5 Tips To Better Organize A Business Trip

The difference between a business trip and Luxury Tour and Tripis clear to everyone, even if nowadays companies and workers are increasingly focusing on business leisure, a new trend that adapts the needs of the business traveller with the opportunity to enjoy the business trip. Traveling for work means organizing in time a series of practices that will avoid problems and misunderstandings during the stay, in order to guarantee the success of the job away.

6 tips for organizing business trips 

  1. Documents needed

Sometimes a business trip can happen suddenly, for this reason, you try to always have your travel documents available: your identity card and passport. Find out if the country where you are traveling requires a visa and, if so, what documents are needed to obtain it, for example, length of stay, the purpose of the trip, employment contract, reservations, passport expiry date, etc. If you have to drive, check that your driving license is in order and can be used during your business trip abroad.

  1. Find out about the country of destination

In addition to checking that you have all the necessary travel documents, also inquire about other aspects related to the country of the business trip. Do not underestimate their weight, some may even be the drivers for the success of the business trip.

Find out about the security situation in the country, whether you need to get vaccinated before departure or whether there are different laws regarding driving or transporting medicines. Also find out about a number of practical aspects, such as the quality of the health service, the use of adapters for electrical outlets, internet coverage or how to change foreign currency, withdraw money, etc.

  1. Choose a business travel insurance

Unlike luxury travels, a series of damages can occur during business trips which is convenient to insure with a specific insurance policy. Frequent use of means of transport increases the possibility of a loss of baggage, loss of connection with another means of transport or previously purchased services (flights, transfers, hotels, etc.) due to delays or cancellation, especially by airlines.

Whatever the most suitable insurance policy, this must-have ample coverage for the costs of health or surgical care for illness or accident, repatriation, civil liability.

  1. The suitcase suitable for the occasion

Again, making a suitcase for a business trip is different from a suitcase for a leisure trip. Check the maximum dimensions and weight accepted by the airline with which you will travel, and find out what you can check in hand baggage. If you carry your computer, electronic devices or important documents in your hand luggage, carry them with all necessary safety.

  1. The choice of the hotel

Traveling for work often means having to work when you least expect it, for this reason, the choice of the hotel must be taken carefully since it will not only be the place where you will rest. Look for a hotel that enjoys a central location, close to the underground or railway station, so that you can easily reach the offices that interest you. Check that the hotel has a good internet connection, a meeting room, parking, laundry service, and 24-hour dining service. When booking, try to do so with flexible rates.

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Sink Deep In These 4 Beach Destinations In Mauritius.

Mauritius, the island nation which is mesmerizing in every sense of the adjective; a country which sits pretty as the most popular Beach Travel Destination not just in the Asian region but also in the West. What is the really striking about Mauritius are its beaches, palm trees and turquoise waters. Make no mistake, if you choose to give this destination a miss, you deny yourself something magical. Soak in the breathtaking vistas from your mountain chalet. Breathe in the wild air from your meditations through our handpicked venues. Immerse in the beauty of our enigmatic cultures and savor authentic cuisine from fresh local produce.Beach Travel Destination

  1. Le Morne Brababt- This UNESCO world heritage site offers everything you could want in a destination. The travelers have found much admiration to the keen beauty. As part of activity, a hike can race your heart pumping but also relieve the stress once your eyes meet the beautiful views of the country and a rich history. This magnificent mountain is seen as a symbol of resistance (literally as well as figuratively). Its history is rooted in stories of runaway slaves seeking refuge in its caves. Today, it is still a beautiful sanctuary for all who visit and a reminder of the struggle against slavery. Thus, this hiking path on the island, with easy to follow paths and unparalleled views of the South West Coast.
  2.  Pamplemousse Botanical Garden- One of the most popular attractions in Mauritius, the Pamplemousse Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens you will ever find yourself in. One of the prime attractions is the spectacular giant water lilies. Some of these lilies do resemble antenna dishes! You will feel like a fairy queen in this garden of lilies. The garden is like the dwelling for fascinating native species of plant and wildlife that call this garden home. With over 650 varieties of flora it’s definitely worth a visit!
  3. The colored earth of Chamarel- This natural phenomenon has amazed tourist from all over the world. These unique sand dunes comprise of seven different colors, from red to blue to yellow, all tangled together like a beautiful, shadowy illusion. These colors were created over time by the conversion of basaltic lava to clay minerals. Sunny days, particularly at sunrise, are the most spectacular times to see these everlasting colored sands. This is also a site which has a dedicated playground, some small curio shops and, of course, some giant tortoises!
  4. Spot a Pink pigeon- The pink pigeon, native to Mauritius, was on the brink of extinction in the 1980’s. But thanks to the dedication of conservationists the future of the pink pigeon is much brighter! The Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve has also been famed as the place which gives a glimpse of what they call ‘Mauritius in miniature’. This small piece of land is a reflection of what Mauritius was like before carnage of deforestation destroyed 90% of their forests. Here you can see rare native plants, get to know huge tortoises and of course see the beautiful pink pigeon!

