Dwell In The Wilderness Of Botswana: Again!

There was not a single day in the last year which was spent with desperate prayers to see the end of the year 2020. Never before were we so eager to see the New Year begin and hope for the better days to start. Yes, that was the sheer level of hopelessness of staying confined in our houses during the pandemic. And it must have hit the avid travellers the hardest. To be denied of the pleasure of embarking on a journey of adventure and species spotting in safari tour is no less than a painful agony.

As luxury tour operators in Gurgaon, we are more than pleased to inform that Botswana’s borders have open up to international travellers. This means that the true luxury is well within the rich as you get close to the private wilderness amidst the birdlife, game and predators. So it is time you donned your safari hats and started exploring places like Mombo, Vumbura Plains, Jao, King’s Pool, Qorokwe, Jacana and Kalahari Plains.

The Kalahari Desert needs no introduction. It is part of the world’s largest unbroken expanse of sand. Much of this piece of land is what Botswana is majorly made of. However, we advised not to get swayed by the usual sites. There is a whole lot more to explore in places like the Okavango Delta, a wondrous wetland that receives its waters from rain falling a thousand kilometres away, sustaining a huge diversity of fauna and flora. As you tread your way to the north-east of the country, you would find it worthwhile to visit the Chobe and Linyanti reserves which are known to be the habitat of predators. Once you move down South, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is sure to wow you. As one of the biggest protected areas in Africa, its diverse arid-adapted wildlife and starkly scenic landscapes offering an amazing contrast to the rest of the country.

The safari tour of Botswana is largely highlighted by the country’s verdant Okavango Delta juxtaposed with the rugged Kalahari Desert. The rugged area is house to the savannah animals like wild dog and cheetah. Then there are species most exclusive to this desert belt like meerkat and the majestic black-maned Kalahari lion, one of the biggest subspecies of lion. Next stop: a secluded jewel in the Khwai River area, a year-round home to spotted hyenas, big cats, wild dogs, buffalo, hippo and elephant. Spend two memorable nights sleeping out in the wilderness in a sky bed – an elevated platform overlooking a waterhole; it is a truly unique Botswana safari experience. If you want the experience to be a little tranquil at the final leg, the tented camp overlooking the Delta’s green floodplains, rich with elephant, buffalo, and rare sable antelope is what you will love to be around with.

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The Most Beautiful Rivers In Spain To Visit

Spain is a country that has a large number of rivers. The truth is that they are not all equally beautiful. For this reason, we are going to present you the most beautiful rivers in Spain so that you can visit them and enjoy their beauty.


It is one of the most beautiful rivers in the country. Not only because it is quite fast and canoe races are held on the same river, but because the waters of this river cross such beautiful landscapes that in our opinion it is one of the most worth visiting.

It is a river that is worth visiting at any time of the year, although it is true that in August it is worth visiting, thanks to the international descent of the Sella.

You can live the experience of seeing impressive landscapes and enjoy a party that will make you fall in love. The vast majority of people who visit the river at parties want to repeat in later years. You can contact luxury travel companies in India, to make your journey easier.


Thanks to the fact that the river crosses a good part of the Iberian Peninsula, this allows us to have the security of being able to enjoy very varied landscapes and for all kinds of tastes.

This river is very beautiful at its source, but we also recommend visiting different parts of its route, just as it is also a good idea to see its mouth, despite the fact that it takes place in Portugal. Enjoy a very beautiful river in many areas of Spain.


Despite the fact that this river flows into the Duero River, the truth is that it is another of the rivers that is worth visiting. It is a river that will make you fall in love from beginning to end. This river has its source in the Sierra de Gredos.

We invite you to leave the car on the platform and go up to see its birth, it will surely surprise you. And in turn you will see impressive landscapes. In summer with grass and in winter with snow.

It is also worth seeing its route and enjoying the cities it passes through. Mainly we recommend you to see his passage through Salamanca.

