The End Of The Honeymoon: Why Do We Postpone Honeymoon Trips?

One of the most beautiful and romantic traditions of our time- the honeymoon trip- is undergoing fundamental changes. Newlyweds increasingly prefer to postpone their honeymoon for an indefinite period, and, absolutely, everything is susceptible to new fashion- from simple lovers to royal couples. We understand what the matter is.

The classic scene of many romantic comedies or melodramas of Honeymoon Travel Destinations often makes us, if not cry out, then at least smile in tenderness: happy main characters finally tied the knot and, satisfied, escape from their own triumph. They happily jump into some retro cabriolet, which is tied with a dozen cans, and on the trunk flaunts sign “Just Married,” and quickly leave the horizon, so that evening to go on a wedding trip. “The End” appears on the screen, but we, the audience, still understand that for the heroes this is only the beginning because there is a romantic honeymoon in front of them.

Well, it seems that this beautiful scene is now doomed to become a relic of old cinema because now completely different trends prevail. No, weddings, cars, and signs remained. But the fashion to go on a Luxury Honeymoon Travel Destination immediately after the holiday leaves irrevocably. And this is not surprising, because in the forefront of the trend are those who are accustomed to be equal to millions: opinion leaders, stars, and even members of the royal family.

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events in life, and yet four months may be more than enough for the holiday impressions to smooth out a little, while the young themselves become accustomed to their new, initially unaccustomed, the status of husband and wife. What then is the meaning of the honeymoon? Perhaps he is just that. And this is the most interesting.

The delayed honeymoon is a relatively young trend. The long tradition of “running away from a party” has changed dramatically, because, in recent decades, weddings themselves have changed in quality.

One of the main variables is the age of the bride and groom, which is rapidly increasing every year. Once upon a time, people married early to have time to know the beauty of intimacy and have offspring. Now, bridegrooms and virgin brides are increasingly becoming the exception rather than the rule. Moreover, many lovers go to the altar, after having lived several months (or even years) together, to pass the compatibility test. It turns out that weddings have long lost their sacred and ritual significance, becoming just a magnificent celebration, arranged only to legitimize their relationship, and to mark all this well.

New challenges of the new millennium

Another aspect is the very possibility of traveling. In former times, the honeymoon often became the first large-scale trip of the newlyweds to distant lands. It was a starting, very exciting experience – from that and its value was higher. Today the borders of the world are wider than ever, and travel is becoming one of the most important values of modern man. People tend to go everywhere, and if this is not possible, television and the Internet come to the rescue. In other words, the exoticism of distant countries and overseas sights impress us far less than, say, our great-great-grandmothers and great-great-great-grandparents.

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5 Fantastic Honeymoon Destinations of Fiji

In Fiji, you will find a place that could be accurately described as Earth’s modern paradise, where every inch of the islands will spellbound you with elation, tranquility, and romance. Couples can enjoy many water activities, they can also explore natural steaming hot springs, an astounding array of flora and fauna, and of course magnetizing beaches. There are many illustrious resorts travelers should check out. With a host of comforts that includes the private beaches, holidaymakers will love the villas which offer outstanding view of the sunrise and sunset. Here are some of the luxury destinations in Fiji that are the major attractions for the honeymooners.

Denarau Island

Denarau+Island+Slider+Images2Fiji consist of over 300 islands, all of which deserves a visit. Unfortunately, one may only have a selected amount of time off from work each year, thus visiting them all may not be practicable. An island that has become progressively popular as a holiday destination in Fiji is Denarau island. For those travelers who love to shop, Port Denarau–a wholesale and commercial centre–features around 8,000 square meters of the most specific services. Travelers who choose this type of holiday, are normally quite amused with what this area has to offer. It has nice conveyance facility, making it a favorable place to visit, as well.

The Coral Coast


For those honeymooners who love to explore, and have a love for the outdoors, the Sigatoka Valley on the Coral Coast may be a perfect holiday destination. It is nicknamed as “Fiji’s Salad Bowl”, as it features extensive farm fields and gardens, through which the glittering Sigatoka river runs, making a very colourful vista. The thrilling safari of Sigatoka River is a popular attraction for those endeavoring adventure.



Those who are fond of dancing will not want to miss party nights in Suva. The fun starts when the sun sets and travelers from around the world gathers and turn the switch to party mode. It is one of the famous honeymoon destinations in Fiji because of the energizing nightclubs. These clubs are super exciting, and entertainment is rated satisfactory, as well. The fun-loving and friendly atmosphere of Suva is the best destination to feel relaxed and revitalized.



The raw island of Taveuni is a superb choice for the tourists seeking serenity and relaxation. If holidaymakers wishes to be surrounded by harmony and tranquility, this island is likely a good choice to fulfill that wish. Natural wonders both above, as well as down the turquoise sea, will encourage a sense of oneness with nature that is difficult for any other island to imitate. Thus, makes a great destination for the newly wedded to spend a quality time with each other.

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