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Setting The Agenda For A Luxury Travel Safari

For most people spending their time and wealth on luxury travel, the travel experiences of a safari has now transcended to an African safari. An African Safari is said to be one of those experiences which they define as life changing. What else can be more exciting than witnessing elephants bathing in a mud pool or the spectacle of some 2 million wildebeest and zebra migrating across the Serengeti? And that too from agonizingly close distance. Luxury African safari, to Kenya and Tanzania organized by the luxury tour operator Gurgaon is always meticulously planned. About time you checked out the few things to be considered before setting out on safari.

 Luxury Travel SafariGoing on safari doesn’t mean sacrifice. With us, viewing Africa’s prolific wildlife comes with the very best of the bespoken wherein your demand of the finest accommodations on the continent is always met: Romantic four-poster beds, heated pools, butler service. If the word “tent” throws you, just imagine beautiful throw rugs, soft furnishings, even a writing desk complete with stationary. Meals are lavish, made on-site with only the freshest produce. Add to that a sumptuous picnic , the sun setting while gazing across the vast savannah: the visual treat is all but magical.

Be prepared to start early. Morning game drives usually start between 5 and 6 a.m. when the wildlife is most active. Plus, you’ll catch those stunning bush sunrises, so sacrificing a few Zs is definitely worthwhile. (Besides, that’s what afternoon siestas are for.) There is always hot coffee and light snacks before you head out, and your safari vehicle will have you back to the lodge around 9 a.m. for a breakfast spread that doesn’t end. Now, about those vehicles ….

Don’t expect a late-model SUV. Yes, you’ll be traveling in Jeeps and Land Rovers, but these are open-air and customized for crossing the roadless nature reserves. Rides can be bumpy and seating is basic (consider bringing a cushion). They are equipped with water and warm blankets to wrap up in.

One very important note: While you may be tempted to hop out for a perfect click, never stray from the safari vehicle. The wildlife has grown up with these vehicles and simply consider them another, albeit noisy, co-inhabitant. Once you are outside of that zone, however, they may consider it a threat. (That includes holding your camera over the side for a better shot.)luxury travel

Always respect your guides. It works with only the most seasoned safari guides and drivers. They have lived with these creatures all their lives, hold a wealth of knowledge, and will let you know when to step outside to stretch your legs. If yours doesn’t want to stop, or sits still for 20 minutes in front of an empty expanse, trust him — he may sense a dangerous situation, or perhaps an elusive leopard afoot. Don’t worry: Safari guides are in constant radio communication with each other, so you’ll never miss out on any action. That being said, every safari drive is different. Sometimes there isn’t any action at all. Sometimes you’ll think you’re in an episode of Wild Kingdom. Our Grand Safari journey takes you to some of the most wildlife-rich parks and reserves in Kenya and Tanzania, staying at boutique lodges and camps to ensure that you won’t have to contend with massive crowds. That said, there is no guarantee that you’ll get to check the entire Big Five off your list, so an attitude of acceptance is key to an amazing adventure.

