Top 10 Most Luxurious Spa Retreats You Must Visit

Once upon a time, some Roman soldiers came across a beautiful Belgian village that had hot mineral springs nearby. The water from the springs eased the pain in the aching muscles of the Roman soldiers, and thus the thalassotherapy concept was born. According to the legend, the name of this village was “Spa,” which is how we got the term for this fabulous activity.

Today, the oldest spa in the world is located in Merano, Italy. However, spa retreats came a long way since ancient Roman times. That is why in this article, we’re going to provide you with a list of the ten most luxurious spas in the world. Moreover, some of them are located in the most exotic destinations around the globe.

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1.    Aja Malibu

Location: California

Style: New Age

If you’re looking for an immersive holistic experience, where you can align all your chakras, meditate and work on your spiritual growth, this is the place. This spa retreat became so popular that it was booked solid throughout 2018. Inside the Aja Malibu, you will encounter shamans, homeopaths, nutritionists and every healing practice from crystal light therapy to binaural beats.

2.    Karma Spa

Location: Bali

Style: Luxurious

The Karma Spa is a part of the Karma Group, a chain of luxurious retreats with destinations all over the world. Usually, you can find Karma resorts at exotic locations like Bali or Thailand. One of their signature amenities is the spa, which provides utterly brilliant experiences for the guests, and has more than one award to its name. The focus is put on the overall well being of the individual. One of the best massages offered at the spa is the Oxygen Infusion Facial.

3.    Villa Stephanie

Location: Germany

Style: Private

This is an extremely modern retreat set in a tranquil, serene atmosphere where you can go to recharge in private. This spa is located in Baden-Baden Brenners Park, and it has only 15 rooms. They feature a genius digital detox program that blocks WiFi and lets you truly get away from the distractions of the outside world.

4.    Canyon Ranch

Location: Massachusetts

Style: Educational

If you’re one of the people that love reading up about exercise, nutrition or reducing muscle tension, then this resort is probably the closest thing you can get to the ideal spot. Located in Bellefontaine Mansion in the Berkshires, this ranch has a very youthful and active atmosphere. The main reason people visit the camp is to lose weight, and cardio is the primary activity.

However, they do know how to make it fun. You can try anything from kayaking, hiking, to cross-country skiing.

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5.    Schloss Elmau

Location: Germany

Style: Luxurious

Located in the Bavarian Alps since the distant 1916, this huge resort is a place where political elites from all over Europe come to relax and enjoy in the healing nature that surrounds them. You might even encounter celebrities like Ian McEwan, Gautier Capuçon or Timo Wahl. Everything about this resort breaths luxury, and yet it’s a place where you can recharge your creativity and unwind. Inside the retreat, you will find five spas, six restaurants, three libraries, and a concert hall.

6.    La Reserve Geneve

Location: Switzerland

Style: High-class

They don’t call this resort the fountain of youth for nothing. You can enjoy yourself in a sauna, a hammam, and in an indoor pool spread across 20,000 square feet of land. Everything is modified and custom tailored according to your aspirations and medical records. Furthermore, each part of your stay is designed with professional help.

7.    Nihi Sumba Island

Location: Indonesia

Style: Honeymoon paradise

Are you looking for real intimacy amidst nature? A place where you can be alone with your partner and enjoy lavish services and amenities? This is the retreat you’re looking for, and in fact, they are so inclined towards privacy, they only let ten guests stay there per day. The resort is located near one of the most famous surfing reefs in the area, Occy’s Left and you must admit that a spa day after a day of surfing sounds like a magical idea.

8.    Borgo Egnazia

Location: Italy

Style: High-class

This resort became even more famous after hosting Justin Timberlake’s wedding, and the clientele reflects the brand. The Milan fashion set mostly visits the retreat, and everything about this place is designed to fuel your indulgences and imagination.

9.    Kamalaya

Location: Thailand

Style: Local immersion

Kamalaya is an authentic spiritual retreat that offers a truly immersive experience embedded with Eastern and Western healing methods. The resort is founded by a former yogi monk and his wife. He even works as an acupuncturist and a traditional Chinese medicine expert.

10.  Aro-Ha

Location: New Zealand

Style: Scandinavian

How about some mindfulness sessions? Do you think a beautiful setting featuring the Southern Alps and the turquoise Lake Wakatipu will do? If the answer is yes, then you can head out to Aro-Ha, which is a minimalist dream. They even offer, completely organic, garden-fresh cuisine.

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The Top 5 Wellness Travel Destinations In The World

Wellness tourism is neither a voyage nor an expedition to discover the unknown lands. Rather it is an odyssey that heals the body and calms the mind. It is the perfect way to detach yourself from the worldly pleasures of life that otherwise ruins your chances to lead a healthy lifestyle. No wonder there is a spurt in the demand of luxury wellness travel destinations that gives the opportunity to get over the temptations and make the most of life in a healthier way. There is no dearth of such destinations that marks your need to pamper and attain the ultimate relaxation courtesy constructive indulgence. We walk you through the 5 destinations across the world that is tailored for wellness travel. Take a look!

India- Why India? Perhaps this question’s answer is as vast and varied as the country itself. Nevertheless we try our best to summarize India as a Wellness Travel Destination. It is your one-stop destination; be it the treatment of physical ailments or improving emotional well being through spiritual enlightenment. All of these are done both by Western medicine and indigenous practices as well. Ayurveda, the healing practice which is over 3000 years old is a powerful tool for healing and transforming the body has India as its birthplace. And of course, you have the vast riches of Yoga to exploit in the beautiful country which has become synonymous with this form of exercise as well as recovery. Look no further than the Hrishikesh, the city that has rightly earned the sobriquet “the yoga capital of the world”.

Bali- The tropical country of Bali is serene and filled with lush scenery that gives you plenty of opportunity to revitalize your mind and body. If you are up for a wellness retreat then visit the Fivelements Puri Ahimsa, a healing center that emphasizes on the eco-conscious aspect of wellness. Besides Yoga and clay retreat, you can also flex your muscles and learn Japanese martial arts.

Costa Rica- If you happen to be a resident of the colder part of the country, Costa Rica is the perfect Wellness Travel Destination that can suit your needs to get some rejuvenation after a series of monotony and endless fatigue. The country has warm beaches wherein you can surf all year-round. It is due to the presence of unique hot springs and volcanoes which makes the country optimally warm and lets you enjoy all the wellness destinations. Head over to the Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort which is situated at the base of the Areneal Volcano. To top it off, the entire stretch is eco-friendly and natural!

Hungary- Hungary was and still is the undisputed champion when it comes to the Portugal luxury wellness destinations that has time and again been revered and relied upon by tourists worldwide. The country is perhaps the only one to provide thermal because of its rich thermal water resources that give a mesmerizing therapeutic effect. One is literally spoilt for choices for the bevy of baths, saunas, relaxing massages, beauty treatments and healthy food according to the standard of hotels.

Japan- The Nippon country is also one of the preferred destinations for health and wellness. The world goes gaga over the beauty of the Japanese eves and the intense spirit of hardworking men. What the world is privy of is that Japan is also a country that holds the heritage of reiki, an alternative medicine technique where healing energy is supposed to flow from the therapist to the patient. It is important to understand though that Onsen bathing is practised as part of Japanese sociocultural traditions which also emphasise hygiene and purification in a religious and personal sense

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