment of autumn. As you explore the brethrens of Lapland, pep up your taste buds with amazing taste of food which essentially celebrate the season’s finest flavors.

Rest assured, our chefs curate a menu that pays homage to nature’s bounty. From freshly foraged mushrooms to succulent berries, each dish tells the story of Lapland’s rich culinary heritage.

While the experience of exploring the vast natural landscape of Lapland is at the top of the to-do list, some delectable culinary journey shall be a plus because every dish tells a story of the season’s magic

Your private retreat

All said and done, it is time to unpack your bags and lay in the comfort of tranquility, nestled in the heart of Lapland’s autumn embrace. With the Nordic climate hitting its crescendo, we invite you to our luxurious private accommodations that symbolize the perfect getaway you wished for.

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A vibrant display of cultures: Get ready for Rio de Janeiro 2024

Rio de Janeiro, often referred to as the “Marvelous City” (Cidade Maravilhosa), is a place where the rich tapestry of Brazil’s multicultural history comes to life through its festivals and celebrations. Adding more to the diversity of this city and the country at large is the diverse mix of Portuguese, Japanese, Indian, and German settlers. This has aptly highlighted the pluralism within the Brazilian society that embraces a rich fusion of cultures.

Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

If you wish to witness a festival that showcases the aforementioned diversity of culture and, then annual Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the stand out festival that will capture your imagination for sure. The culturally diverse and visually colorful festival is conducted with great success courtesy many samba schools and performers who gather for the famed Carnival Champions Parade. Do not miss out on the city’s architectural and culinary highlights either!

The Rio Carnival: A Spectacle of Multicultural Joy

Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The Rio Carnival in Rio De Janeiro extends to a greater spectrum as the city gets decked up and explodes into colors, music and dance that sets out loose on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. More than the celebratory nature of the festival, it is a humble reminder of the nation’s remarkable history built on the foundation of indigenous, European, African, and Asian influences that have harmoniously merged over the years. The Rio Carnival in Rio De Janeiro also breaks the social barriers as people come together from all walks of life to celebrate this shared heritage and enjoy the life to the full.

Preserving Multiculturalism: The Samba Schools

Rio Carnival in Rio De Janeiro would never have come to the fore had it not been for the Samba schools. Moreover, there is more to the Samba schools than the dance troupes. In essence, they embody Rio’s inclusivity in culture. The Carnival Champions Parade is the culmination of their year-long preparations, where the top Samba schools compete for the coveted title. What leaves you truly amazed is the amount of energy and creativity put into the performances of the parade; be it the tableaux or the locals themselves, everything is pitch perfectly made to wow the audience.

Exploring Rio’s Architectural and Culinary Gems

While the Rio Carnival is the highlight of your visit, the city offers much more to explore. While there is luxury abound in the city of Rio, very few can match up a stay at the iconic Belmond Copacabana Palace. The reason is rather simple; this hotel gives you the unbeaten view of the world-famous Copacabana Beach. So much so that visitors and locals alike consider this hotel to be the marquee architecture that perfectly symbolizes Rio’s architectural splendor; a luxurious oasis where you can relax and soak in the energy of the city.

Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Since we are at exploring the architectural splendor of the city, it is a regulation of sorts to visit to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, a testament to the country’s strong Catholic roots. From there, explore the historic neighborhood of Santa Teresa, known for its charming colonial-style houses and artistic spirit.

Rio’s culinary scene is another delightful reflection of its multiculturalism. The city offers a mouthwatering array of dishes influenced by Portuguese, African, Indigenous, and immigrant traditions. Try the feijoada, a hearty stew with black beans and pork, or the acarajé, a deep-fried ball of black-eyed pea dough stuffed with shrimp. Just in case your taste buds is still waiting to get more of local flavors, a recommended delicacy would be churrasco, Brazilian barbecue. To top it off, there is Caipirinha, the national cocktail for some indulgence!

