Slovenia – Europe’s Most Promising Wine Destination

Have you ever taken a wine tour in Slovenia? If you have, this article might rekindle a few lovely memories. If not, you absolutely must.

What is a wine tour?

In Slovenia, a wine tour could mean several things. A common one of which is strolling from winery to winery until you can no longer stroll and end up spending the rest of the day talking, singing and drinking whine in one of them. But a more cultured version of a wine tour is one that takes you – a local or tourist – into the heart of Slovenia’s winegrowing regions to taste the best wines the country has to offer.

Wine tours usually take a day (or several) and are perfect for people who don’t have time to wander around and go winery-hopping with the locals. It’s basically an exclusive, affordable way of tasting superb wines and local dishes while discovering the Slovenian outdoors.

Why join a wine tour in Slovenia?

A wine tour gives you a first-hand experience of authentic local cuisine and the wine that goes so well with it. You join a bunch of people and travel with them to meet local winemakers, whose winemaking skills have been passed down through generations. They explain the ins and outs of their craft, while an expert sommelier (sometimes the same person) guides you through the wonderful aromas, tones, and undertones of Slovenia’s top vinos.

Today, Slovenia is home to the highest quality wines. Although small in size, it is quite impossible to travel all over the country and taste them all. Hence, a wine tour! Talking to the local boutique producers, you learn an incredible amount of interesting facts (and legends) about Slovenian wine.

Which Slovenian wines should I try?

Short answer: most of them. Longish answer: Riesling, Šipon, Chardonnay, Modra Frankinja, Refošk (refosco), Rebula (Ribolla), Teran, Merlot, Malvasia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vitovska, and Zelen.

To give you a teaser, you simply cannot enter Slovenia without trying its Sauvignons. There’s even an annual festival each May in this wine’s honour. Slovenian Sauvignons have very distinct characters, so trying just one won’t do.

Similar can be said for Chardonnay. Its taste varies depending on the region. The coastal parts of Slovenia, for instance, have their very own uniquely tasting Chardonnays with a pinch of the Mediterranean floating about in there.

Then there’s Riesling. Full of powerful Germanic influence. Known for its fruity aromas and awesome compatibility with a wide range of dishes, this local Vino should be placed right at the top of your tasting list. When aged, Rieslings are prone to develop additional smokey-sweet undertones, which you won’t get anywhere else.

And here comes Zelen. Literally translating to ‘green’ (although it’s white) this amazing variety comes form one of the most picturesque places in Slovenia, the Vipava Valley. Coincidently (not really), it’s also a prime wine tours destination. Zelen has a gentle fruity and floral aroma resembling Mediterranean herbs such as lavender and rosemary, the result of brief maceration and fermentation in wooden barrels. Edgy yet quite typical tour group

The two fantastic reds you’ll certainly end up trying are Rebula and Teran. The first has deep Italian roots, but can be recognized as Slovene by its mineral taste resembling almonds and a tad of acidity. Rebula is a native of Goriška Brda – a gorgeous area dubbed Slovenian Tuscany. The second is a celebrated Karst wine. Thanks to the red soil it grows from, this wine has a magnificent structure, corpulent body and an unmistakable fiery red colour. Apparently, it also comes with superb health benefits. Try it!

There you have it. A tiny teaser as promised. If you’d like to find out more about how deep Slovenia’s love for wine is, you’ll simply have to go there. Trust us, you won’t be the first to fall in love with the country, its people and the wine.

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Yes Luxury Holidays Are Possible In Kenya

Talking about luxury is always somewhat relative, but if we talk about luxury as the possibility of living a unique and exclusive experience, Kenya is undoubtedly the perfect destination to find it. Far from becoming a mass tourism, Kenya has taken advantage of the natural wealth of its territory to carry out sustainable development where the preservation of ancestral cultures and customs of the 42 different tribes that coexist in the country and wildlife has prevailed, which is not only protected in its national parks but in the numerous private conservation areas that have emerged in places like the Laikipia area in the north of the country, next to Mount Kenya or in the popular Masai Mara reserve.

Kenya has taken advantage of the natural wealth of its territory to carry out sustainable development. That is why Kenya holiday destinations has become an exceptional destination chosen by couples for their honeymoon or even by families who want to give their children the experience of knowing first-hand the wildlife and the diversity of cultures that exist in Kenya.

