What Will Travel Look Like In A Post COVID World?

2020 was a difficult year, which radically changed our way of living and working. The pandemic hit many areas of our life, and the travel industry got overwhelmed by this wave of insecurities, closures, bans, restrictions. But the desire to travel resists everything.

It is obvious that the way we traveled earlier will not be the same this time, and we think that it is not a bad thing.

It is possible that while traveling, you will be able to notice the quiet cities, and visit World Heritage Sites having low crowd, along with this, the sky will also be less polluted, that will make your travel more beautiful.

There is no doubt that the travel and tourism industry has suffered a lot, and COVID-19 has also made us learn an important lesson that travel is a privilege and not a right.

It is vital to know, especially this year, that what will be the future of travel and tourism in the upcoming years. The start of 2021 was marked with the development of vaccines continuously giving us a hope that everything will be fine soon.

And this is why, we present some insights and tips for you regarding travel and tourism:

The need of a travel advisor

Traveling with numerous restrictions and rules, you will need to have someone on your side who will help you in making your trip a success and that person will be a travel advisor. To get to see all the wonderful places first, you will have to contact an advisor.

Young people leading the way

It is expected to have a greater demand from Millennial and Gen-Z travelers because of their absolute want of travelling and resilience.

Family gatherings

After living away from your loved ones for a long time, it is a must to meet them now. Searching for places that will fulfill all your needs and make you spend time with your family is perfect in 2021.

Go on your dream trips

The fact that travel should not be taken for granted has made us realize that it will be the best idea to book your dream trips as early as possible. To focus on the customer’s wants and dreams, and having all the necessary on your fingertips is a must for a travel agency.

Wellness tours and travels

Having experienced a pandemic, several people are now putting their focus on health and wellness tours. The most chosen will be the destinations that promise giving a relaxing and revitalizing experience to the travelers.

If you are one those, we suggest you to contact our wellness experts guiding you throughout the process.

Open space destinations

Just like the old preferences, it is expected that a beach vacation, stay on private islands, booking of private villas will still be considered the best option. This is because it is one of the easiest ways to maintain social distancing.

It has been a tough year, but thanks to innovative testing standards, it has become possible to make this year great by chasing your travel dreams.

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Set Off your Exploration Journey with Tenerife Select

Tenerife Select offers a compendium of the most exclusive attractions of the Island. Get away at any time of the year and place your trust in a brand that is a standard bearer for exclusivity and quality. Excellence and diversity are the cornerstone of a club that brings together the best of Tenerife luxury under a single umbrella, offering travellers the chance to enjoy a few days away from routine, work, stress, the winter cold or the overwhelming heat of continental summer.

From rural houses in the midst of protected spaces and five-star hotels to any other accommodation you can imagine, Tenerife’s range of accommodation is nearly unmatched in the market. With unique experiences such as Chef i n Room or doing yoga or seeing the stars from the deck of a sailboat, our Island is a paradise to relax, indulge the senses and spend a holiday you will never forget.

The island’s culinary offer is also one of our greatest attractions thanks to the quality of the products and the mixture of cultures. We have six Michelin Stars held by five restaurants that will have the hardest-to-please diners salivating, while more traditional establishments for trying regional dishes are spread throughout the island. Our climate and location mean that we have fresh, quality products all year round, including animals and plants that are unique in the world, such as endemic potatoes or the “vieja”, a delicious fish that needs nothing more than oil, vinegar and wrinkled potatoes to accompany it.


Tenerife is a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean where winter seems like spring thanks to the fabulous average year-round temperature of 23ºC. A place where the people are genuinely friendly, an idyllic paradise with such diverse scenery you’ll think you were at a thousand places around the world at the same time, or even on the moon: the Teide National Park (a huge volcanic area straight out of the movies) will make you believe you’ve travelled to a different planet.

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Blog Journey from Sea to Sky

The Costa Brava, authentic experiences all year round

Wonderful, remarkable, fantastic, amazing, exciting… It’s impossible to choose a single adjective that encompasses the appeal of the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees: it is a small region that generates massive emotions.

