Enjoy the Perpetually Fun-Filled California Tour

California is not just a well-known state of the USA. It is more of a jovial expression of human minds which looks at the bright side of things. The state is a fantastic place for luxury travel in California but with a touch. You can start with the sunny surf beaches to foggy forests; California is an adventurer’s best resources. The very car drive along California’s highways can give a different high altogether. What adds to the dramatic ride are the roads that stretch from Mexico to Oregon, with a spectacular view and every mile marker passed. Diversity is perhaps the only word to describe the culture and landscape. California has a reputation for producing some of the world’s best entertainment by way of Hollywood but many may not know that it is also a world leader in technology and art. Let’s find out what else is there to look forward to.

luxury travel in California

  1. Venice Park- The city of Los Angeles is renowned for its beautiful beaches and Venice beach is a stunning example. During the summer months, the beach accommodates many street performers as well as cyclists, roller-skaters, swimmers and, of course, sunbathers. The place is also infamous for the Muscle Beach, an area where burly bodybuilders flex their muscles and show off their bodies in an open-air amidst the area that has a beach-side gym.
  2. Death Valley- Although it is one of the most hostile natural environments on the planet, Death Valley is oddly beautiful. It has the distinction of being the hottest and driest areas in North America. Hence you have the aptly named Furnace Creek which once recorded temperatures of 134 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature record has been termed by many as the hottest air temperature ever, recorded on earth. Because of the extreme heat, travelers are advised to visit Death Valley in the early hours of the day. Dante’s View is a great place to see the valley and offers tremendous views on a clear day.

Death Valley

  1. A visit at the Hollywood Walk of Fame- The absolute Holy Grail for Hollywood movie buffs world over, the Hollywood’s walk of fame has attracted a flock of tourists regardless of what time the year is. The sidewalk boasts of imprints of more than 2500 stars and counting. With changing time and technology, you can also save time using an online tool called Star Searcher which can help you find a particular star of your choice.
  2. The Big Sur Coastline- This is hands down the most iconic and scenic coastline to get a glimpse of. It spans over 90 miles and attracts 3 million drivers travel the route, which stretches from Carmel to the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains, every year. And that is not all. While en route, there are many places of interest such as the Bixby Bridge, the tallest single-span bridge in the world, Point Sur lighthouse and the McWay Falls which cascade 80 feet into the ocean below.

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7 Most Popular Luxury Travel Destinations in California

 7 Most Popular Luxury Travel Destinations in California

Choosing desired destination in California was never going to be an easy task, since it has exciting range of landscapes to explore. There are probably few regions of the world that offer such trip. Except California where else in the world you can do have spectacular and exciting locations. There are large numbers of stunning natural attractions such as majestic mountains; serene deserts beautiful beaches and many more. This terrain is also home of exciting major cities, charming towns where you will spend your best vacations with friends and family. To begin your luxury travel in California, you will first get down at Agua Caliente Airport, which is well located at around 18 nm south of Borrego Valley Airport. The approach of Airport itself is overwhelming since is located in the midst of mountains surroundings and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. The trip will have number of surprises, since you will get to see excellent surface of the runway and a wide open sky with lush exquisiteness. The excellent condition of airport will give you remarkable view. In your trip you can even get down at Trinity Center (O86), which is situated around 38 miles northwest of Redding. The port lies on the north Shore of Trinity Lake which is well surrounded by mountains.

Luxury Travel Destinations in California

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Experience Majestic Ambience of California

To experience the true majesty of your journey, plan your trip to California, which is an amazing state with astonishing natural beauty. The terrain is sometimes overshadowed by the urban centers of San Francisco, LA, and San Diego.

To explore the vast collection of beautiful natural beauty, pack up the car and go exploring the third largest state by land in the country. When you will start driving you will find that there is a list of 100 things for you to see and do. You will blow down in your trip to California, since you will get to rediscover, unspoiled beauty of the terrain.

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10 Best Beaches for Vacation in California


Travel to California and stroll through its towering redwood backwoods, lounge on one of its reality class shorelines, and test its honor winning wines. Visit its clamoring urban communities and take in the breathtaking perspectives, encounters and culinary enjoyments the brilliant state brings to the table. Genuinely, California travel offers something for everybody.

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