You will take pictures that you will never forget again. A very good image is to see the river through the Roman Bridge and the Salamanca Cathedral in the background.

Rio Mundo source

The source of the Mundo River takes place within the province of Albacete. It is a destination that we recommend you target, because you will like it a lot. It is true that it may be a bit far from your place of residence, but the trip is worth it.

Everything is surrounded by a beautiful natural park, which makes it a destination that is becoming more and more fashionable. You can contact the best travel agency in Gurugram to make your trip memorable and stress free.


It is another of the rivers that are worth seeing sometime in your life. This river is located in the northern area of ​​Extremadura and as in other cases, you can enjoy really beautiful landscapes.

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The Spectacularly Beautiful Cities To Visit In Jordan

Lying at the centre of one of the most fascinating regions on earth, Jordan is an enthralling mix of natural beauty, timeless tradition and cultural heritage. Its roots can even be traced back to the Old Testament as the place from which Moses first saw the Promised Land. But of course, it’s not just biblical prophets that inhabited this land throughout the centuries. Home to nomads, merchants of the exotic and the conquering armies of Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders and Ottoman Turks, many of which left their mark on the landscape, none more so than the within the roman ruins found crumbling to this day. With numerous fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit, incredible food to sample and heaps of amazing culture to get to grips with, there has never been a better time to visit Jordan with the assistance of luxury tour operators in Gurgaon.luxury travels

  1. Amman– Amman is the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and is built upon seven hills. The city is dotted with several historic sites dating from the Stone Age to the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic eras. Amman is now a modern and vibrant city, where the new gleaming white houses of downtown Amman blend with the remnants of ancient civilizations. Join the locals roasting meat at the Kebab stalls and sitting in tiny cafes where rich Arabian coffee is sipped in the afternoon sunshine in your luxury travels. The atmosphere conjures a mood straight from a thousand and one nights. In the souks you can bargain for fruit, perfume, gold or other exquisite luxuries of the Middle East.
  2. Petra- Hidden behind an almost impenetrable barrier of rugged mountains, Petra is arguably the best places to visit in Jordan. The rock-carved city of Petra is like visiting the time in the midst of an enigma. Petra was the capital of the ancient Nabatean Kingdom and was an important trading post. The Nabateans were instrumental in building an elaborate network of caravan routes and this build up became the gateway to get spices, incense, myrrh, gold, silver, and precious stones from India and Arabia, which were eventually traded onto the west. The wealth they acquired was used to adorn their city with palaces, temples, and arches. All in all, Petra is a place with insurmountable enchantment that captivates and excites the senses. More so because of the imposing size, rich textures and stunning surroundings create an ambiance almost impossible to describe.
  3. Jerash- About an hour North of Amman, situated near the city of Jerash, lies one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the world. The city’s many monuments still retain the atmosphere of the once-thriving metropolis, famous in its time for its magnificent temples, amphitheatres and plazas.

Aqaba- The city is nothing but magical thanks to the rugged purple mountains that subtly change in colour as the day unfolds. Aqaba is now a modern holiday resort with some good hotels and beaches, and excellent facilities for water sports and diving. The Red Sea coral and marine life is what attracts most holidaymakers to Aqaba and further down the coast are some of the most spectacular coral reefs to be found anywhere in the world. As the territory stretches many hundreds of meters wide, one gets to see the delicate build of hued corals among which live a myriad of brilliantly coloured fish.