Apart from Rio Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, the trails of city can lead you to the local markets like Feira de São Cristóvão where you can sample regional specialties and pick up unique souvenirs. Finally, if you really want to end your trip to Rio De Janeiro on a high, you ought to try the açaí, the delicious and nutritious Amazonian berry bowl that has become a global sensation.

Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

To conclude, Rio de Janeiro’s multicultural history is a testament to the beauty of diversity, and the annual Rio Carnival is its most dazzling showcase. As you watch the Samba schools perform at the Carnival Champions Parade and explore the city’s architectural and culinary highlights, you’ll witness the incredible blend of cultures that has made Rio the marvelous city it is today.

Staying at Belmond Copacabana Palace

Your stay at the Belmond Copacabana Palace will provide you with the perfect vantage point to experience the city’s vibrant energy and rich history. The view that you get from this property is simply stunning. Add to that, the large heated outdoor pool with very comfortable lounge chairs. By and large, this hotel is exquisite in every sense of the word.  So, pack your bags and get ready to immerse yourself in the multicultural jamboree of Rio de Janeiro – a city where every day is a celebration of life and heritage.

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Best things to do while your autumn visit in Levi

About Levi

best destinations for autumn

We always hear about the best summer and winter tourist destinations, and when it comes to visiting any one of them, we have a long list of the best summer and winter destinations. But what about beautiful weather like autumn? Is there any travel destination where one can enjoy the season of autumn? The answer is yes! Levi is a fell or mountain site located in Finnish Lapland and has the largest ski resort in Finland. Levi is located in the village of Sirkka and is one of the top ski destinations in the world. It is considered one of the best destinations for autumn lovers and for those who love to visit the rarest destinations of the world that are bare social and merely corrupted. Levi is one of the few places in the world that still has nature as its superior power.

Visiting Levi

Visiting Levi is not just a common trip but a task in itself as one needs to get full information about the place, how to reach there as it is considered one of the rarest and best destinations for autumn. You also get to know of the things to do, the best places to visit, and most importantly, one should be an autumn lover as exploring Levi needs enthusiasm, love for the weather, and dedication towards its culture. Levi is that one place globally where your eyes will surely encounter the mesmerizing autumn colors.

Places to visit in Levi

Levi’s World Cup

best destinations for autumn

If you are visiting Levi this autumn, then you should definitely visit the most prominent event in Levi. Visitors can encounter the world’s best skiers, who gathered there a month before the event to practice on the Levi’s glaciers. If you are a sports lover or a ski lover, Levi is yours. Pre-bookings and accommodations are available online for the World Cup.

Socio-cultural events

If you are fond of socio-cultural events and love to interact with audiences to discuss socio-cultural topics, then you must visit Levi’s upcoming event, Aurora. The event will discuss big social issues and responsibilities in the presence of award-winning socialists and influential personalities. You can book your tickets online or include them in your luxury travel package.

Särestöniemi museum

If you are an art lover, you must visit Levi’s, one of the most popular and culturally rich places, the Särestöniemi Museum. Reidar Särestöniemi lived and worked the majority of his life in a remote location by the Ounasjoki river. His life and art are closely connected to the nature of Lapland. The forests, greenlands, mountains, and animals are the sources of his art. The museum has nearly 500 works of art by Särestöniemi. The artworks are mostly oils or watercolors on canvas, as well as woodcuts and etchings. The museum also hosts various concerts and events. Authentic food and drinks can also be enjoyed at the museum.

Best things to do in Levi  

Experiencing Northern-lights

best destinations for autumn

The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is one of the best things that one can experience in their lifetime. It is one of those activities that can surely be captured on the bucket list of every traveler. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that occurs during the month of August. According to the locals, these lights are the creations of the mythical Fox. We can say that the northern lights are the best thing one can capture with their camera for a lifetime. You can enjoy special coffee by the campfire in front of the northern lights.

Forest Biking

best destinations for autumn

You can spend a fulfilling morning at Levi by visiting a forest with a local reindeer herder on a rented bike. They will tell you interesting stories about reindeer and how nature can be enjoyed to its fullest. While spending a day in the forest, you can enjoy watching reindeer and collecting natural fruits.

