Iceland – 5 Places Where Fire and Ice Jibe

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Places Where Fire and Ice Jibe

Iceland, the only place on the planet where fire and ice concur.The country with great diversity.The land where dark winters are offset by the midnight sun of the summer.A country where isolated existence has propelled a vibrant and rich culture. Luxury destinations Iceland, are full of adventure, Icelandic nature will fill your travel with stunning experiences. You will be stunned with the creativity of the indigenous people and the beauty of the landscape. Visit the luxury destinations in Iceland to have a never before experience.

Experience midnight sun hiking and lagoon bathing in Iceland only

The popularity of the country is increasing with every passing day. Its natural beauty has allowed the country to earn the crown of one of the most beautiful places in the Europe. During your Iceland tour, you have an opportunity to discover rugged arms of the sea, hot springs, a great blend of glaciers and some of the fantastic landscapes. Hiking in midnight sun and taking a bath in fantastic blue lagoons is something that you will not find anywhere else around the world.

There is an array of luxury tour and trip destinations in Iceland, some of the prominent ones are listed below for your easy reference.


Reykjavik, the capital city of the country and one of the largest cities of the Iceland. The city is the abode of National and Saga Museum where you can trace the history of Viking. The city is also famous for its late night clubs and bars. And if you are interested in the sweeping views of nearby hills and the sea, then you have to go for the rotating plan glass dome and striking concrete Hallgrimskirkja church. While if you are interested to epitomize the island’s volcanic activities then Blue Lagoon Spa, situated near the village of Grindavik is best for you.

Blue Lagoon iceland

Blue Lagoon, is one of the most popular man-made geothermal spa having crystal clear water. The only of its kind on the earth where you can experience swimming at 40-degree centigrade across the year and the enticing fact is that it is always encircled with snow and ice. And photography is something you are crazy about; then you don’t find a scenery matching to Blue Lagoon.

Great Geyser

Great Geyser, is situated in the country’s southwestern part is one of the natural spots and has been active for around more than 10000 years. The only geyser in the world that can explode the boiling water to a height of 70 meters in the air.It is the surface water that allows the formation of  the geysers and makes it way down about two thousand meters. And when it reaches the boiling point, then it shoots the hot water with steam, and both the phenomenon occurs naturally and creates an impressive scenery to watch upon.


Husavik is the only luxury destinations in Iceland or around the world where you can have a never before whale watching experience. The location is internationally recognized as one of the best locations to see whales, and the chances of having a glimpse of whales are higher in Husavik. Blue whale, Humpbacks, and Minke are the most common species of the whale that can be easily spotted here. Don’t forget to carry your camera to the sea during your invasion of an incredible adventure.

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