The landscape changes from snow-capped mountains that tower three thousand metres above the sea to the Mediterranean’s stunning coves in a question of kilometres. In this short journey from sea to sky you can visit eight spectacular natural parks; enjoy exquisite Michelin-star rated cuisine that pairs tradition and innovation; discover the region’s rich cultural heritage through its Greco-Roman ruins, medieval villages, the work of Salvador Dalí and more; enjoy an extensive range of memory-making activities that include hot air balloon rides, skiing, golf, water sports, and simply unwinding at one of the region’s many spas.

It is an extraordinary place that invites you to experience all its charm and character to the fullest with first-rate premium experiences and the most exclusive services.


In many people’s minds, the Costa Brava is identified by its 245 golden sandy beaches and its coves and creeks surrounded by vegetation and rocky cliffs, stretching from Portbou to Blanes along 220 km of coastline. At present, 37 beaches and marinas fly the blue flag awarded by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education).

The destination also has eight seaside towns with the Family Tourism Seal (DTF), which specifically provide all the holiday products and services to cater to families’ needs.

The protected natural areas are the most visible and accessible part for visitors of this living nature network situated in the province of Girona; a network that goes from the mountains to the sea, from dense forests to the Mediterranean coast, and which account for 31% of the destination’s surface area.

There are sustainable tourism activities in the protected areas to enable visitors to discover them in an active, environmentally-friendly way. The most usual ones being hiking and bicycle touring routes, water sports, wild animal and plant observation activities, and sociocultural events and activities.


With over 550 heritage sites of outstanding interest listed in the province of Girona, the Costa Brava’s range of cultural tourism options attracts millions of visitors seduced by the region’s rich, intense historical and artistic heritage.

The medieval villages are also outstanding in terms of their rich craftsmanship heritage, as can be seen from the annual calendar of numerous themed events such as fairs, festivals and markets linked with their history.

Travellers should not miss the Dalí Triangle, formed by the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres, the Salvador Dalí House-Museum in Portlligat and the Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol, and which also includes special temporary exhibitions at its sites. With almost 1.4 million visitors per year, it is the most visited museum ensemble in the province and the third most visited in



The destination is renowned for its sixteen Michelin-starred restaurants, which clock up twenty stars altogether. These include the Roca brothers’ El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, ranked the second-best

Restaurant in the world in 2018 by the prestigious Restaurant Magazine. Joan Roca has also been nominated Best Chef 2018 by The Best Chef Awards. Two other acclaimed chefs are Paco Pérez, currently, the only Spanish chef with six Michelin stars, and Fina Puigdevall, chef at Les Cols restaurant in Olot, awarded the National Gastronomy Prize 2019.

The province of Girona has always been renowned for its cuisine, and for the last few decades, for its wines as well. And the best way to discover the world of Empordà wine and the area where it is grown is to go on a wine tour of the Costa Brava, following the D.O. Empordà Wine Route. With an area of

2,000 hectares of vineyards grouping together over 300 winegrowers and 43 wineries, 27 of which offer wine tourism experiences, the destination enables visitors to immerse themselves in the universe of wine, terroir, tramontana wind and countryside.


The Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees offer you privileged settings rich in nature, history and culture. To enjoy them at close quarters you will be spoilt for choice with the array of superb places to stay and fascinating venues for holding events. There are hotels, villas, country houses, luxury apartments and other magnificent facilities to suit your personality and your wishes.

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Let’s Delve into Wellness Travel to Gain Serenity We are Looking for

Not all tours are meant to explore the riches of places in a country which is filled with the gifts of scenic beauties, strong historical background and some of the most magnificent marvels of architectural. Some of them are also about pampering your body and even moving a step forward to spirituality. It is exactly the reason as to why there has been a rise in the number of wellness tours. No more are they all about strict bland diets in quaint accommodations for enjoying Wellness Travel Destination. Let us know about how they have evolved over the years.

What wellness travel brings to the table?

Vacations are often an exercise in overindulgence, which can lead to feelings of guilt when we return home. By choosing to travel a Wellness Travel Destination without the feel of any negative consequence can thus be a very rejuvenating experience. Wellness travel enables your mind and body to reenergize and find the right balance which promotes positive energy in the body. Once you sign in to such vacations, they are planned in such destinations where you are closest to the nature and detached from the snarls of daily lives.