Enjoying Finnish food

What’s better than a lunch or dinner cooked by the local Finnish cook by the riverside using the local herbs? Visiting Levi is incomplete without its local food. You can enjoy your food being prepared by collecting natural herbs from the locals’ personal herb gardens. You can enjoy Finnish food like salmon grilled on an open fire and their authentic coffee served by various restaurants. Dinner in front of a hut, with the fragrance of food mixing with the fresh breeze, is probably the best lunch or dinner one can have.

Husky Safaris

best destinations for autumn

Husky safaris at Levi are not just common dog sledding, as the huskies there are specially trained and even compete at the international dog sledding races. Husky safaris in Levi are the most booked activities by travelers, so one should pre-book the tickets online. These huskies are not just your riders; they are one of the friendliest dogs you have ever met.

By concluding this article, we can say that Levi is one of the best destinations for autumn and if you are looking for tranquility, nature, and unique natural phenomena. With Welgrow, one can enjoy their best vacations in places like Levi.

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Immerse in the splendor of Kenya’s top 12 Resorts that redefine luxury

Kenya’s stunning landscapes, abundant wildlife, and rich cultural heritage have long attracted travelers seeking an unforgettable safari experience. Amidst this natural wonderland lies a some of the most breathtaking exquisite resorts that offer the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and immersion into the wild. From the iconic Masai Mara to the rugged terrains of Meru, let’s embark on a virtual journey to discover the top 12 best resorts in Kenya that are redefining the art of hospitality.

  1. Angama Mara: Perched on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, Angama Mara offers breathtaking views of the Maasai Mara below. With elegant suites featuring glass-fronted walls, guests are treated to uninterrupted vistas of the savannah. Exceptional game drives, hot air balloon safaris, and cultural interactions with the Maasai community make for an all-encompassing experience in this resort which is highly regarded as the best resorts in Kenya.
Angama Mara

Angama Mara

2. Beyond Bateleur Camp: Nestled in the private Kichwa Tembo Concession, this camp embodies old-world charm and modern luxury. The vintage style best resorts in Kenya tents exude romance, while the Big Five and diverse birdlife roam freely in the surrounding wilderness. Sundowners overlooking the Mara River add a touch of magic to the adventure.

Beyond Bateleur Camp

Beyond Bateleur Camp

3. Cottar’s 1920’s Safari Camp: Step back in time to the golden era of safaris at Cottar’s Camp. Evoking the spirit of a bygone era, this camp offers classic canvas tents furnished with antiques and colonial-style decor. Private conservancy activities, guided bush walks, and exceptional dining under the stars create an unforgettable experience in this best resorts in Kenya.

Cottar's 1920's Safari Camp

Cottar’s 1920’s Safari Camp

4. Elewana Lewa Safari Camp: Tucked into the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, this camp is renowned for its conservation efforts and luxurious accommodations. Immersive wildlife experiences, including close encounters with both black and white rhinos, showcase Kenya’s commitment to protecting its precious ecosystems.

Elewana Lewa Safari Camp

Elewana Lewa Safari Camp

5. Richard’s River Camp: Situated along the banks of the Njageteck River in the Mara North Conservancy, this intimate camp offers personalized service and exclusive game viewing. The elegant tents provide a cozy retreat, while guided walks and night drives unveil the secrets of the nocturnal wilderness.

Richard's River Camp

Richard’s River Camp

6. Alex Walker’s Serian Bush Camps: With several camps across Kenya, Alex Walker’s Serian takes guests on an intimate journey into the wild. The emphasis here is on flexibility and tailor-made experiences, from walking safaris to fly camping under the stars.

Alex Walker's Serian Bush Camps

Alex Walker’s Serian Bush Camps

7. Elewana Sand River Masai Mara: Positioned close to the Tanzanian border, one of the best resorts in Kenya that it is, Elewana Sand River Masai Mara offers a front-row seat to the Great Migration. Craftily designed tents blend classic safari style with modern amenities, while the spectacle of wildebeest and zebra crossings adds drama to the backdrop.

