10 Places In Argentina That You Don’t Know Exist

Because travelers love to inspire with the most beautiful landscapes in South America, here is a review from north to south of the most spectacular and unknown places that luxury destinations Argentina offers.luxury destinations Argentina

  1. Cone of Arita, Salta

The Cone of Arita is a 147-meter-high natural pyramid. Almost surreal in appearance, the cone is in the middle of the SalarArizaro plain, the third largest salt flat in South America. Some legends point out that the natural formation could have been used as an Inca ceremonial center.

  1. Bathed the Star, Formosa

Bañado la Estrella was recently chosen as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Argentina, Bañado La Estrella is the second largest wetland in Argentina. This place is a paradise of vegetation thanks to the shallow depth of the wetland. This honeymoon travel is abundant in fauna, with animals such as capybara, yacare and some species of aquatic snakes.honeymoon travel

  1. Salar de Antofalla, Catamarca

The Antofalla salt flat is an immense salt desert found in the department of Antofagasta de la Sierra. The salt flat is at 3900 masl, it is the longest in the world, and it is probably the most inhospitable and inaccessible place in the Argentine Puna. There is no vegetation here, only whimsical shapes and colors thanks to the erosion of the landscape for millennia.

  1. Campo de Piedra Pómez, Catamarca

Probably the closest thing to a lunar landscape here on earth, Campo de Piedra Pómez is a truly unique geological and natural paradise on the planet. Although it is a Natural Protected Area in Argentina, much greater protection has been demanded, since vehicles and motorcycles enter without control every day, generating irreparable damage to the structures.

  1. Cerro Alcázar, San Juan

The inspiring Cerro Alcázar is located in the Sierra del Tontal. The best time to contemplate it is during sunset, when the sun is lost between the peaks of the mountain range and the tones of its sediments change elegantly.

  1. Salto del Agrio, Neuquén

The imposing Salto del Agrio is 60 meters high and has a sublime beauty around it. The landscape is dominated by the Copahue volcano, in addition to dozens of araucarias that protect and give life to the sector. Mapuches from the area say that this was a place of worship and gratitude for thousands of years.

  1. Los Bolillos, Neuquén

The action of the wind makes its own again in this corner of the Varvarco River Valley. Cones, domes and stone needles of multiple reddish tones are observed in the sector, with some reaching even 20 meters in height. Los Bolillos is one of the luxury destinations in Argentina which is surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Andes Mountains and the Domuyo system.

  1. Enchanted Valley, Río Negro

With a landscape that looks like something out of a fantasy movie, the Enchanted Valley is located on the banks of the Limay River. The rock formations that protect the valley are of volcanic origin and have received popular names such as “The Finger of God”, “The Sentinel of the Valley” or the “Chilean Mount”.

  1. Jaramillo Petrified Forest, Santa Cruz

Despite being a National Park, the Jaramillo Petrified Forest rests practically alone in the province of Santa Cruz, and perhaps it is better that way. Relative fossils of araucarias are found in the sector, some of which reach 35 meters long and 3 meters in diameter, surely the largest known in the world. The fossils are around 150 million years old.

  1. Laguna del Caminante, Tierra del Fuego

Located inside the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the Caminante Lagoon is one of the most beautiful points of contemplation in this corner at the end of the world. On a luxury honeymoon traveltour that can take 2 or 3 days, the trail runs through the beautiful Patagonian forests of Tierra del Fuego, with incredible views of numerous mountains and glaciers.

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Best Places In Argentina: An Unforgettable Experience Of Traveling To The Country Of Sea And Colorful Landscapes

Argentina is one of the most beautiful countries in South America, where there is everything you need for an unforgettable vacation: spacious beaches, powerful waterfalls, dense forests, ancient ruins and colonial cities, secluded villages, and modern megacities. Each traveler will find more than one good reason to go on vacation to Argentina from the Impala Travel tour operator, because such a variety of natural landscapes, cultural and historical sights is simply difficult to find elsewhere. This country is really worthy of your attention, which is why we want to introduce you to the ten most interesting places in this amazing country.Best Places In Argentina

  1. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires embodies the very essence of a colorful continent; it is elegant, but at the same time, always noisy, and its compact landscaped center reminds Paris to most tourists, where stylish multi-story buildings alternate with historic buildings of the 19th century. Having visited the most popular areas – Palermo, La Recoleta, and Belgrano, where palace mansions and magnificent high-rises are located, you will be surprised how the city managed to preserve the traditions of its ancestors.