Go on every single safari drive. Even if you don’t spot anything for an outing or two, the next one just may lead you come across a pride of lions lingering over dinner, or perhaps a baby wildebeest being born! Resist the urge to sleep in late or hang out by the pool, and come home without any regrets.

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A Soothing Tour of Tokyo’s Nezu Shrine

A Luxury Travel in Japan is like a lyrical ballad which keeps getting better with every line. Japan has vast and immensely pleasant riches in the form of colorful shrines, fascinating geisha districts and age-old Buddhist temples that stand witness to the country’s rich cultural heritage and ancient history. Add another leaf to the Tokyo’s Nezu Shrine, a small natural haven north of the city’s center. More secluded than the larger Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in the capital, Nezu remains a wonderful off-the-radar spot for travelers seeking a bit of peace and quiet. Let’s find out more reasons to visit

Luxury Travel in Japan

Perhaps the most photographed area of Nezu Shrine is the long tunnel of vermilion torii gates. It is under the sponsorship of the local businesses and citizens, these simple wooden arches stand as offerings to the Shinto gods that inhabit the world along with us mortals. The most famous display of torii is undoubtedly Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, and hence attracts the highest number of footfall. Nezu Shrine offers a less-traveled spot for admiring these striking arches free of crowds. So what you do not include Kyoto in your luxury travel itinerary Nezu Shrine is a worthy alternative for your picture perfect moments. In the heart of the complex lies the honden main shrine, an inviting edifice colored in vivid hues and glittering gold. Although damaged in the allied bombing raids of WW2, the honden was carefully restored after the war to its former grandeur. In fact, Nezu Shrine is the largest of the restored Edo period Shinto shrines in Tokyo. The honden’s bright appearance is sure to be one of the most memorable parts of your visit to Nezu Shrine.

The springtime flower festival is an event you simply cannot miss. After the last of the cherry blossoms have fallen, visitors to Nezu Shrine have little to be sad about. The shrine grounds contain thousands of azalea bushes that burst into color in late April and early May. Various shades of purples and pinks stand out beautifully in contrast to the long procession of torii gates that wind over the low hills on the shrine precincts. It’s this colorful festival that earned Nezu Shrine the moniker of “Tokyo’s Most Beautiful Shrine.” Nature lovers should consider a trip to Japan that begins in Tokyo right at the start of May. You’ll avoid the crunch of cherry blossom crowds and still be in time to catch the azaleas at Nezu.

Luxury Travel in Japan


Lastly, the neighborhood is simply delightful. There are plenty of spots wherein one can pick the local snacks. One such example would be taiyaki red bean sweets, crispy senbei rice crackers, and even donuts shaped like cat tails.

Whether it is the searcher of beauty in your or the one looking for a calming visit. Or even an absolute foodie who is not averse to exotic tastes, Japan is the place to be. The Nezu Shrine is one of the many feathers in the already vibrant country of Japan which is yet to get the recognition from the zealous tourists usually visiting the West.

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Set Off To A Memorable Trip Of Italy

Italy is one of Europe’s most coveted countries for its stunning landscapes that stretch to its entire territory. The country is more of a powerhouse for tourist attractions, wine or places which are a fit for every traveler out for a luxury tour in Italy. From the top food regions in the world to towering volcanoes and designer boutiques, this list of the best places to visit in Italy not only covers the food and history of this diverse country but also art, scenic sites and hiking for active travelers.

  1. Venice- Is there any possibility to omit or even ignore romantic city of Venice in your Luxury Travel in Italy itinerary? Probably not, right? Such is the love affair of the travel aficionado with the city whose streets are made of water, whose buses are boats, and where the songs of gondoliers linger in the air. The city is a magical masterpiece in itself and the tourists always get enamored. Some of the biggest attractions within the city include the broad Piazza San Marco, St. Mark’s Square, surrounded by several of its top tourist attractions. The great Basilica of St. Mark stands beside the Doge’s Palace, and overlooking both is the tall Campanile. Gondolas can be seem swarming at the end of the plaza in the Grand Canal, and in the other direction, a gate under the clock tower leads into a well connected, winding passageways, where you’re sure to get lost on the way to Rialto Bridge. Being out of sorts for a while in Venice is not a trouble, rather it is a pleasure you would not regret simply because of the romantic vibes floating all over the city.