Elewana Sand River Masai Mara

Elewana Sand River Masai Mara

8. Elewana Elsa’s Kopje Meru: Named after Elsa the lioness from Joy Adamson’s “Born Free,” this camp rests within the Meru National Park. The cottages are built into the hillside, offering panoramic views of the plains. Unique activities like rhino tracking and visits to the Tharaka tribal village make for an enriching stay.

Elewana Elsa's Kopje Meru

Elewana Elsa’s Kopje Meru

9. Ol Jogi: A private wildlife conservancy and luxurious residence, Ol Jogi offers exclusivity on an unprecedented level. The vast property is home to an array of species, including the rare Grevy’s zebra. Guests can indulge in spa treatments, explore ancient rock art sites, and enjoy helicopter excursions and Safari tours Kenya.

Ol Jogi

Ol Jogi

10. Governor’s Camp Collection: With several camps in different locations, Governor’s Camp provides an authentic safari experience. The award-winning camps offer comfortable accommodations and prime locations for witnessing the wonders of the Maasai Mara, including the thrilling river crossings during the Great Migration.

Governor's Camp Collection

Governor’s Camp Collection

11. Finch Hattons: Situated at the heart of Tsavo West National Park, Finch Hattons offers a luxurious oasis amidst the wilderness. Elegant suites in the best resorts in Kenya overlook natural springs frequented by elephants and other animals. The camp’s eco-friendly practices and wellness offerings harmonize with the surrounding nature.

Finch Hattons

Finch Hattons

12. Mahali Mzuri: Meaning “beautiful place” in Swahili, Mahali Mzuri is Sir Richard Branson’s venture in the Mara. The contemporary design of the tents complements the open landscape. Game drives with expert guides provide close encounters with the resident wildlife.

Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri

The best resorts in Kenya redefine luxury and adventure, offering unparalleled experiences in the heart of untamed nature. From the iconic Masai Mara to the rugged landscapes of Meru, these resorts invite travelers to immerse themselves in the beauty of Kenya’s wildlife and culture while enjoying the comfort and extravagance that these establishments provide. Whether it’s the Great Migration, intimate encounters with rhinos, or the romance of vintage safari camps, these resorts cater to the diverse desires of travelers seeking an unforgettable African getaway.

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5 travel combos for your next travel

These days, it no longer seems like enough to book one destination . Go above, I will like to recommend something unique you probably haven’t thought of and then circle back to us so we can get you right to the top itinerary  to make this super easy for you to plan.

Consider the following:

South Africa + Mauritius– As if South Africa wasn’t enough between safari, culinary wonders & fascinating cultural experiences, pair it with a stunning beach stay on Mauritius on the end and consider the Four Season Resorts- we have great VIP extras to offer!

Botswana + Namibia- Simple. Fly on a hop from Joburg to Kasane, Botswana and do a few nights there on safari before heading over via small boat to Namibia- be at Chobe Water Villas in 15 minutes and experience safari from the river. Nothing like it in the world.

Tanzania + Kenya + Zanzibar- Combine Kenya and Tanzania easily on the ground for incredibly diverse safari experiences, or for the sporting types, focus on a Kilimanjaro climb in Tanzania. Then, treat yourself to a paradise of an island just a short hop flight away where crystal waters along soft beaches, amazing watersports and a curious mix of culture & history await in Zanzibar.

Croatia + Montenegro + Slovenia- Croatia is a land of wonder- deep history, active adventure, stunning sailing and incredible food & wine. And then, drive a little further and you can easily integrate the nature-lovers paradise of Slovenia and the fairytale wonders of Montenegro, where each site is truly off the beaten path and the beauty is rarely equalled

Sri Lanka + Maldives- This seamless connection offers you a tremendously deep dive into intriguing culture on Sri Lanka combined with the feeling of absolute bliss & remoteness on the islands & beaches of the Maldives. Easy flights in between make it simple and a great option for a honeymoon.