Enjoy a dhow ride through the Lamu archipelago

The Lamu archipelago is one of the jewels of Kenya still little known for mass tourism and one of the best places to disconnect. If you want to get away from the mundane noise, either as the perfect climax to a few days of safari or as a gift as a getaway to its crystalline beaches and exclusive hotels. Let yourself be enveloped by the calm of luxury destinations in Kenya and stroll through its three islands, Lamu, Pate, and Manda in a traditional sailing boat (dhow) while enjoying a typical Dawa cocktail or a very cold Tusker beer.

Admire the Masai Mara reserve from a balloon

A balloon safari during the wake of the day can be one of the best ways to appreciate the incredible landscapes of the Masai Mara reserve from the air. The journey begins at dawn to take advantage of the favourable winds and the globe ends up being confused with the clouds and the reddishness of the African land reflected in its skies.

Once in the heights, the views over the wide expanse of the savannah is surprising: zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, elephants, an endless number of wild animals and populated Masai huts surrounded by cattle.

Enjoy the sunset on the banks of the EnwasoNyro River (Shaba)

The territories of Shaba National Park are one of the great hidden treasures of Kenya and a great unknown. In Shaba one seems to be part of the landscapes of the Garden of Eden: infinite territories that do not seem to have limits, extensive fields that after the rainy season bloom and attract hundreds of animals and a river, the EwasoNyiro, whose shores can be crossed in walking safaris.

Recall the story of Karen Blixen and her lover Finch-Hatton

Numerous stages of the Oscar-winning film “Memories of Africa” ​​remain intact today in Kenya. You can be yourself the protagonist in colonial air hotels such as the Norfolk of Nairobi or the Mount Kenya Safari Club, in the Nakuru National Park populated by thousands of flamingos, in exclusive Clubs converted today into luxury golf courses or museums that keep jewels of Kenyan history barely known.

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The Best Destinations To Go On Holiday In Africa

Africa is the ideal continent for those who love nature, having not known the development of the West and much of Asia. The alternatives are many, from Cape Verde to Kenya, from safaris in Tanzania to Mauritius, from the coasts of Zanzibar to the suggestive nature of Madagascar.

A holiday for the whole family

It must be said that destinations in Africa are excellent for families, be they newlyweds or couples with children. This is because first and foremost a holiday in Africa entails significant travel costs, and then also because, in the major luxury travels, there is never a lack of top-of-the-range luxury hotels.

Excluding the tourist villages that overlook the Mediterranean, it is difficult to find crowds of young people like in Ibiza, although here there are certainly no lack of discos, which however are generally frequented by a more adult audience. Families in Africa, on the other hand, will find many destinations where they can relax or show their children the beauty of travels

Serengeti and Ngorongoro for a safari

July is a perfect time to visit Tanzania because it is possible to witness the “Great Migration”. In fact, in July, by visiting the Serengeti and Masai Mara areas (Kenya), you will have the opportunity to witness the greatest transhumance of animals that, in search of water and food, cross the difficult savannah.

To witness this show, which involves both herbivores and carnivores, many safaris are organized, which allow you to see this spectacle of nature with your own eyes. In addition to visiting the Serengeti National Park, we recommend that you visit the Ngorongoro Crater, a protected area where over 20,000 animals live together. Above what remains of an ancient extinct volcano, today it is an incredible natural reserve, a wonder that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

To Mauritius between relaxation and excursions

In Mauritius, you won’t find the best weather of the year, but it’s a good time to find interesting offers. The rains are not lacking, although they are not too frequent, it is not very hot but during the day it can even reach 30 degrees, while in the evening it is cooler.

You can bathe but the water does not reach 30 degrees as during our winter, instead of remaining around 25°C. That said, you can certainly relax on the beach, sunbathe and participate in various activities, both sports, and hiking. Among the most beautiful places to visit are certainly Georges National Park, Casela Park, the Chamarel waterfalls and of course Port Louis.


Kenya is a destination very similar to Tanzania, renowned for both the sea and safaris. Luxury destinations in kenya also has top-level resorts, as well as clubs and discos, which however are aimed at a more mature audience. Despite being a fairly dangerous country, it is very popular with Italians, especially by the wealthiest, who come here to spend the winter holidays in general, away from paparazzi and prying eyes.


It will be the favorite destination of many honeymoon couples, who can relax here in luxury resorts and on private beaches. Obviously, for the more active, there are many excursions available, such as those to Prison Island, Stone Town or Menmba atoll.

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Japan- Myths And Stereotypes

This country has always attracted with its unusual civilization, the echoes of which fell along with films, books, stories of those few who have already been there. Now air travel to Japan is not something supernatural and in terms of affordability can compete with a trip to Norway or Denmark.

