5 Classical Destinations to Travel in your Lifetime with Welgrow Travels

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Classical Destinations to Travel in your Lifetime around the world with Welgrow Travels
Classical destinations to backpack this autumn cum winter trip with your friends to explore the world with love and excitement. For the end of this year spending few days with your friends will be the best idea to plan around undiscovered places which is affordable for the perfect days to pass on.

Europe Travel

Attractive options to visit and to travel cheap from Europe to Australia would be a jaw dropping idea with well grow travels. It is the right time to do everything you want to do. On this basis, visit to the world from north to south is a roaring success. Their beauty shines through at all times, mild climates stunning scenery and excellent transport network and no end to make your trip an unavoidable experience.
You will find an array of opportunities that fits your passion and interest for travelling via exploring the world. Whether you want to explore the sculptures, stunning landscapes or wildlife or the sunrise you will get a chance to do all by travelling just few named destinations.


Ibiza is the best place to Travel in Europe. From rock climbing to sports climbing on sharp limestone rock is something quite exciting to travel with friends. Rasping Clubbing, the sound tracks by international Dj’s, the landscapes are hard to escape. Ibiza is well thought-out to be a popular tourist destination, especially due to its renowned and at times riotous nightlife centered on two areas namely Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni. Its culinary product is sweets known as flaons. Other flavorful dishes are sofrit pagès, fish stew, rice with pork and arros a la marinera.

South africa travel

This is the best signoff destination to have a luxury travel in South Africa from meeting Maasai Villagers to searching for a wildebeest. This is truly a breathtaking destination filled with a astounding amount of wildlife where you will see creatures that you have always imagined to animals you may never have dreamt of. A Tanzania Safari is an extraordinarily compensating background, and not at all like safaris in more business parts of Africa, is a Tanzania Safari still completely credible; without crowds of visitors, yet with all the common luxuries you would seek after. You will get a seamless experience in visiting the national parks of Tanzania namely Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Arusha and many more. Tanzania’s other Indian Ocean islands are only a short bounce away and give an appreciated wind-down after the rigors of a safari.

Istanbul straddling Europe is a major city in Turkey. Its cultural influences many to visit that place ones in lifetime. The line which made me to visit the place with curiosity is “Europe and Asia met in Istanbul”. It is built on seven hills to match the Seven Hills of Rome. In short it’s a vibrant city where there are centuries old mosques, churches, monuments and the best sea side view. It is bounded by sea with Bosphorus Strait cuts through it. Museums: Haghia Sophia, St. Savior in Chora and many more; Mosques: Blue Mosque, Laleli Mosque, Yeni Mosque, etc; Churches: The Bulgarian Church, Anglican Church, Virgin Mary Suryani Church, etc.


Premier league travel destination in Greece is Corfu located just off the west coast. Greece Travel will be the most selected one and always becomes a part of world tour. It’s incredible historic sites, coastlines and Mediterranean climate with excellent beaches makes Corfu, a worth visiting place among world tours. It is beautifully enclosed with white sand beaches and eye-catching mountains. It is best on summers when tourist people come and sit by the beach in an active day life and night life as well. Its closer to Italy as it’s relatively nearer. Its greenery and lush vegetation keeps the environment clean and serene. You can travel around Kassiopi which is something different from beach. It’s a small and old-world ancient town. You can also visit Church of Saint Spyridon is three hundred year old church, which is full of remnants. It’s free to get in and is very attractive. Sprawl on Lakkeiss Beach, is a good place to go if you want to be less crowded place and get rid of drunkards. You can also take a day trip to Paleokastritsa which is a relaxing place which has good beaches and seafood restaurants that are exclusively lip-smacking.



From the most famous music-Aladdin to Opera House, from Art to the sculptures, from rich history to the sandy beaches, this city shines with the most iconic place to visit. Surfing, swimming, whale watching, kayaking, paddle boarding is some of the water game activities you can take up in this great southern land. Starting chilled in the best hotel and laze away in the days on the beaches of Southern areas which is less crowded then building up to the biggest night out.
Sydney is considered as the best beach travel destination in Australia as its natural beauty, best waterfront bars comes in one pocket.

Above are just few destinations that are explored but to mention there are umpteen numbers of places to visit in the world. You must quickly put yourself into motion, organizing a trip, challenging and moving on deeply to find your roots with friends. If living life on the edge excites both you and your friends, no other destinations in the world can replace the charm and appeal of some places.
Home to some of the strenuous treks, sports activities, water games and several adventure activities, thousands of beaches, their culture every bit of the place will make your journey an action-packed experience for all of you. Every place hosts to some of the most recognizable tourist attraction making the tour an ideal holiday vacation
The world is breath taking and it has got always something special to describe about and never ending places. It is highly recommended with Welgrow Travels to make your travel secure, at ease, reasonably priced and contented.

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