Email me any time for connections & fresh itinerary ideas

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This chill Greek island is where you want to be this summer


Corfu…one of those pitch perfect Greek islands that stays under the radar which is an incredible feat considering the magic spells it casts. Its intoxicating beauty and the natural zest for life among its locals just breathes new life and spirit into all who visit. It stuns you at first glance with its gorgeous landscape, impossibly crystal-blue waters, all bathed in seemingly eternal sunshine and it just gets better from there.

It’s an island replete with astounding ruins remaining from times when Venetians ruled, while its Renaissance and Baroque architecture among its still standing palaces and fortresses enchant as you walk amongst history and small streets lined with local daily life happening in narrow intertwined streets.

Cozy cafes await for you to relax and people watch, while traditional tavernas and exceptional romantic restaurants await to tempt the palate.

And, not to worry- there is no shortage of luxe retreats, so many of them unique with individual personalities and design elements along with plenty of lavish villas.

It’s the place you want to be this summer when you think of Greece and EZG Reece has the inside track- we’d love to introduce you for inspirations!

Get unique itinerary ideas now for summer! Email us at radhika@welgrowgroup.com

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The Delaire Graff: A One-Of-A-Kind Combo of Luxury & Leisure

The Delaire Graff: A One-Of-A-Kind Combo of Luxury & Leisure

Delaire Graff, situated in the Stellenbosch Winelands of South Africa, is more than just a place to stay. It’s a tourist attraction for individuals looking for a genuinely exceptional vacation.

It combines great food, world-class vineyards, hospitality, an artsy ambiance, and breathtaking views of magnificent hills and mountains, veils of vineyards, and groomed gardens.

If you’re considering making Delaire Graff your next travel destination but aren’t sure what to expect, this post is for you.

What makes Delaire Graff Estate such a Luxurious Vacation:- 

The Crowing Artsy Atmosphere

The Crowing Artsy Atmosphere

Let us begin with the wonderful impact Delaire Graff has on its guests.

The interiors are equally as spectacular as the exteriors. The structures all have a grandiose sense to them, with vaulted ceilings, water features that add to the mood, thought-provoking art, exquisite floral arrangements, and light-skinned Cape Dutch architecture.

On top of being overflowing with African antiquities and original paintings, making it is a must-see for any art lover.



Guest accommodations offer views of the estate’s wonderfully designed gardens or the hills and wineries that surround it.  Depending on the number of adults and the amount of space required, guests can select from four distinct lodge alternatives. 

Or heated swimming pools, state-of-the-art facilities, and even a private butler are available in all accommodations.


Delaire wineries have won numerous prestigious awards, such as a five-star assessment from Platter’s South African wine guide.

Visitors are welcome to represent the estate’s extensive wine selection while observing contemporary African art in the Tasting Lounge.

With a reservation, group tastings and cellar tour packages too are readily accessible.



What is your shopping excuse for a destination vacation, jewelry, or clothing? At the Delaire Graff Estate, visitors can have both. Graff Diamonds is a well-known diamond company around the world. 

If you want to add some Italian flair to your wardrobe, the estate’s 100 percent Capri boutique offers sustainable and environment, pleasant, and trendy fabric styles.

Spa Resort offers

Spa Resort

Concentrate on your physical and spiritual health whilst also experiencing complementary therapies and spa treatment using Delaire’s region-specific anti-aging cosmetic product.

The Delaire Graff Spa, which takes a comprehensive approach to wellbeing and splendor, has a 24-yard infinity pool, high-temperature Jacuzzi, and a health club to help you relax, reinvigorates, and energize.

Food Culture

Food Culture

Finally, dining at Delaire Graff…

From the imaginative South African flavors of Delaire Graff Eatery to the pan-Asian food culture of Indochine, food and beverages are helped inspired by the greatest local ingredients – most of which are grown in Estate greenery.