A wellness trip is a healthy mix of exceptional food that checks all the boxes in terms of providing nutritional values which is followed by physical activities like hiking, paddle boarding, yoga, surfing, or even running. You might learn about new, healthier food and recipes that you’ll take away with you, or be inspired in new ways on group outings. Weight loss, a teething problem among many people is dealt with very efficiently with a wellness tour even though this is not very direct. Stress reduction and your overall physical and mental wellbeing are what are important, and any weight loss benefits are a bonus!

There are also a group of cynics who question on the affordability of such vacations. Wellness travel has also traditionally been linked to luxury spa holidays and therefore more expensive vacations, but that’s not the only option anymore. You can organize your own group trip with whatever budget you like, join a yoga retreat that’s affordable for you, or plan your own wellness adventure entirely! Thus, your travel budget should not be a barrier to your desire to incorporate wellness into whatever trip you want to take next.

Are you all set?

Wellness tours and vacations are definitely the sought after packages of vacations and one should certainly not miss out on them. The best part is that we now have many countries across the globes promoting such tours exclusively. Two such countries are India and Thailand which have always been favorites among the globetrotters by a fair distance. These countries provide the most enchanting sceni beauties of the nature coupled with the best amenities for wellness activities like Ayurvedic spas and recreational activities in the open. It is time you put the hectic life aside and rediscover your lost self!

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Top 10 Most Luxurious Spa Retreats You Must Visit

Once upon a time, some Roman soldiers came across a beautiful Belgian village that had hot mineral springs nearby. The water from the springs eased the pain in the aching muscles of the Roman soldiers, and thus the thalassotherapy concept was born. According to the legend, the name of this village was “Spa,” which is how we got the term for this fabulous activity.

Today, the oldest spa in the world is located in Merano, Italy. However, spa retreats came a long way since ancient Roman times. That is why in this article, we’re going to provide you with a list of the ten most luxurious spas in the world. Moreover, some of them are located in the most exotic destinations around the globe.

Copyright: Unsplash I License: CC0 Public Domain

1.    Aja Malibu

Location: California

Style: New Age

If you’re looking for an immersive holistic experience, where you can align all your chakras, meditate and work on your spiritual growth, this is the place. This spa retreat became so popular that it was booked solid throughout 2018. Inside the Aja Malibu, you will encounter shamans, homeopaths, nutritionists and every healing practice from crystal light therapy to binaural beats.

2.    Karma Spa

Location: Bali

Style: Luxurious

The Karma Spa is a part of the Karma Group, a chain of luxurious retreats with destinations all over the world. Usually, you can find Karma resorts at exotic locations like Bali or Thailand. One of their signature amenities is the spa, which provides utterly brilliant experiences for the guests, and has more than one award to its name. The focus is put on the overall well being of the individual. One of the best massages offered at the spa is the Oxygen Infusion Facial.

3.    Villa Stephanie

Location: Germany

Style: Private

This is an extremely modern retreat set in a tranquil, serene atmosphere where you can go to recharge in private. This spa is located in Baden-Baden Brenners Park, and it has only 15 rooms. They feature a genius digital detox program that blocks WiFi and lets you truly get away from the distractions of the outside world.

4.    Canyon Ranch

Location: Massachusetts

Style: Educational

If you’re one of the people that love reading up about exercise, nutrition or reducing muscle tension, then this resort is probably the closest thing you can get to the ideal spot. Located in Bellefontaine Mansion in the Berkshires, this ranch has a very youthful and active atmosphere. The main reason people visit the camp is to lose weight, and cardio is the primary activity.

However, they do know how to make it fun. You can try anything from kayaking, hiking, to cross-country skiing.

Copyright: Unsplash I License: CC0 Public Domain

5.    Schloss Elmau

Location: Germany

Style: Luxurious

Located in the Bavarian Alps since the distant 1916, this huge resort is a place where political elites from all over Europe come to relax and enjoy in the healing nature that surrounds them. You might even encounter celebrities like Ian McEwan, Gautier Capuçon or Timo Wahl. Everything about this resort breaths luxury, and yet it’s a place where you can recharge your creativity and unwind. Inside the retreat, you will find five spas, six restaurants, three libraries, and a concert hall.

