Enjoy Some Interesting Facts of Botswana while Travelling


Every country has a unique culture and every country is different from others in terms of its fascinating cultures, indigenous beliefs and life style. If you will come to Botswana you will surely like its unique culture and rural families. Luxury travel in Botswana is highly recognized for its ethnic diversity where one will come to see many fascinating cultures and exotic natural beauty. While coming here you will find that still people use donkey cart for collecting water.  This is a weekly chore and often this responsibility is done by the children in rural families.  Like many other countries, majority of population follow Christianity.  Interestingly, African Religion comprises a variety of churches such as Apostolic Faith Mission, Healing Church of Botswana, Zionist Christian Church and many more.

  • Botswana was a British protectorate and in 1966 Botswana become independent country. It been said that once it was poorest and least developed countries. One year after gaining independence, it becomes one of the most prosperous countries of Africa.

  • Currently, Botswana has a huge diamond mine was discovered in Orapa. It has world’s biggest diamond producing country and the country produces 17, 7% of the total world production of diamonds. Only Diamonds count for nearly half of the government’s value and this revenue enables every child in Botswana to receive free education. Botswana is a prosperous country by African standards and it has extensive mineral resource such as the Jwaneng Diamond Mine which actually means place of small stones.


  • If we talk beyond its culture and religion this is another very things which everyone loves t talk that is the cuisine of the country. In Botswana Partake of the local cuisine which is very popular. Another famous dish is Pap – a traditional stiff porridge, which is prepared with beef and served with Chakalaka. There are many dishes which you will love to eat in your trip such as traditional Afrikaner pastry, dough balls which is deep- fried in cooking oil, doughnuts, mopane worms which is dried and then fried. Then there is Samp – made from dehulled and cornmeal mush which is mixed with beans. This dish is especially served with beef, poultry or lamb. If you will fond of different foods you can try unique cuisine of Botswana.

Afrikaner pastry

  • Geographically Botswana is a country positioned in the southern part of the African continent and over 80% area is covered by the Kalahari Desert. Botswana has a flat landscape where nearly 40% of the land is national parks and wildlife reserve. In your trip you will love to explore wildlife beauty and experience Luxury safari travel. Explore the wild life beauty creatures and see some endangered animals in the reserves of Botswana.

Luxury safari travel

Botswana has a policy of “High quality, low impact and the trip is confined with world class tour facility. In amidst your trip you will enjoy the trip with a feeling of exclusivity, so experience the view of wildlife beauty in nature’s lap.

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