Parting Thoughts

The Delaire Graff Estate is an enchanting and relaxing atmosphere destination that offers elegance and tranquility to all. 

Whether you want to enjoy world-class liquors, shop for distinctive jewelry or garments, unwind at the sauna, or drench yourself in your private swimming pool, the Delaire Graff Estate has it all.

Now, if you think you are ready to spend your next vacation at Delaire Graff reach out to the Welgrow group today.

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How Scotland Celebrates Its Christmas with Charm and Tradition?

Scotland enjoys festivals almost as much as any other country, but when it comes to Christmas they celebrate it like no one else! December has just begun, and street of Scotland already getting into the Christmas mood!

If you are planning a vacation trip abroad, See how we grow costumer spend Christmas in Scotland in the article below.

Christmas Focused Markets

Christmas Focused Markets

Christmas markets have become an important element of the festive season in Scotland.

At Princes Street Gardens, the Christmas markets are located in the center of the capital. There are kiosks offering everything from local vegetables to one-of-a-kind personalized presents, as well as 60-meter-high attractions like the Star Flyer, which is not for the faint of heart.

But, Even though there are other Christmas markets open throughout Scotland during the holiday season, A Visit to Edinburgh’s markets outshine them all.

Whisky on Christmas Eve

Whisky on Christmas Eve

Scotland’s pride and delight is whisky, which is consumed all year, but especially during the holidays. Whisky is meant to be shared; a glass or two is the ideal way to embrace the chilly, dark cold nights usually spent all around the fire with family members.

Scotland don’t just drink it; they use it in our cooking as well, substituting sauce for the champagne sauce in the Mince pies.

Drive-in Movie Theatres

Drive-in Movie Theatres

What else can you do if Christmas movies don’t make you feel festive? Drive-in movie theatres have grown in popularity in Scotland in recent years, particularly during the holiday season. The drive-in movie theatre in Loch Lomond Shores is extremely popular.

It attracted a remarkable 20,000 visitors last year! Cars are parked under the stars, against the backdrop of Ben Lomond, to watch holiday classics such as Elf, Home Alone, and It’s a Wonderful Life, to mention a few.

But it wouldn’t be complete without the hot chocolates, toast able marshmallows, and a variety of other sweet delicacies to enjoy while snuggled up in the car.



Without the gift of shortbread, what is Christmas in Scotland? Shortbread has long been connected with Christmas, and we’re delighted to say that it’s a popular Scottish delicacy.

The buttery biscuit is a traditional Christmas present that can be savored with a scotch by the fire or put out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

In Scotland, there are several well-known shortbread brands, such as Deans Shortbread, but we also enjoy preparing our own sweets because it is inexpensive and simple. Shortbread has a distinct Christmas flavor.

Boxing Day sales

Boxing Day sales

Some individuals in Scotland, believe it or not, take it easy on Christmas Day in order to get up bright and early for the Boxing Day deals.

Scottish shoppers look forward to the Boxing Day Sales every year, whether they’re storing up for next year’s Christmas or simply treating themselves to gift certificates.

More than 500 consumers waited in line for the opening of retailers in Edinburgh one year, starting at 4:00 a.m.!



When we talk about carnivals of scotland, we’re only talking about one: the Irn Bru Carnival, Scotland’s most popular carnival. It’s connected with the holiday season because it opens only a few days before Christmas and closes after the New Year. It’s become something of a ritual.

The carnival is so popular that it is celebrating its 100th year this year! The Irn Bru Carnival is Europe’s largest indoor carnival, featuring over 65 attractions such as thrill rides, family rides, children’s rides, and gaming stalls.

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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Go To The Maldives Now

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Paradise Maldives is one of the destinations that are already open for tourists. After the challenges of this year, we all deserve a giant dose of serenity, and there is simply no place better than the Maldives for that.