A trip to Japan will get rid of stereotypes


But still, there are a lot of stereotypes, and sometimes myths about luxury destinations in Japan, which are surprisingly persistent and tenacious in the minds of domestic tourists. Moreover, some historical myths about Japan were adopted by Hollywood and from there they spread throughout the whole world.Japan holiday destinations


Those who think that the Japanese cannot imagine life without sushi and rolls are also waiting for disappointment. In ordinary life, the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun adore pork, various fatty sauces, miso soup and noodles with a lot of fried meat and vegetables. In general, the healthy nutrition of the Japanese is a myth. But the taste preferences of the Japanese in desserts and drinks to Europeans may at least seem strange.

Japanese fast food is not sushi and rolls

Tuna and lemon-flavored ice cream or spicy ginger and sea urchin caviar flavour pudding. And drinks, even world manufacturers produce purely Japanese tastes: Coca with the taste of baobab fruits, Pepsi with the taste of strawberries and milk, Sprite with the taste of salted watermelon – were created for those who love new tastes.

The Japanese themselves prefer to eat fish not in pathos restaurants, but in fish markets, which are in any city near the coast. All Japanese fish markets have small eateries where they will always cook bought fish or any other seafood that can be eaten right away with a local beer, which is subtly different from our usual taste.

Hospitality is the main reason for the development of Japanese society

But the spread of opinion about the politeness and performance of the Japanese is absolutely true. Residents of Japan welcome any visitor with the attitude of hotel and restaurant staff in resort places and cities of the country with their impeccable politeness and efforts to help tourists as much as possible.

This applies to almost the entire service sector, being rude and speaking rudely to the Japanese is simply a shame. And shame is the main motivator of Japanese society. The striking performance of the Japanese, who are ashamed to work poorly, is also associated with this.


And finally- geisha. Every second man who chooses Japan holiday destinations, dreams of a date with pretty and mysterious geisha who know how to feel the male soul. This is one of the most persistent stereotypes, fuelled by art since the 19th century. In fact, a meeting with a geisha does not promise any positive emotions for a compatriot. Because instead of young fragile girls, most likely a dreamy tourist will meet with an experienced master of geisha art of 35-40 years.

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Honeymoon In Dubai. Facts VS Myths

Modern honeymooners are increasingly choosing for a honeymoon not cosy Europe, meditative Asia, or all-inclusive islands, but the futuristic Arab Emirates!

The most popular destination in the UAE is undoubtedly Dubai. Despite the annual growth of Russian-speaking tourists in the “emirate of the future”, there are still those who continue to live with the myths of the past and fear the strict rules of the Muslim state. So, if you do not know how to persuade your soulmate to a dream vacation, read our article aloud.

In this article, we will break the stereotypes about Dubai holiday destination and tell you everything you need to know for the newlyweds about the new centre of the Middle East.

Myth 1- Women are forbidden to appear without an abaya

According to 2017, the ratio of the local population to expatriates (approx. – foreign specialists) is 1 to 9. And among this 90 % of the population, you can find representatives of almost any nationality and religion. Therefore, on the streets of Dubai, fashionistas in black abayas (approx. Abaya – a long Arab dress with sleeves) you will almost not see, but short shorts and a deep neckline are commonplace.

By the way, the emirates rarely cover their heads, not to mention their faces, so women who are completely covered in black robes are most likely tourists from Saudi Arabia.

Myth 2 – A kiss in a public place threatens deportation

Newlyweds, hug, and kiss on health, just do not do this:

  • Defiantly, in a public place
  • While intoxicated
  • In sacred places

You can properly enjoy honeymoon destinations in Dubai with great decency.

Myth 3 – For a glass of wine, you can be put in prison

Dubai is the emirate of a Muslim country. Muslims have a separate attitude toward alcoholic beverages. Most believers do not use them at all, some do not even allow them in their presence. We do not advise you to drink whiskey on the streets of the UAE, as well as to drive while intoxicated. The rules of public order are strict, and the fines are high.

Myth 4 – An unsafe place, brides steal on the street

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. Why? First, see myth 3!

Secondly, the security control of the emirate is in the hands of the sheikh himself. Unlike its rich counterparts, Dubai has no natural resources, and the economy is entirely built on tourism, and tourism is the key to tourism. It is here that you will see the most modern baggage control at the airport, cameras on all buildings, “smart systems” in elevators and houses.