6.    La Reserve Geneve

Location: Switzerland

Style: High-class

They don’t call this resort the fountain of youth for nothing. You can enjoy yourself in a sauna, a hammam, and in an indoor pool spread across 20,000 square feet of land. Everything is modified and custom tailored according to your aspirations and medical records. Furthermore, each part of your stay is designed with professional help.

7.    Nihi Sumba Island

Location: Indonesia

Style: Honeymoon paradise

Are you looking for real intimacy amidst nature? A place where you can be alone with your partner and enjoy lavish services and amenities? This is the retreat you’re looking for, and in fact, they are so inclined towards privacy, they only let ten guests stay there per day. The resort is located near one of the most famous surfing reefs in the area, Occy’s Left and you must admit that a spa day after a day of surfing sounds like a magical idea.

8.    Borgo Egnazia

Location: Italy

Style: High-class

This resort became even more famous after hosting Justin Timberlake’s wedding, and the clientele reflects the brand. The Milan fashion set mostly visits the retreat, and everything about this place is designed to fuel your indulgences and imagination.

9.    Kamalaya

Location: Thailand

Style: Local immersion

Kamalaya is an authentic spiritual retreat that offers a truly immersive experience embedded with Eastern and Western healing methods. The resort is founded by a former yogi monk and his wife. He even works as an acupuncturist and a traditional Chinese medicine expert.

10.  Aro-Ha

Location: New Zealand

Style: Scandinavian

How about some mindfulness sessions? Do you think a beautiful setting featuring the Southern Alps and the turquoise Lake Wakatipu will do? If the answer is yes, then you can head out to Aro-Ha, which is a minimalist dream. They even offer, completely organic, garden-fresh cuisine.

Blog credit : Sam Hoffman

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6 Types Of Luxury Travelers Of The Present And The Future

According to data of Tourism Economics, a network of consultants with more than 50 years of experience, in the next ten years, the growth rate in luxury travel will increase by 6.2%, a higher figure, compared with 4.8% of the traditional trips.

  1. Those who always travel with luxury (4%)

For them, the least important is the money they will spend during the trip. Going with all kinds of luxuries is so regular and daily, that they do not think it is something extraordinary. More than a benefit, they see luxury holiday destinations as a minimum requirement and a condition of travel to make their journey more simple, discreet, agile and comfortable.

They will always travel in first class or a private plane, and their lodging must be the highest category. Unlike other types of luxury travelers, they will not change their travel motivations, that is, they will always want to have all the facilities possible.

  1. Occasional luxury travelers (20%)

They are travelers who are hunting for opportunities to make their trips more luxurious. Despite being travelers with high economic levels, their way of looking for luxury is through loyalty programs that reward them with some upgrade, such as a room with more luxury than what they had paid, or through points obtained in a company. They spend it looking for the “WOW” factor in their travels.

  1. Travelers “Luxury” (31%)

Bluxury is a word in English formed by business and luxury (business and luxury). Like Bleisure travelers, the “Bluxury” combine business trips with free time, but for them, the “luxury” factor is essential.

The main reason for your trips is to do business; they take advantage of the salary they receive and the facilities they provide in the company they work to add to their trips, luxury.

  1. Travelers with a lot of money but little time (24%)

They travel without a clear objective, and it is their daily responsibilities that dictate when they can or cannot go. Their plans may be affected at the last minute, so they buy flexible tickets (for air or lodging).

They leave the planning of their trips in the hands of third parties (travel agents); Also, they pay and trust in the experience that sellers have. However, due to their limited free time, what they value most is privacy, because, this is an opportunity to live with both their families and themselves.

  1. Those who have to travel with luxuries (18%)

When planning your trips, you are always looking for the most exciting experiences possible. Besides, they do not lose an opportunity to show off their skills on social networks. They are anxious that people realize how well they spend it, how they live life to the fullest and how they can please themselves.

They consult Luxury Tour Operator in Gurgaon to increase the satisfaction of their trips. For example, it is the kind of travelers that opposes a trip on a private yacht for their group of friends.

  1. Travelers with money and independent (3%)

It is the kind of travelers that seek to travel when they want to indulge themselves or for the simple fact of living a new experience. They are people without any commitment (such as a relationship or a family) and have the freedom to choose for themselves all the conditions (date, place, accommodation) of the trip.

