Reasons To Go In Argentina

Ok, you want to go to South America. But why choose Argentina and not another country for your next trip? Here is to help you make your choice some good reasons to travel to luxury destinations in Argentina!

  1. Its area

With 2.8 million km², it is the eighth-largest country in the world. There are so many places to visit and landscapes completely different from each other to discover. Land of contrasts, Argentina boasts of bringing together the extremes in one and the same country. This amounts to making several trips in one in the end. We will certainly not have the same dress if we go to the subtropical region of north-eastern Argentina or if we will face the cold of Patagonia in the southern tip.

luxury destinations Argentina

  1. The Argentine accent

Even if the Argentineans claim that it is the original language, that they are the only ones who speak correctly all over Latin America (in all modesty of course), we must admit that it is weird the first time. In addition to having a different grammar and vocabulary, Argentineans have a particular pronunciation.

  1. The capital of culture

Buenos Aires is the epicenter of Latin American culture. Its cultural offer seems endless: you can go to festivals of all kinds, there is always a small free concert somewhere, you will meet musicians on every street corner, and its museums have an international scale. Many foreign artists perform in the capital.

  1. Its traditions

The Argentineans are proud of their traditions. Certainly, the history of gauchos and tango are a good marketing product and are part of those clichés that all tourists love, but it goes beyond that. There are many traditional festivals where many young people know the footsteps of folk dances. It is impossible not to notice this true passion that they have for the mate. They are constantly drinking straw, whether outside, in the office, during the evening. It would become almost scary!

  1. An incredible playground

Argentina offers you the opportunity to indulge in an incredibly diverse range of activities. If you are more like museums or you prefer adventure sports, if you are a nature lover or a city dweller if you like to party or you prefer the calm; luxury destinations Argentina can bring you everything you love!

  1. Its inhabitants

Argentines are very endearing. They are usually exuberant and like to talk loudly. Aside from the capital where people are always in a hurry (and so much less friendly), they are very friendly and love talking with strangers and sharing mate with them. It is very easy to kiss, and accolades are de rigueur between friends. The Argentineans always have an opinion on everything and love to discuss it for hours, raise their tone, get angry, and then laugh at it.

  1. Unforgettable sensations

In Argentina, you can listen to the roaring glaciers; you have the chance to see an orca or a whale from the beach, you can approach the most impressive waterfalls in the world in Iguazú and enjoy the calm of the Andean canyons and deserts. A wide panel level thrills.

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