Set Off your Exploration Journey with Tenerife Select

Tenerife Select offers a compendium of the most exclusive attractions of the Island. Get away at any time of the year and place your trust in a brand that is a standard bearer for exclusivity and quality. Excellence and diversity are the cornerstone of a club that brings together the best of Tenerife luxury under a single umbrella, offering travellers the chance to enjoy a few days away from routine, work, stress, the winter cold or the overwhelming heat of continental summer.

From rural houses in the midst of protected spaces and five-star hotels to any other accommodation you can imagine, Tenerife’s range of accommodation is nearly unmatched in the market. With unique experiences such as Chef i n Room or doing yoga or seeing the stars from the deck of a sailboat, our Island is a paradise to relax, indulge the senses and spend a holiday you will never forget.

The island’s culinary offer is also one of our greatest attractions thanks to the quality of the products and the mixture of cultures. We have six Michelin Stars held by five restaurants that will have the hardest-to-please diners salivating, while more traditional establishments for trying regional dishes are spread throughout the island. Our climate and location mean that we have fresh, quality products all year round, including animals and plants that are unique in the world, such as endemic potatoes or the “vieja”, a delicious fish that needs nothing more than oil, vinegar and wrinkled potatoes to accompany it.


Tenerife is a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean where winter seems like spring thanks to the fabulous average year-round temperature of 23ºC. A place where the people are genuinely friendly, an idyllic paradise with such diverse scenery you’ll think you were at a thousand places around the world at the same time, or even on the moon: the Teide National Park (a huge volcanic area straight out of the movies) will make you believe you’ve travelled to a different planet.

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