Wine Tourism In The USA: The Preferred Destinations

The USA lends itself to an attractive wine adventure. The American vineyard, which covers more than 400,000 hectares, has something to offer wine lovers. In this case, wine lovers are welcome to explore the American vineyards.

They promise an exceptional adventure combining discoveries and good wines. The following destinations are therefore suitable for this type of route.

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California and its vineyards

San Francisco has always attracted visitors from all over the world. Between the Pacific Ocean and the bay of San Francisco, it promises guaranteed moments of relaxation, day and night.

The vast majority of attractions meet the needs and expectations of visitors. In addition, taking experience of the wine tourism in United States is a must have thing you should do while your visit.

In San Francisco, let yourself be carried away by the wine travel tours that the city can offer you and combine them with the California wine region. You will find an excellent tour operator on this site for your next stay in Costa Rica.

Then discover good wine in Sonoma Valley which is located more than 70 km from the city. It will be a stage to visit several vineyards which are renowned for the good quality of their wines among which are generally white wines.

Among others, there are Buena Vista Winery and Ravenswood Winery. While enjoying the good wines of the region, do not hesitate to take advantage of gourmet restaurants for a tasty experience in the USA.

Also, other exceptional places are also accessible for wine tourism in California, notably Napa Valley which is prized for its red wines or Central Valley, known for its table wines.

Washington State and Oregon

After California, Washington State comes second in wine production. With an area of ​​20,000 hectares of cultivated areas, the number of vineyards is constantly increasing in this part of the USA.

In reality, the vineyards in this region use grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon or Riesling. Most of the vineyards are accessible there in the east of the state. A route in this part promises splendid landscapes.

However, to make the most of this Wine Travel Destination, it would be best to start the trip with a trip to Washington DC. After discovering the main attractions of the city, it’s nice to change the air on the vineyard side. On site, it is possible to taste good wine.

If there is one other state that is worth a detour in terms of wine tourism, it is Oregon. It has been able to forge a reputation since the 70s for its Pinot Noir.

However, black is the number one grape variety in Oregon. In fact, thousands of hectares of land have been devoted to this grape variety. Several areas are accessible to enjoy this adventure.

It will be an opportunity to taste good wine produced by several producers in the region, such as Ken Wright, Cristom or Ponzi. While savoring wine, you can also take advantage of your visit to taste other local products.

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Slovenia – Europe’s Most Promising Wine Destination

Have you ever taken a wine tour in Slovenia? If you have, this article might rekindle a few lovely memories. If not, you absolutely must.

What is a wine tour?

In Slovenia, a wine tour could mean several things. A common one of which is strolling from winery to winery until you can no longer stroll and end up spending the rest of the day talking, singing and drinking whine in one of them. But a more cultured version of a wine tour is one that takes you – a local or tourist – into the heart of Slovenia’s winegrowing regions to taste the best wines the country has to offer.

Wine tours usually take a day (or several) and are perfect for people who don’t have time to wander around and go winery-hopping with the locals. It’s basically an exclusive, affordable way of tasting superb wines and local dishes while discovering the Slovenian outdoors.

Why join a wine tour in Slovenia?

A wine tour gives you a first-hand experience of authentic local cuisine and the wine that goes so well with it. You join a bunch of people and travel with them to meet local winemakers, whose winemaking skills have been passed down through generations. They explain the ins and outs of their craft, while an expert sommelier (sometimes the same person) guides you through the wonderful aromas, tones, and undertones of Slovenia’s top vinos.

Today, Slovenia is home to the highest quality wines. Although small in size, it is quite impossible to travel all over the country and taste them all. Hence, a wine tour! Talking to the local boutique producers, you learn an incredible amount of interesting facts (and legends) about Slovenian wine.

Which Slovenian wines should I try?

Short answer: most of them. Longish answer: Riesling, Šipon, Chardonnay, Modra Frankinja, Refošk (refosco), Rebula (Ribolla), Teran, Merlot, Malvasia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vitovska, and Zelen.