White beaches of sweet dreams, bungalows over the ocean and hotel rooms with transparent floors, amazing uninhabited islands, exotic cuisine, a variety of entertainment and colour therapy at every step – this is just the beginning of the answer to the question of why go to the Maldives.

However, vacation in the Maldives does not need advertising at all: there is no time to explain – take the air tickets and see everything for yourself!

It’s time to dispel the myths that the Maldives is too expensive and out of reach. We have collected some reasons to spend your next (and such long-awaited!) Vacation in the Maldives.

1. The Maldives is a wonderful holiday destination when you want to be away from everyone

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Why go to the Maldives after quarantine

The number one reason why to go to the Maldives is to be alone with yourself and find harmony with the world.

There are not many other places on the planet where social distancing is as easy as in the Maldives. The local atolls, washed by warm azure waves, allow you to enjoy the wonders of nature and the benefits of civilization in complete seclusion.

Where are the Maldives

The Maldives is a stunning archipelago of over 1,190 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The world’s largest “coral state” is located in South Asia, in the Arabian Sea south of India.

2. The weather in the Maldives is just a dream! (And all year round)

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The climate in the Maldives is tropical, subequatorial, with monsoon winds. The air temperature almost does not change throughout the year: here it is always from +27°C to +32°C – isn’t it a fairy tale?

More precipitation falls from May to October. It is cloudy and humid at this time in the Maldives, but this is not a hindrance to an ideal holiday with unlimited sunbathing.

When is the best time to go to the Maldives?

The Maldives is beautiful all year round: these are the blessed tropics! In terms of weather and humidity, the best time for a holiday in the Maldives is from November to April.

The dry winter monsoon of the Iruvai falls during this period. But at any other time, nothing will prevent you from enjoying these magical islands: it is always warm and sunny here.

3. Holidays in the Maldives are fabulous resorts, bungalows and hotels with the highest level of security

luxury destinations in maldives

In the post-coronavirus era, the Maldives was once again allowed to travel between the islands. At the same time, you can only stay in hotels and resorts that have passed special certification.

This means that all the necessary measures are taken there to prevent any infections, and you can relax and feel completely safe. During a pandemic, this is worth its weight in gold.

The rooms are carefully cleaned and regular disinfection of all rooms is carried out, so a vacation in the Maldives against the background of coronavirus is certainly not more risky than going to a store near your home.

Where to stay in the Maldives?

The choice of accommodation in the Maldives is truly endless, with luxury resorts, first-class hotels, yacht safaris and cosy guest houses on the inhabited islands.

The most popular type of accommodation in the Maldives is bungalows. Interestingly, they do not look like typical Asian thatched huts here. Maldivian bungalows are spacious and sophisticated, often with well-deserved five stars. Sometimes in these houses you can admire the colourful fish right through the transparent floors.

In addition to bungalows, there are many large international hotel chains in the Maldives. Another chic option for an exotic vacation is to live on one of the yachts, the cabins of which are in no way worse than the rooms in a five-star hotel.

Where is the best place to relax in the Maldives?

In general, there are resorts and residential islands in the Maldives. The former are entirely devoted to respectable resorts with a full range of entertainment, including dance shows with dinner, rose petal spas and diving lessons.

On the second, tourists stay in guesthouses with local residents. This year, guest houses in the Maldives should open from October 15, but the exact date depends on the current epidemiological situation.

Authentic accommodation options in the inhabited corners of the Maldives can be found, for example, on the island of Maafushi: visiting the Maldivians will be more modest in terms of service, but very cosy.

When choosing an island for a holiday in the Maldives, consider the distance from Male airport: the closer your accommodation, the easier it is to get to.

For example, the popular island of Maafushi is just a stone’s throw from the capital, but Toddy, which is famous for cosy guest houses and affordable excursions, is more difficult, longer and more expensive to get to.

It is also worth keeping in mind that in the inhabited Maldives, whole beaches are allocated for foreigners. To sunbathe in an open bikini, ask your hotel or guesthouse for the nearest beach for foreigners.