Myth 5 – The heat is unbearable, you can’t get out of the hotel

The climate in Dubai is really warming up. In summer, the temperature rises to 45C, but winter is a paradise and enjoyment from 18 to 25 C. If you intend to go to the UAE from October to May, you will see the whole gamut of entertainment- from luxurious beaches with coral diving, shows of dancing fountains and open-air parties, to walks in the authentic textile market Dubai Old Souk.

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5 Tips To Better Organize A Business Trip

The difference between a business trip and Luxury Tour and Tripis clear to everyone, even if nowadays companies and workers are increasingly focusing on business leisure, a new trend that adapts the needs of the business traveller with the opportunity to enjoy the business trip. Traveling for work means organizing in time a series of practices that will avoid problems and misunderstandings during the stay, in order to guarantee the success of the job away.

6 tips for organizing business trips 

  1. Documents needed

Sometimes a business trip can happen suddenly, for this reason, you try to always have your travel documents available: your identity card and passport. Find out if the country where you are traveling requires a visa and, if so, what documents are needed to obtain it, for example, length of stay, the purpose of the trip, employment contract, reservations, passport expiry date, etc. If you have to drive, check that your driving license is in order and can be used during your business trip abroad.

  1. Find out about the country of destination

In addition to checking that you have all the necessary travel documents, also inquire about other aspects related to the country of the business trip. Do not underestimate their weight, some may even be the drivers for the success of the business trip.

Find out about the security situation in the country, whether you need to get vaccinated before departure or whether there are different laws regarding driving or transporting medicines. Also find out about a number of practical aspects, such as the quality of the health service, the use of adapters for electrical outlets, internet coverage or how to change foreign currency, withdraw money, etc.

  1. Choose a business travel insurance

Unlike luxury travels, a series of damages can occur during business trips which is convenient to insure with a specific insurance policy. Frequent use of means of transport increases the possibility of a loss of baggage, loss of connection with another means of transport or previously purchased services (flights, transfers, hotels, etc.) due to delays or cancellation, especially by airlines.

Whatever the most suitable insurance policy, this must-have ample coverage for the costs of health or surgical care for illness or accident, repatriation, civil liability.

  1. The suitcase suitable for the occasion

Again, making a suitcase for a business trip is different from a suitcase for a leisure trip. Check the maximum dimensions and weight accepted by the airline with which you will travel, and find out what you can check in hand baggage. If you carry your computer, electronic devices or important documents in your hand luggage, carry them with all necessary safety.

  1. The choice of the hotel

Traveling for work often means having to work when you least expect it, for this reason, the choice of the hotel must be taken carefully since it will not only be the place where you will rest. Look for a hotel that enjoys a central location, close to the underground or railway station, so that you can easily reach the offices that interest you. Check that the hotel has a good internet connection, a meeting room, parking, laundry service, and 24-hour dining service. When booking, try to do so with flexible rates.

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How to Overcome Common Travel Worries?

No matter how excited you get about holidays, it’s very common to have worries before (and during) any vacation. This is because you’re heading off to an unfamiliar location, and could face lots of challenges, irrespective of whether you’re holidaying in a far-flung destination or somewhere closer to home.

Tips on overcoming some of the most common travel worries include:


  1. Stay calm and focus on the travel benefits

Instead of constantly chewing over the worries you have about your holiday, try to steer your mind towards the benefits. For example, the potential adventures and experiences you’ll have while away, and the opportunities to interact with individuals from different cultures. If you’re planning an adventure holiday, research all the skills you’ll need to learn and discover more about the different activities you’ll embark upon.

  1. Worries about falling ill before the trip

It’s common to worry about illness or emergencies that could mean you need to cancel your trip, but one of the best ways to overcome this is to arrange comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking. Cancellation worries are the major concern of most travellers, but even if the worst does happen there’s no reason to be worried about losing money. Check the small print of your insurance to make sure cancellation is covered.


  1. At the airport

Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

According to a survey, 21% of all travellers are worried about airport delays and flight cancellations before their trip. Again, this kind of issue can be easily solved if you plan in advance and put insurance in place. Other common airport worries include overcrowding and concerns about flying with kids, and one of the best ways to solve these concerns is to book out of season any time you plan to travel overseas.

