Argentina – A Land of Never Ending Astonishments

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Argentina- A land of never ending astonishments

Argentina, a land of natural and man-made wonders. And this the reason there is an abundance of luxury destinations in Argentina. From the sky-scraping peaks of the Andes and glaciers to the bustle of Buenos Aires and the vineyards of Mendoza, there is so much that this unique and dynamic country can offer to the visitors. There are bountiful of reasons that make the country one of the favorite destinations to travel. And you can have your reason to visit the country like if you are looking for the largest waterfall or the highest peak in the America or even more your appetite for extraordinary scenery can be better amused by the country only.

The itinerary doesn’t end here and not the overall excellence of the country. Great variety of luxury travel destinations in Argentina make visitors travel the country again and again.

Top 6 Places To Visit in Argentina

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the capital city of the country, is also one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities. Plaza de Mayo is the center of the city has an array of 19th-century buildings that includes Casa Rosada, the presidential palace. Other major attractions of the city are Tetra Colon, a grand opera house with a seating capacity of around 2500 people and not to forget the MALBA museum displaying some of the finest artwork of Latin America. And if you are shopaholic then Microcentro and Elegant Recoleta is there to amuse you. While Palermo streets stadiums with bars, restaurants, and boutiques to keep you entertained. Buenos Aires has great things to offer like shopping for leather, having a dinner at a steakhouse and enjoying the tango dancing.


Córdoba is one of the cities of Argentina and the capital of a province with the same name. The city is famous for it’s Spanish colonial architecture. The city is the abode of the 17th-century complex commonly known as Manzana Jesuitica, which has churches, cloisters. Plaza Sam Martin is the focal point of the city. Evita Fine Arts Museum is situated in the south of the city. The city counts in the luxury destinations in Argentina, because of its vibrant nightlife. It has some of the great bars and clubs playing cuarteto.


Mendoza, another luxury destination in Argentina. Situated in the Cuyo region of the country and is the heart of the country’s wine and popular for Malbecs and other variety of red wines. The city lies in the foothills of the Andes mountains and works as a base for activities like skiing, rafting, and trekking activities. Parque General San Martin, one of the towns of the city, has finest rose gardens, zoo, football stadium.


Bariloche is a town in the country’s Patagonia region. Nahuel Huapi, a large glacial lake is at the border of the town which is surrounded by Andes Mountain. It is the Swiss Alpine style architecture for which the town is most famous and looked as the luxury destinations in Argentina. The town also offers some of the finest chocolates in the world to its visitors to keep them longing for the town. The town has several lakes and national park along with glaciers, lakes, and waterfalls. It is one of the most desired destinations for those who love trekking, climbing and hiking.


Salta is situated in the country’s mountainous region and is a provincial capital. It was founded in 1582,  and famous for its Andean heritage and Spanish colonial architecture. Tren a las Nubes, a popular high-altitude railway journey, starts from the city and this one of the reasons that make it one of the luxury destinations in Argentina. Across the city, you are going to find traditional music bars and regional cooking.

Argentina has a lot more to offer than your eyes can meet, this is just a glimpse. The only country where you are going to find the Valley of Moon. The adventure never ends in Argentina.

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