  1. Puglia- Make way to the Puglia’s ancient sites and unfussy charms, Italy’s most secluded coast. What’s more? You are also spared of the tourist-laden north. To look at its olive trees, whitewashed, hilltop towns, scorched earth and unforgiving heat, one might deem the region to be closer in look and feel to the melting pot of Greece than it is to the grandeur of Rome, although look carefully and you’ll find the landscape is stamped with many footprints – Byzantine, Arab, Balkan and Romanesque included. Thus you would get a glimpse of a short stint that Renaissance has had in southern Italy without any dominant hues of any particular culture.

Liguria– Pleasant and without extremes, Liguria is generally best known for the Cinque Terre, the string of five historic and colorful villages spaced along the region’s spectacular cliff-edged coast. As an added bonus, your luxury tour operator in Gurgaon could also add the lesser known quaint coastal towns such as Portovenere and Sestri Levante in the itinerary, and of course there’s Portofino, pretty as a paint box with its tall pastel houses cradling a harbour lined with bars and restaurants, and presided over by a pine-shaded castle. It still preserves the atmosphere of the fishing village it once was, and you can buy into its chic charm for an afternoon for the price of a bus ticket and a glass of wine.

luxury tour in Italy


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Enjoy the Perpetually Fun-Filled California Tour

California is not just a well-known state of the USA. It is more of a jovial expression of human minds which looks at the bright side of things. The state is a fantastic place for luxury travel in California but with a touch. You can start with the sunny surf beaches to foggy forests; California is an adventurer’s best resources. The very car drive along California’s highways can give a different high altogether. What adds to the dramatic ride are the roads that stretch from Mexico to Oregon, with a spectacular view and every mile marker passed. Diversity is perhaps the only word to describe the culture and landscape. California has a reputation for producing some of the world’s best entertainment by way of Hollywood but many may not know that it is also a world leader in technology and art. Let’s find out what else is there to look forward to.

luxury travel in California

  1. Venice Park- The city of Los Angeles is renowned for its beautiful beaches and Venice beach is a stunning example. During the summer months, the beach accommodates many street performers as well as cyclists, roller-skaters, swimmers and, of course, sunbathers. The place is also infamous for the Muscle Beach, an area where burly bodybuilders flex their muscles and show off their bodies in an open-air amidst the area that has a beach-side gym.
  2. Death Valley- Although it is one of the most hostile natural environments on the planet, Death Valley is oddly beautiful. It has the distinction of being the hottest and driest areas in North America. Hence you have the aptly named Furnace Creek which once recorded temperatures of 134 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature record has been termed by many as the hottest air temperature ever, recorded on earth. Because of the extreme heat, travelers are advised to visit Death Valley in the early hours of the day. Dante’s View is a great place to see the valley and offers tremendous views on a clear day.

Death Valley

  1. A visit at the Hollywood Walk of Fame- The absolute Holy Grail for Hollywood movie buffs world over, the Hollywood’s walk of fame has attracted a flock of tourists regardless of what time the year is. The sidewalk boasts of imprints of more than 2500 stars and counting. With changing time and technology, you can also save time using an online tool called Star Searcher which can help you find a particular star of your choice.
  2. The Big Sur Coastline- This is hands down the most iconic and scenic coastline to get a glimpse of. It spans over 90 miles and attracts 3 million drivers travel the route, which stretches from Carmel to the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains, every year. And that is not all. While en route, there are many places of interest such as the Bixby Bridge, the tallest single-span bridge in the world, Point Sur lighthouse and the McWay Falls which cascade 80 feet into the ocean below.