  1. Cordoba

Cordoba is the second-largest city in Argentina, where various buildings of the colonial time and even Jesuit structures, some of which have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, have been preserved. Cordoba is located in the heart of the country, is considered one of the oldest, as well as one of the most developed and cultural cities of Argentina. Here at luxury destinations in Argentina can wander through the old streets, visit a large number of museums and exhibitions, admire the sculptures and canvases of famous masters.

  1. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu FallsThe cascade of Iguazu waterfalls is officially recognized as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world because Niagara and Victoria fade before its beauty and power. This is a pearl not only of Argentina but of the whole continent. The beauty of these places is so unique and grandiose that all tourists are truly breathtaking because the numbers speak for themselves: 275 cascades collapse from a height of 82 meters.

  1. Ski resort Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is recognized by Argentine Switzerland due to the amazing beauty of lakes and forests, delicious chocolate, rich nightlife, and most importantly – the famous ski resort is located here, which offers 47 outdoor enthusiasts with a total length of 70 km. This resort is ideal for both beginners and real professionals, so if you want to diversify your vacation, feel free to go to the best ski resort in Argentina.

  1. Moon Valley

If you are looking for exotic corners of our planet, then you will certainly appreciate the nature park in Argentina under the name “Moon Valley”. This park is located in an area of ​​more than 600 sq. Km. and at 1300m above sea level, and the whole territory is covered with various boulders, blocks, and mounds of unique shapes formed by millennia. Also, dinosaur remains were discovered on its territory, which you can see with your own eyes in a local museum during a tour to luxury destinations Argentina.

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The Ten Best Destinations In Argentina According To Internet

What do netizens and travel journalists think of Argentina? A look at the network allows us to discover what are the ten essential places to approach, for the first time, the tourist reality of this immense and fascinating country.

  1. Buenos Aires.- The capital of the state appears as a destination indispensable in 95% of the forums, lists and articles consulted being the most recognizable icon of the nation at an international level.
  2. Iguazú Falls. – At a very short interval from the capital, the waterfall of the Province of Misiones appears in 92% of the lists and articles consulted. All sources insist that the waterfalls and the national park are one of the most important natural wonders in the world and, in the Argentine context, an essential place for those who come to the country for the first time.
  3. El Calafate and the Perito Moreno Glacier.-The Small Andean town of El Calafate is the gateway to the Glacier National Park and another of the luxury destinations in Argentina. It is mentioned as an impending visit 89% of the time and, almost always, it is among the top five or six of the suggestions of bloggers, journalists, and travelers.
  4. Ushuaia. – The city at the end of the world appears in 83% of the articles consulted. The central town in Tierra del Fuego, beyond its attractiveness per se, is famous as a port of embarkation for cruises that travel through the deep Fuegian channels or down to the coasts of neighboring Antarctica.
  5. Peninsula of Valdés and Puerto Madryn.-Between the months of May and December, hundreds of whales of different species come to the Patagonian coast to mate. One of the location with the highest concentration of specimens is the area between the city of Puerto Madryn and the Valdés Peninsula.
  6. The Quebrada de Humahuaca.-World Heritage and the best example of the cultural syncretism between the Andean and the European world, the Argentine Northwest has consolidated, in recent years, as one of the country’s stars destinations.
  7. City and countryside of Mendoza.- Two steps from the Andes mountain range, the city of Mendoza has become one of the most sought-after options by travelers. And that’s what the Internet recognizes since it appears in 75% of the listings about the country’s top destinations.
  8. The dream landscapes of Bariloche.- Patagonia in its purest state and all the services and offers of a large city. On the shores of the spectacular Nahuel Huapi Lake, the town of Bariloche, considered the capital of adventure sports in Argentina, is an ideal holiday center throughout the year.
  9. The Seven Lakes.- The Route of the Seven Lakes unites three traveling myths: The Andes; Patagonia and Ruta 40. During 107 kilometers, the old R234 (now incorporated to the 40) crosses some of the most incredible landscapes of the Argentine Patagonia.
  10. Tradition and history in Córdoba.- The city of Córdoba is one of the oldest cities in Latin America, and it shows in its streets and squares. The strong point of the second most populated city in Argentina is its history, which is felt in places like its historic center, where its spectacular colonial cathedral (16th century), the Cabildo and the secluded Paseo de Santa Teresa, one of the most outstanding luxury destinations Argentina and most beautiful streets of Argentina.

