Dubai, The City Of Luxury And Ostentation

In its streets, we can find brand new cars and the jet set strolling through its streets. The contradiction pursues this city that, although of conservative roots as it happens in all the Arab Emirates, is considered a city of sin in its own right. It is also the city to which the billionaires go to do their shopping because Dubai places great emphasis on this kind of tourism.

In fact, nowadays the town is identified by its shopping festival every year as the most important celebration of the city and the largest of its kind. To Dubai- it is visited multiple times, not only as a destination city but as an air bridge between Europe and the United States West, with Asia and Oceania. In fact, it is usually one of the most sought-after destinations being the city of luxury and ostentation.

Top 5 things to do in Dubai

  1. Visit to the Arabian Tower or Burj Al Arab: It is the hotel by antonomasia and its creation supposed a revolution as far as oriental architecture is concerned. This ostentatious tower cannot be visited unless it is reserved for breakfast, lunch or tea. The price per person for a dinner is about 90-100 euros but there is not a single traveler who has not been proud to enter the brand new Dubai.
  2. Visit to the desert of Dubai: One of the things to do more interesting is a 4X4 crossing. They can be hired in the same Dubai or before the trip. In any case, it is a wonderful option to consider. Above all we will discover the great importance that you will have if you travel with a group of friends or family.
  3. Practice golf at “The Emirates Golf Club”: Do not like golf? No Problem! This is not the only attraction here. The Dubai Golf Club is one of the best reviews have regarding the quality – price of the food, that is, if you want to dine or make a “brunch”, this will be the place in the Emirates.
  4. The Wild Wadi Water Park: An unmissable visit if you are traveling with children, this water park is very well valued, in part, because of its location, since it is very close to the Araj Burj Al Ara tower.
  5. The Jumeirah Mosque: The mosque is one of the most visited luxury destinations in Dubai of interest due to its great beauty, very relevant in all cases. It is one of the largest in the Arab Emirates and it is also worth it because in the vicinity it is possible to get close to the Pavilion Dive Center and enjoy diving. Nothing more pleasant for travelers who want some sport and adventure.

A low-cost hotel in the Arab Emirates

The Arab Emirates not only have honeymoon destinations in Dubai but also offer an inexpensive accommodation for travelers who want to know all these options. We start with a small list of the cheapest hostels and hostels for those who wish to travel in the company of friends:

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Top 5 Luxury Travel Destinations You Must Travel Atleast Once in Your Life

What do you envision when you consider luxury travel destinations? Do you consider superb lodging, marvelous food, and the opportunity to unwind and appreciate the colorful or modern location you have picked? A lot of people do, however do you additionally consider adventure? Of new and intriguing sights? Of having the capacity to travel where few ever do? Today’s luxury travel is about more than predominant facilities and solaces; it is about visiting those places that leave one wondered and mesmerized for a long time. When we consider luxury, a few urban areas come promptly to psyche, for example, New York, Paris, London, or Rome. In any case, where else would you be able to discover luxury that is maybe a touch less traveled? Here is a list of top luxury travel destinations of the globe that you must definitely visit at least once in your lifetime –




This “Pearl of the Persian Gulf” is the most sumptuous city in Asia and offers visitors an unbelievable assortment of outings, sights, and opportunities. From the exquisite construction modeling of the Jumeira Mosque to the world-class shopping in the contemporary city, there is a ceaseless abundance of Luxury destinations in Dubai. Visit the Dubai Desert Conservation and take in a standout amongst the most delightful dusks you will ever see. Listen to charming Arabian music while viewing the similarly captivating stomach artists and appreciate the scrumptious Dubai cooking. A unimaginable city.

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