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Best Destinations in India that Unleashes Your Dreams for Adventure- Part II

Previously we mentioned of the fact that India is pretty much insurmountable and too vast for an average traveler to cover. India is an adventurer’s paradise which also adds thrust to the seekers of peace and sanity. As one of the rarities that India has, there are also a handful of places that let you calm down amidst the adventure. From the sky kissing cliffs to the calm waters, India has it all. Therefore we decided to continue from where we left. Let us take a look at more of the luxury travels that could be pursued:

luxury travelsGulmarg (Jammu and Kashmir) – The biggest treasure of natural beauty and the place rightly known as the paradise on earth, Kashmir is anything but a muse of every traveler. For adrenaline seeking wanderlusts, skiing is the most thrilling adventure to be a part of. The skiing blades cutting through the ice is a sight most people would watch as they move at high speed. The high peaks and glittering snow at Gulmarg are an ideal place for skiing and other fun activities. The ski hill in Gulmarg is serviced by Gondola where the lift tip is around 4,000 meters with the view of the summit of Mt. Apharwat. The necessary equipment is provided at the local shops of Gulmarg. However, beginners must undergo training under the guidance of experts. Moreover, Pahalgam is also a traveler’s favorite due t o the mesmerizing locales it has on offer for skiing. The increasing popularity of skiing and a rise in tourism has opened many adventure sports in Gulmarg, including Heli-skiing.

Gulmarg Jammu and Kashmir

2 Mysore- Hey it is not just the sandalwood whose aroma attracts scores of people to Mysore. No bucket list is complete without the addition of skydiving. At Mysore, you can have a bird’s eye view and have a glance at the earth with the most unadulterated height from the sky. The free fall activity in the clear skies of Mysore is the most thrilling experience to have. However, before you jump off an airplane, you’ll get trained and get acquainted with the safety procedures. The jumps that one can opt for are categorized as tandem, solo, and license. The Tandem jump is the most popular training for the newbie adventurers and its height is from 6,000 ft to 10,000 ft. Moreover, it requires minimal instructions to the diver. On the other hand, other jumps need professional training to ensure safety


3 Explore the coral reefs of Andaman- A luxury destinations India with a difference. The deep crystal-clear blue waters of Andaman are the most perfect preface of scuba diving which keeps unfolding all through the stretches. The diverse marine life of Andaman gives you a lifetime experience of exploring the unknown worlds of the sea. From colorful coral reefs to scorpion fish and from sharks to octopus, you’ll get to swim around the most fascinating creatures of the Mother Earth. The major diving sites in Andaman include The Wall (Havelock Island), Fish Rock (Passage Island), and Cinque Island (Port Blair).

Reefs of Andaman

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How Experiential Travel is Gradually Becoming Famous

Travel is about seeking unique and memorable experiences. But there seems to be some amount of saturation out of the ordinaries of monotony which has left lots of travelers dissatisfied. And thus they are now looking to expand our horizons, venture on more unusual paths and meet and connect with local cultures and people. Enter experiential travel. Rather than just sightseeing, it’s a way to authentically immerse oneself in a destination and develop a deeper understanding of its culture.

This is what defines experiential travel, a type of luxury travels which focuses more on the contentment of soul rather than visiting the glorious places of historic significance and visual appeal. As a matter of fact, some also feel that an experiential tour is a beautiful amalgamation of spiritual tour and solo travel. There is some nomadic experience which can be enthralling and then there is also a journey of soul searching that the Experiential travel brings to the table.

Experiential travel

Though we can always make any traveling journey an experiential one but there are some specific destinations or rather countries which always take the cake. If we look at the charm and the sheer amount of attraction factor, it is the Asian subcontinent which turns out to be the most apt getaway.

India, the south Asian country has long been considered as the perfect place of experiential travel. So vast are its realms and so rich are her resources in wellness and travel that there is every bit of a possibility that you would feel like exploring yourself multiple time. The holy city of Rishikesh offers a gamut of wellness centers and places which are perfectly secluded to give you the most striking feel of how you approach life at large.

Moving down south there is the state of Kerala which is the most suited destination to get some reprieve after a taxing luxury travels of the country. The state that has marked itself as one of the ayurvedic wellness spots on the world map. Retreat your mind with the most relieving therapeutic massage and the arts of meditation which helps you open the chambers of mind to unload stress and negativity.