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A Complete Itinerary For Holidays in Argentina


If its diversified landscape remains a key attraction for tourists, the followers of cultural escapades are not likely to be disappointed by the Latin dance. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, contains, for its part, a true architectural richness. Here, the colonial buildings rub shoulders with the houses in the Art Deco style and the contemporary buildingsa complete itinerary for luxury destinations Argentina.

If its diversified landscape remains a key attraction for tourists, the followers of cultural escapades are not likely to be disappointed by the Latin dance. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, contains, for its part, a real architectural richness. Here, the colonial buildings rub shoulders with the houses in the Art Deco style and the contemporary buildings.

Safety: Is it dangerous to travel to Argentina?

Despite the fact that crime has increased in recent years, Argentina remains one of the safest countries in South America.

Argentine Food and Restaurants


Fantastic scenery, very welcoming people and spectacular food! Three great reasons to visit Argentina. The food is varied: there are many Italian influences – pasta and pizza albeit in style -; Influences from other countries and inventions such as empanadas – we do not know if the origin is Argentine or Chilean – or the Milanese – oh, those Milanese Neapolitan! But what is certain is that they do not eat much fish. What they eat a lot is meat. How good the Argentine beef is! There are many restaurants of Continue reading

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Top 10 Solo Travel Destinations In Argentina


Argentina – whenever you hear that very name you get the vision of football, Diego Maradona, the white and blue jersey and the green football ground. However, the country has an individual identity apart from its spectacular performance in world football. It can be chosen as one of the best travel destination for the solo travelers. You can enjoy a lot in Argentina when you travel alone.

Apart from football, the country can offer you tango, fishing, wine, architecture, the skiing, the mountaineering and the literature. If you can plan your tours accordingly, then you can visit both the Whales and the Penguin festivals which are amazing. Moreover, Argentina is one of the top 10 countries where you can go as a solo traveler.

Therefore, if you too believe that exploring the world can be best done when you are alone, then Argentina should be the country you can start your solo tours.

Buenos Aries


This is the capital of this country and one of the most happening cities in the world. The city can offer you mouth-watering foods, fascinating neighborhoods, and outstanding artworks. Moreover, you can feel thrilled by watching the passionate population that knows how to live a fun-filled life. The sizzling nightlife of this city can attract any male solo traveler anytime. However, it is not unsafe for the female solo travelers as well. The colorful European architecture always allures the travelers, and they find some of the most delicious gourmet cuisines here.

Iguazu Falls


Iguazu is one of the most beautiful and magnificent natural wonders. This is actually a series of some stunning waterfalls which are located on the Iguazu River. This waterfall is the border between Argentina and Brazil. The falls offers a breathtaking view to the tourist. However, the beauty and attraction of the falls enhance when you see the lush green forest which surrounds that area. This forest has some of a unique wildlife of this country. Iguazu National Park Authority takes care of this wildlife and the falls area.

Mar Del Plata


This one was once considered as the retreat for the aristocrats of the country, and now it becomes the most visited resort city of Argentina. It is located on the in the Buenos Aires Province, on the Atlantic Coast. The spot becomes the favorite of the tourists because of its sandy beaches as well as its vivid and lively crowd. If you wish to feel the energy, then do not choose the summer month when it becomes most crowded.


Formerly Ushuaia was a penal colony, and the isolated location of this city helped it a lot to be so. However, that very isolated and remote beauty now makes it one of the most desired tourist spots in this country. This city is considered as the southernmost city of this planet, and it is located on the Beagle Channel. Glacier Martial and Cerro Castor, the two beautiful mountains towered on the city and enhanced its stunning look. Tourists go to these mountains for hiking during the summer and for snow sports during the winter.


Mendoza is one of the well-known wine destinations of this country as well as this planet. This city is positioned in the largest wine producing area of Latin America. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in this region and Mendoza is the nearest Continue reading

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