  1. Collapse of holiday firm

Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya on Unsplash

The recent collapse of Thomas Cook and other travel and flight providers have illustrated just how fragile the holiday market is today. They also show that simply opting for the travel guarantees from providers and checking they are part of the ABTA scheme is not enough. When Thomas Cook collapsed, thousands of holidaymakers were stranded overseas, including many people who had booked special breaks, such as weddings. Although this is an unlikely scenario, it’s still worth double-checking that your insurance covers disasters like these.

  1. Plan ways to stay safe throughout your vacation

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Lots of travellers worry about the safety aspects of trips, and it’s important to ensure high levels of safety, wherever possible. Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure purposes, some of the things to put in place include:


Researching your travel destination in advance, so you know all the areas where crime and scams are more common.

  • Find out about the local culture and acceptable behaviours – so that you don’t risk offending any of the locals you meet or breaking any laws.
  • Pack copies of all essential documentation, such as passports, bank and credit cards, and driving documents. This will ease your mind if theft should happen, and make it easier to access the help needed. Of course, if there is a safe available at your accommodation, it’s always a good idea to keep valuables and important documents securely inside.
  • Being robbed while on holiday is one of the most common travel worries, yet putting good travel insurance in place before any holiday and making contingency plans beforehand will help you overcome these concerns. One of the difficulties associated with claiming for cash and valuables that are stolen while you’re away is proving what you had with you, so taking photographs before you head off on holiday can solve this problem.
  • Staying vigilant while visiting unfamiliar locations is also an important safety measure. Listening to music on headphones or continually brandishing your expensive smartphone can increase risks of opportunistic crimes against you, and also divert your attention when it could be most needed
  • Finally, take time to check out official websites for government travel tips prior to any trip overseas.

Travelling can be an anxiety-inducing experience for all of us, but with the right preparation and research you’ll feel far more relaxed before your next trip. Enjoy!

Blog by : Mark Gray


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Why Honeymoon In Dubai?

Dubai is the ideal destination for a perfect honeymoon, especially for all those couples who love cosmopolitan cities, with a thousand curiosities and exciting places to discover in every corner. It is, in fact, a real meeting point of different cultures, with a magical mix between the Arab traditions of origin and the great luxury of the subsequent contributions of the West.

Here you can meet people from all over the world, with entertainment and clubs of all kinds, where you can try the different cuisines of each country. We must not forget the immense charm of the desert and the opportunity for unforgettable adventures that can be realized during your stay. There is the possibility to satisfy the most disparate needs, starting from the fun in attending the racing competitions, to the exciting desert safaris, or simply at the sight of the exotic charm of a belly dancer.

Anyone who decides to spend their timeat honeymoon destinations in Dubai will have a wide range of luxury hotels and resorts to choose from. Definitely worth mentioning is the renowned Burj Al Arab, the symbol of the city, with its 7-star category, a guarantee of maximum accuracy and of great glamor. However, if you have a more limited budget, there are numerous equally valid alternatives for excellent hotels within the city, starting from relatively cheap ones up to the 5-star category. All accommodations aim to ensure their guests a comfortable stay with attention to destinations Dubai

The honeymoon, in addition to being a romantic and engaging experience, can be enriched by numerous fun activities, which can be included in your itinerary: do not miss, for example, shopping at the Dubai Mall, which represents one of the shopping centers largest in the world, with its surface 700 meters long and 600 wide, to house the more than 1200 shops, grouped in at least 10 centers within the entire complex. In the immediate vicinity, it is possible to admire the tallest tower in the world, the BurjKhalifa, with its 829.8 meters high at the antenna.

You can also enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city, suspended between past and future, with the view of the very modern Twin Towers. For couples who, in addition to the romantic aspect, also want to experience the most fun and typical activities of the city, it is advisable to move from one side to the other through what is called Abra, a very inexpensive water taxi that connects the two banks of the river and which represents a means of transport still used today by the inhabitants.

Another experience not to be missed is a walk in the commercial port of the city, where for centuries the goods that come from business routes with India and Africa are unloaded. And after these cultural routes, it will be possible to enjoy the real jewel of the city that will make the entire honeymoon unforgettable: the sea and the beautiful luxury destinations Dubai.

Being able to enjoy a sunset lying on a sunbed, sipping a drink, with all possible comforts, will give the sensation of feeling in an oasis of peace and relaxation, lulled by the romantic sound of the waves.

Once you have enjoyed the beautiful sunset, you can go to one of the wonderful gourmet restaurants in the city, for a delicious candlelit dinner. For all couples who are passionate about nightlife, it will then be possible to go wild in one of the many clubs, with music and dancing of all kinds. Among the most renowned clubs, we cannot fail to mention the Sky View Bar at the Burj Al Arab or the 360 ° in the Jumeirah Beach hotel complex.