Nepal, a country residing on the lap of the mighty Himalayas is a country wherein the experiential tours in the form of spirituality and everyday life are closely entwined. The remote valley near the picturesque Phewa Lake, Pokhara, is not a tourist attraction of sorts. Rather it is a definition for the Wanderers for understanding the nature whilst staying the closest.

Hence, it can be deduced that even the most affluent class visiting the extravagant destinations tend to fall back on the experiential tours not because all of the want it but because they believe it is the missing link of their life; a link that helps them fructify their mundane life and fortify the thoughts for well being. Visiting places and exploring the culture could be a walk in the park but only a handful few who are not disillusioned by luxury take the plunge to discover life in a broader perspective through Experiential travel.

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Make Your Dream Holiday a Reality by Hiring an Online Travel Planner

Everybody on the planet needs a break from the fastidious and occupied life and holidaying is the best method to assuage from anxiety and get some refreshment. The world is an exceptionally wonderful spot and one must explore it in the constrained life compass he has. There are innumerous spots on the planet that are truly worth visiting. At the point when the discussion is about going for a vacation there are numerous things included in it. From booking tickets and lodgings to organize nearby touring there is a great deal of diligent work included. It get to be troublesome for people to deal with all these luxury tour and trip all alone, and travel planners are the professionals that are a one stop solution to all your travel needs.

luxury travel destinations

Travel organizers are experts who arrange your whole trip from boarding till returning securely. If you are a travel freak or nature lover or need a break from your hectic life, travel planners are the first people you must contact. Here are some of the advantages you get when you choose an travel planner or a tour organizer for your excursion –

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Raise Toast For The Best Wine Travel Destinations in The World

To choose a particular theme for your luxury travels can be quite a job to take over but if you have clarity of thought and precision in planning to mix your passion with travel, it is only going to maximize your fun. The traveler’s milieu is a vast and diverse one and many of them having a liking for wine destination travel. That is right. Even the not so sober and the tipsy have something artsy to explore!   Wine lovers rejoice as there is plenty of amazing holiday destinations out there. And it’s not only renowned destinations like France where you can find fine vines to quaff from.

There’s a whole host of dreamy destinations for wine lovers where you can expect to enjoy some of the finest wines and eat food so delicious you’ll never want to leave. Take a look:

Raise toast for the best wine travel destinations in the world

  1. Slovenia- It is one of the more underrated and a lesser known country producing the finest wines of the world. However, the vast majority of the perfectly fermenting juice, usually grape juice is not exportable. Instead, they consume the vast majority of it themselves! Slovenia remains something of a hidden gem of the global wine industry. With three main wine-producing regions – Drava, Lower Sava, and Littoral, you can pick and choose where you take a tour and expect delicious, home-cooked food as well. The city of Maribor is where you’ll find the ancient vine, which only produces around 100 bottles each year. When you need to walk off the wine, head for Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled for fresh air and breathtaking views.
  2. Stellenbosch, South Africa- Stellenbosch’s wine-producing heritage dates back more than 335 years. No wonder you can have the fabulous glass of vino on your Wine Travel Destination. The destination also speaks of legacy and many legendary tales which makes the entire exploration experience of life. Encompassing over 140 vineyards, you can visit Stellenbosch on a day trip from Cape Town. However to truly enjoy the joys of the area, stay a night or two and enjoy one of the many wine experiences on offer, such as the blending class at Middelvlei Wine Estate. There’s even ‘wine’ blending for children using grape juice instead of the real deal. Don’t let your senses get befooled over the fact that Stellenbosch is famous for wines alone. Equally irresistible are the food on offer. The greatest combo is a chocolate wine pairing.
  3. Santorini, Greece- Known for those picture-perfect white-washed villas against beautiful blue seas, Santorini offers yet more to the wine-loving traveler. Learn how to use the fresh island ingredients to create beautiful Greek food at the acclaimed Selene Restaurant, in the village of Pyrgos. And top it off with delicious wine with the most indigenous and unique method. The wine is grown in the volcanic soil and the special climate of Santorini. Wine tours at one of the many vineyards are plentiful, but the Art Space – a contemporary art gallery in a winery dating back to 1861, is particularly special as it is located eight meters underground.

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