Experience Majestic Ambience of California

To experience the true majesty of your journey, plan your trip to California, which is an amazing state with astonishing natural beauty. The terrain is sometimes overshadowed by the urban centers of San Francisco, LA, and San Diego.

To explore the vast collection of beautiful natural beauty, pack up the car and go exploring the third largest state by land in the country. When you will start driving you will find that there is a list of 100 things for you to see and do. You will blow down in your trip to California, since you will get to rediscover, unspoiled beauty of the terrain.

After having breakfast and lunch in the hotel, you will begin your trip towards the city where first you will explore Big Sur Coast which is one of the world’s most spectacular destinations. After coming here you will have dramatic views of scenic lighthouse. Down the line you will explore a beach covered with purple sand and enjoy the vacation with your friends and family.

big sur coast california

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Further, you will move towards Channel Islands which is known for its different look. It has five islands just off the central California coast where you can take a boat tour from Ventura Harbour the unspoiled beauty. In California, your excursion is followed by Death Valley National Park visit where you will find towering sand dunes along with stark and dramatic slide across the desert floor.  Death Valley’s landscape is even known for its rocks which is unseen.

ventura harbour california

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Further, you will be travelling towards Joshua Tree National Park landscape grows giant boulders and panoramic Tree. In this ark, the trees” are more like a yucca plant which looks very fascinating and amazing. Later you can drive towards the San Andreas Fault and Lassen Volcanic National Park and Mono Lake.  As we know that California is known for its Natural beauty which one will surely enjoy, so after coming here you will more outstanding natural and scenic places for your vacation.

 As you are on the way to explore the mesmerizing exquisiteness, you will explore Mount Lassen which is an active volcano, with boiling mud pots and developing forests. Your next destination is Mono Lake, which is a fascinating piece of landscape. When you come here you will water is so alkaline that little can survive in it and Calcium-rich springs bubble up into the lake.

All what you can do is just sit against a beautiful mountain backdrop and see the sights of beauty environment. Interestingly, Mono Lake is east of Yosemite National Park, so you can also explore this and view the beauty of park.  To make your trip more exciting and thrilling, you can come to Point Lobos which is often called “The greatest meeting of land and water in the world.” After coming t this place you will see the eye-popping orange lichens grow on the cypress trees and even discover Ocean waves break on the rocks.  You will wind up your trip watching Sequoia National Park, which is adjoined to a glacier-carved canyon.

Sequoia National Park

You will love whatever you will see in California and return with some good memories.  Everything will make a perfect trip for you where you will enjoy each and everything………….. So California is waiting for you.

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