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10 Top Places To Visit In Canada – Welgrow Travels

Vibrant cities, picturesque locations and welcoming ambiance are the key factors for choosing Canada as your next travel destination. This is a country where you can enjoy the most amazing days of your life. It can be your honeymoon or a much awaited family vacation with your loved ones; Canada is ready to welcome you for every occasion. This is the largest country in North America which has majestic mountains, virgin forests, stunning coastlines and Arctic tundra.


This is a place where you can find the true spirit of multicultural communities, because Canada is the country where people from almost all the parts of this planet come and live. Read the article below to get an overview about the top 20 places to visit in this magnificent country.


This is a city which is well-known for its majestic landscapes, which looks like a natural playground. This is the place where the tourists can ski in the mountains, swim in the ocean and if wish then they can also rollerblade through the beautiful parks; and all of these can be done in one day. Stanley Park is the star attraction of this city. This location has a wide area of greenery and woodlands.


Niagara Falls

This is world’s most famous falls which is actually a series of three water falls. This falls is located on the border area of Ontario City of Canada and the New York city of New York. The Ontario side of this famous falls offers the most amazing views and has the most attractions. It is called the Horseshoe Falls. The adjoining area of this falls has all the major tourist attractions like observation towers, casinos, restaurants and other places.

Niagara Falls


Whistler and Blackcomb are the couple of mountains that make Whistler one of the most famous ski destinations of this world. The road to Whistler from Vancouver is considered as one of the most stunning and magnificent road trips of North America. This place is situated in the Coast Mountains of the British Columbia.


Vancouver Island

This island is named after British explorer George Vancouver. It is the largest island located on the West Coast of North America. This Island is one of the greatest tourist attractions of Canada for the quaint city of Victoria, Continue reading

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How To Select The Top Luxury Tour Operator in India


The quality of every tour depends on your tour operator. It is very crucial to choose the right tour operator so that you can enjoy every moment of your trip without any trouble. An experienced and dedicated tour operator can handle all the odds that may happen during a tour and make it easier for you to get the best things during the trip. The safety and the comfort of the tourists depend on the efficiency of the tour operators. This is the reason you should be careful while choosing the same.

When you wish to find out the top Luxury Tour Operator in India, you need to follow some easy but vital steps. Know from where you can start your search and how to end the same to get the best service.

Choose Someone Experienced

The job of a tour operator demands a lot of experience. This is a kind of field that cannot be managed by someone who does not have any prior experience about tour and travel industry. The job must be done by the Continue reading

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Welgrow’s Honor to Organise India’s Representation at the World Medical Association, Taiwan

Welgrow travels was privileged to organize an Indian Medical Association members tour to Taipei for three nights four days 20th to 23rd Oct 2016, for  one hundred thirty pan India esteemed professional doctors who came together to wish ,celebrate and honor respected Dr. Ketan Desai , as President of  World Medical Association .The delegates found it easy to immerse themselves in the local culture of Taiwan as country is declared to be as one of the worlds friendliest country because of the welcoming and helpful nature of its citizens.

Dr Ketan Desai

Dr. Ketan Desai

They explored the beautiful city with WELGROW as travel partner , and visited all major attractions like Yangmingshan National Park  (Flower Clock, Thermal Valley, National Park), National Palace Museum ,  Taipei 101 ,   Yehliu Geopark ,Danshui the harbor town and many other attractions .

President speech  

Dr. Ketan Desai, a former President of the Indian Medical Association, was delivering his inaugural speech as President of the WMA at the Association’s annual Assembly in Taiwan.

He told delegates from more than 40 national medical associations: ‘In many countries like Turkey, India, and the United Kingdom, there are continued political attempts to undo or marginalize autonomy and self-governance of the medical profession, including mauling and trampling on the trinity of professional autonomy, clinical independence and self-governance.’

‘Yet professional autonomy is not limited to asking for the privilege to do what we want to do. It is less about physicians and more about patients’ rights. It is the assurance that individual physicians have the freedom to exercise their professional judgment in the care and treatment of their patients without undue influence of any type from any quarter how so powerful and mighty they be’.

World Medical Association President Dr Ketan Desai alarms over political onslaught on medical autonomy

Continue reading

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