4. Vacation ideas in the Maldives are not limited to beach vacations

honeymoon destinations in maldives

All-inclusive vacations in the Maldives go beyond the standard travel package: you are free to include whatever you want in it.

You can, for example, soak up the energy of the ocean while snorkelling, diving or windsurfing, and also enjoy water skiing and curbing the kite.

Many excursions are held in the Maldives, which will be interesting even for experienced independent travellers. So, you can go fishing with the locals or watch dolphins on the high seas.

And if you want total privacy, fantastic remote lagoons and uninhabited islets are at your service, where it is so easy to imagine yourself as Robinson Crusoe, for whom an eternal carefree Friday has come.

Things to do in the Maldives:

  • Feed the stingrays from your hands (or sharks from the bridge);
  • See the ocean of a thousand stars on Vaadhoo island;
  • Obtain a certificate of crossing the equator at the equator village hotel;
  • Fly by seaplane;
  • Snorkel and meet quirky ocean dwellers;
  • Catch fish big and small on a fishing trip with locals;
  • Go down to the wreckage of old ships in a submarine;
  • Watch a romantic movie in a sandy cinema;
  • Plunge into Maldivian traditions at themed dinners and evening folklore performances;
  • Become a different person after a relaxing massage with coconut oil.

5. The Maldives is not just exotic islands, but a state with a distinctive culture

maldives holiday destinations

You will not remember this the first thing when you think about the paradise islands, but the Maldives is a Muslim country with strict laws and its own cultural characteristics.

For example, alcohol and pork are prohibited on the inhabited Maldives. Hotels for tourists can make an exception, but perhaps in the form of a glass of wine for dinner.

Therefore, if you cannot imagine your vacation in the Maldives without cocktails, choose resorts on hotel islands where locals do not live: there all guests are greeted with champagne, and children are offered juice.

Bikinis and open swimsuits can be sporting on the resort islands, but not on the inhabited ones, where the Maldivians themselves live. It is also not worth showing love in public: passionate kisses and hugs can confuse the locals, such things are considered immodest and even offensive here.

Few people know that the Maldives has its own language – Dhivehi. Don’t worry: you don’t have to teach it to talk to the locals. The Maldives has one of the highest literacy rates in the world and the locals are fluent in English.

In addition, the Maldivians are surprisingly hospitable and friendly people: your wishes will come true here even before you formulate them in English or in sign language.

What is the currency in the Maldives?

The currency of the Republic of Maldives is the rufiyaa. In addition to Maldivian rufiyaas, the resorts accept American dollars and euros.

Almost everywhere you can pay by card. Most islands and resorts have ATM machines, but we advise you to bring some cash with you just in case, especially if you are on a residential island.

6. Gastronomic tours to the Maldives are also a reason for a wonderful vacation with a long aftertaste.

The exotic Maldives cuisine, which mixes Indian and Arab traditions, is another addition to the treasury of reasons why to go to the Maldives.

The three whales of Maldivian cuisine are fish, rice and coconut. The islanders’ favourite fish is tuna: it is commonly served with rice or noodles and a variety of sauces and seasonings.

Drink in the Maldives mainly coconut milk and sweet green tea with milk. Alcohol and pork dishes are only served on resorts and cruise ships. The rules are less strict there than on the inhabited islands, where local Muslims live.

7. Year-round vacation in the Maldives is much more affordable than everyone used to think

The Maldives has an even tropical climate, so there is no rainy season as such. The short rains and southwest monsoons in June and July will only refresh your holiday, but it certainly won’t ruin your holiday. At the same time, from May to October, prices for housing and air tickets are usually slightly lower.

During the dry season, from late November to mid-April, it is more expensive to fly to the Maldives than during the low season.

But even if you are going on vacation in the winter, you can save money: for example, choosing the island of Gan on the Addu atoll or another friendly island for your vacation.

The good news is that special offers for flights to the Maldives can be caught all year round. So, quickly contact the experts of Welgrow and make your trip to Maldives a lot easier and memorable.

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