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The Ideal Destinations For Family Vacations

Are you planning to enjoy a few days of family vacations? As we know that planning a trip with guaranteed fun for all deserves the attention of some special details, we select 10 perfect destinations for all family members to have a great time. From little known circuits in Mexico, unique destinations in Latin America and classics in the United States, these are our ideal destinations for family vacations. Check the cities, choose the best one and organize the family calendar to get the Family Travel going.Holiday Vacation

  1. Gramado, Brazil

How about a pedal boat ride on Black Lake? A perfect plan for a family trip. This wonderful city in Rio Grande does Sul is perfect for family vacations with young children and especially if they like Christmas celebrations. Granados has a long history celebrating this party, with a festival called Natal Luz, between November and January, which includes parades, fireworks and a host of shows.

  1. Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Located in the fascinating Patagonia, Argentina; Puerto Madryn is an ideal place to discover the greatness of the most remote nature. Famous for being the ideal spot for whale watching, it offers hiking among penguins, historical caves and, in the summer months, snorkeling and diving with sea lions. To see the impressive southern right whale, there are two good options, from El Doradillo, in the same Puerto Madryn, or taking an excursion to Peninsula Valdés.

  1. Merida, Yucatan

If you are looking for places for family vacations in Mexico, where you will find an impressive history of the capital of Yucatan. Surrounded by archaeological remains of the Mayan culture and haciendas, Mérida offers endless activities in its great historical center, the second largest in the country. To have an overview of “the white city”, and in a comfortable way for everyone, the first thing they can do is get on the Turibus, with stops at key points of the city, to supplant long walks and avoid high temperatures.

  1. Lapland, Finland

If you are a Christmas lover you have to visit Santa Claus and his reindeer in the Finnish region of Lapland. This place is located above the Arctic Circle, where you can enjoy towering pines, ice hotels, northern lights and of course the Santa Claus Office, which is located in the heart of the Village of Santa Claus, in Rovaniemi, Finland; and hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and from all over the world have visited the friendliest man in the world, knowing their secrets as the rotational speed regulator of the earth.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Children are bewitched in Tokyo, this paradise full of modern junk and unusual items. The little ones will get excited with the endless variety of Hello Kitty or Dragonball accessories. Anime lovers will be fascinated with cosplayers, teenagers who disguise themselves as their favorite manga characters. You can also take a tour of the Pokestore of Tokyo station or visit the Kiddy Land toy store, where you will inevitably crave Totoro products and Sanrio stores fill our hands with Hello Kitty, lovers of this character should not miss the visit to his beautiful house in Sanrio Puroland.Luxury Travel in Japan

And to finish the list, we couldn’t leave out a classic of classics: let’s go to Disney! The quintessential luxury family travel Destination that enchants both young children and adults with a child’s heart, you can find really comfortable vacation packages for this destination.

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How And Where To Travel As A Family?

If you plan to travel as a family and the excuse is the celebration of Mother’s or Father’s Day, here we help you with some tips to make this family Travel plan a success.

  1. Do you travel with children?

Depending on the age of your children, you must choose the travel destination. One of the places that have no limits is, for example, Orlando, where kids and adults enjoy themselves. Likewise, we can talk about beach places where you can design and build castles with your little ones, if what you want is to walk in the middle of nature, a trip could be to the coffee axis, a Colombian region where you will find interactive parks that offer the opportunity to be coffee makers for a day.

They will be present from the sowing, until the grinding of the grain, as well as in the preparation of the softest and most delicious drink in the world. You can also opt for adventure plans both in water and on land: diving, boating, surfing, hiking, bird watching, caving, abseiling, mountaineering, there is much to do in this family travel

  1. How to prepare the suitcases?

It depends on the time and Family Travel Destination they have chosen. If the stay is short, it is best to carry only a suitcase so you do not complicate it. If they chose adventure, the ideal is to pack in backpacks, because there are going to be paths in which the wheel suitcase is only going to bother and loading them is a torment.

  1. What should we consider in the destination?

The place you chose should be suitable for all the members of the family that is to say that the programmed activities fill each one’s taste. If your children are still young, the destination must have within reach all the possible comforts for them, as well as a nearby commercial area, if offered. As they grow, you can go looking for a place with adventure activities.

  1. Documents

Regardless of the means of transport, identity documents, medical cards, credit cards are essential that you carry them in your handbag.

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