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Millennial Travellers: Changing The Way We Travel The World

In the midst of the ever growing tourism industry which has people from all parts of the world with a hankering for luxury travel destinations, the millennial travellers are travellers with a difference. From the choice of the places to visit to the very purpose of the same, they can be the most intriguing of the lot. So let’s find out what gets them going in their tour:luxury travel destination in Vietnam


  1. Cultural affinity for the country they travel- It is only after much forethought and research about the destinations and also about the luxury tour operators in Gurgaon do the millennial opt for a country. Millennial travelers aren’t heading to the already featured, documented destinations. Rather they are seeking trips that are all about authenticity. In order to do so, they are letting themselves immerse to the local culture to achieve that goal. There are also studies which show this new culture embracement as the top reason to travel places among them. Add to that they don’t shy away from sampling the local cuisine as an important part of their travels, too, which is arguably a big part of a country or city’s culture.
  2. The purpose of soul searching- Many millennials are traveling at a time in which self-discovery is vital. They are barely out of high school or have taken their first job. So they use this opportunity for a lot of exploration and get a better sense of what it is like to be on their own in a different country. Travelling to different places in the world has the power to help people find themselves more capable than they ever thought possible – which can fuel their pursuit of dreams and goals in their everyday lives too. Much as it is a chance to see the world, there is every bit of a possibility of them being travel influencers. They can travel places and can possibly ned up being travel vloggers.
  3. The social media influence- The single biggest reason for such surge is the fact that the social media has become an insight for most of the millennials. Moreover they see their friends head off to far-flung destinations which makes them go for places. Even the pursuit to choose the most unconventional spots and destinations to get the edge over each other due to exploration. What’s more? The social media is always up for travel inspiration. A mere log in to the social media sites can help them find the places they want to see and experience on their own; often times, they’re smaller, more unique destinations that get lots of likes and shares because they’re so special. Lastly, it is the thirst and quest for taking a road less travelled as it allows them a sense of freedom and accomplishment.

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Some Interesting Facts About Wellness Travel

For luxury travel operators in Gurgaon, the queries for best wellness tour destinations have almost become a daily affair. As the craze and even the sheer curiosity has seen a tremendous rise; a fact which is only reflected in numbers. The wellness industry is now said to be $494 billion industry. For the majority of the travelers wellness tours are seen as a departure from the daily hustles of life so they can choose to do some soul searching.  The locations which usually pop up in mind for such retreat are India, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal etc. But there are few interesting facts about wellness travel that stay common anyway.

  1. It changes lives- For real! Ask any traveler who has been on wellness travel and they have a boatload of experiences to share not just about the physical pampering they received but also the mental calmness which they achieved from such tours. Wellness travel’s exploration is the ultimate for it is the exploration of the inner self which is usually buried under stress and monotony. Many wellness tours are complimented with spiritual bliss of equal proportion which sparks the “coming of age”. The experience also lets the traveler learn about ancient tribal healing rituals, local spa treatments, and meditation with monks, organic and local food experiences, and sunrise yoga.Wellness Travel
  2. It is much broader than you think- There is always a myth surrounded to the wellness travel. That it is about spending some cozy time lying on a hammock or enjoying a massage amidst the roaring sea. But the fact remains that wellness travel also gives due importance to healthy meals, outdoor experiences, fitness classes, mindfulness and meditation, nutrition and weight loss. As a result, the experience becomes very invigorating and the traveler is so entranced that he/she develops a much needed positive outlook toward life.
  3. It is not a fad- The world has time and again fallen for fads that perish with time. But wellness or rather a healthy living is certainly not a fad but an amendment to deal with a folly lifestyle. Wellness is not a trend either as most people have finally realized everyday fitness is the only way to counter the ills of life which challenge us both physically and mentally. Therefore, wellness travel to the exotic and the most established destinations can be a big breakthrough in this direction.
  4. It is meant for one and all- Another stereotypical notion attached to the wellness travel is that it is a necessity to only a few section of travelers; those who have had a rough patch in recent past or the retired individuals and couples who wish to give their adventures for travel one last shot. But this myth can only be smoked in thin air. Wellness is never subjective to an age bracket. There is a good chance that even a teenager needs a wellness travel which can help in the recuperation process after a lean period or a major trauma faced in life. Hence, the generalization of such tours can only deny a travel enthusiast to get hold of their life’s true calling at the right time and also the chance to make it big in the most opportune moment.

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