India is the many-sided and mysterious cradle of ancient civilization, famous not only for the impeccable beaches of Goa and the Taj Mahal, but also the Himalayas leaning against the sky, the picturesque cities of Mumbai and Delhi, majestic temples, yoga and Ayurvedic practices.

That is why sometimes it is not easy to choose which resort is better to go to, but it is reliably known that people fall in love with India at first sight, and having fallen in love, they return to this amazing country again and again.

The territory of contrasts is famous for its postcard beaches, virgin jungle nature, cheerfulness and hospitality of local residents, attracting tourists from all over the world.

North Goa

Fort Aguada divides the coastal Indian state of Goa into North and South parts. North Goa, stretching for 30 km from the state of Maharashtra to Fort Aguada, is chosen by unassuming tourists who crave entertainment, exciting diving and a kaleidoscope of new experiences.

The worldwide popularity of the beaches of the coast of the Arabian Sea in the 1970s was brought by hippies who proclaimed them a territory of freedom and love.

Today, the most noisy and funniest beaches are Calangute and Anjuna, the quieter and more respectable beaches are Candolim and Arambol, and Morjim beach is called the “Russian village”, since the overwhelming number of vacationers come here from the post-Soviet space.

South Goa

In the ranking of beach Travel resorts in India, the beaches of South Goa share the championship with the northern part of the state. There are no hippie youths or noisy parties here: an atmosphere of respectable tranquility and family peace reigns everywhere.

To the south of the mouth of the Zuari River, exceptionally fashionable “fours” and “fives” have been erected, whose guests enjoy the views of white sandy beaches, orderly rows of emerald palms and mangroves.

Since South Goa became available to tourists later than North Goa, it managed to avoid the influx of hippies, the stars of the hotels here correspond to the declared ones, there is a significant list of international cuisine in restaurants and cafes, and the level of service is not inferior to that offered at world resorts.

The best beach Travel destinations in this part of the state are Palolem, Benaulim, Colva, Cansaulim and Agonda, where vacationers can bask in the gentle sun.


Kerala is deservedly included in the rating of the best resorts in South Asia, the hotels of which are harmoniously blended into the surrounding landscape.

The unique state occupies high blue mountains and pristine tropical thickets on a narrow strip of land that descends to the Arabian Sea, offering the quintessence of quality relaxation, including not only beach relaxation, but also Ayurvedic and yoga practices, ecotourism, exciting trips to spice plantations and nature reserves visiting the town of Cochin.

Numerous bays, lagoons, streams and lakes guarantee a relaxing holiday even when the rough sea does not allow swimming.


The stunning city, which is 5 thousand years old, today unites the historical part of Delhi and the capital of the state – New Delhi, created in 1920.

The cosmopolitan and multi-religious city combines Buddhist and Hindu temples, Gothic cathedrals, Christian domes left after numerous conquerors, and ultra-modern business centers and shops.

Tourists come here to plunge into the whirlpool of life, purchase silk, Rajasthani cotton, spices, take many vivid shots, visit Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, the modern Lotus Temple and the National Museum.

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Enjoy Travelling with your loved ones


Traveling, a word whose thought is enough to make people excited. Everyone wants to travel the world and see the beauties of nature, learn new things, experience new emotions and enjoy. Travelling has diverse meanings to different persons. Everybody loves traveling. Some with family, some with friends and some travel alone as a medium to attain their inner peace and be enlightened. Every journey, tour or trip has its own meaning. The only obligation for traveling is to be happy and enjoy the moment as one do not get to travel again and again. Every moment to be lived like never before. Travelling is not just an experience one must have but it is an emotion, a feeling that is meant to touch and rejuvenate the person to the very core of the soul.


This world is filled with the places to go and kick start the excitement that has gone missing in the life. Places to mesmerize, to amaze and to even to make humans wonder their existence. Even a complete human life is not enough to see and feel the beauty of the planet Earth. Mother Earth holds so many beauties and treasures in itself that one can never have enough of them and all are family travel destinations.


The usual problem when someone plans to travel is where to go? And this is a question of big concern because due to the confusion created by this question one tends to either cancel the plan or visit the same place which they already did. The problem to this question is to go and enjoy the beaches. This is called as the beach travel.

This is a new form of traveling which came into trending approximately from the year 2000. In this, all a person needs to do is to select a beach and find a traveling package for that beach through any traveling agent and enjoy. Beach Travel is for everyone, from a family to a newly married couple on their honeymoon Continue reading

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5 Classical Destinations to Travel in your Lifetime with Welgrow Travels


Classical Destinations to Travel in your Lifetime around the world with Welgrow Travels
Classical destinations to backpack this autumn cum winter trip with your friends to explore the world with love and excitement. For the end of this year spending few days with your friends will be the best idea to plan around undiscovered places which is affordable for the perfect days to pass on.

Europe Travel

Attractive options to visit and to travel cheap from Europe to Australia would be a jaw dropping idea with well grow travels. It is the right time to do everything you want to do. On this basis, visit to the world from north to south is a roaring success. Their beauty shines through at all times, mild climates stunning scenery and excellent transport network and no end to make your trip an unavoidable experience.
You will find an array of opportunities that fits your passion and interest for travelling via exploring the world. Whether you want to explore the sculptures, stunning landscapes or wildlife or the sunrise you will get a chance to do all by travelling just few named destinations.


Ibiza is the best place to Travel in Europe. From rock climbing to sports climbing on sharp limestone rock is something quite exciting to travel with friends. Rasping Clubbing, the sound Continue reading

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