To give you a teaser, you simply cannot enter Slovenia without trying its Sauvignons. There’s even an annual festival each May in this wine’s honour. Slovenian Sauvignons have very distinct characters, so trying just one won’t do.

Similar can be said for Chardonnay. Its taste varies depending on the region. The coastal parts of Slovenia, for instance, have their very own uniquely tasting Chardonnays with a pinch of the Mediterranean floating about in there.

Then there’s Riesling. Full of powerful Germanic influence. Known for its fruity aromas and awesome compatibility with a wide range of dishes, this local Vino should be placed right at the top of your tasting list. When aged, Rieslings are prone to develop additional smokey-sweet undertones, which you won’t get anywhere else.

And here comes Zelen. Literally translating to ‘green’ (although it’s white) this amazing variety comes form one of the most picturesque places in Slovenia, the Vipava Valley. Coincidently (not really), it’s also a prime wine tours destination. Zelen has a gentle fruity and floral aroma resembling Mediterranean herbs such as lavender and rosemary, the result of brief maceration and fermentation in wooden barrels. Edgy yet quite typical tour group

The two fantastic reds you’ll certainly end up trying are Rebula and Teran. The first has deep Italian roots, but can be recognized as Slovene by its mineral taste resembling almonds and a tad of acidity. Rebula is a native of Goriška Brda – a gorgeous area dubbed Slovenian Tuscany. The second is a celebrated Karst wine. Thanks to the red soil it grows from, this wine has a magnificent structure, corpulent body and an unmistakable fiery red colour. Apparently, it also comes with superb health benefits. Try it!

There you have it. A tiny teaser as promised. If you’d like to find out more about how deep Slovenia’s love for wine is, you’ll simply have to go there. Trust us, you won’t be the first to fall in love with the country, its people and the wine.

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Lanzarote: The Destination Of Rare Volcanic Vineyards

To find a volcanic vineyard in your luxury travels is a truly rare and fascinating experience. In summer the bright green vines emerge startlingly from the pitch black volcanic soil. It makes an arresting view and the way the vines are grown is intriguing.

Lanzarote’s geographical location is found in the Atlantic around 125km from the coast of Morocco, with its largest concentration of vineyards set in a bowl beneath the Fire Mountains. These were a group of volcanoes that erupted in the 18th century. If the back story of the local folks is to be believed, it is the farmers’ persistence to plant vines which contributes to the extraordinary landscape the place has today. Most of the vines are grown in volcanic pits as deep as three meters (nine feet). The method of digging these pits, each taking between one and three vines, was devised when residents, exiled by extreme volcanic activity for six years from 1730 to 1736, came back and worked their way up to resume farming in the place which wore a dramatically altered landscape by then. The pits guard the place against the northerly trade winds and each one is reinforced with semi-circular protective walls built from the volcanic clinker. The distinctive walls help to stop the volcanic soil sliding down and burying the vines, even so, twice a year, when pruning and after harvest, workers have to drive out extra picón, the vehement volcanic lava, so the vines stay intact and are not buried under. Working the vines was and remains extremely labor intensive – in the past camels were used on the island to transport tools and to bring in the harvest.Wine Travel Destination

La Geria wine route

Most of Lanzarote’s 2,000 hectares (3,000 acres) of vineyards and its 18 wineries are in the La Geria zone, below the Timanfaya National Park. As an island which enjoys the sub-tropical climate, the difference between day and night temperatures is miniscule. There is very low rainfall, but the picón acts as a sponge, retaining the evening humidity. Vintage volumes vary widely according to how much rainfall there is, but yields are very low indeed, averaging 1.5 tons per hectare. As a Wine Travel Destination, the island has some of the best produce of grapes. The five varieties are dominated by a form of Malvasía named Malvasía Volcánica or Malvasía de Lanzarote. Besides these varieties, there are three more chief whites namely Listán Blanco, Diego and Moscatel de Alexandria. The latter vines date back much as 200 years old as the phylloxera pest has never reached the island. The reason is that rosés and reds Listán Negro are the main grapes. The five wineries on the official wine route are easy to reach by car (rental or taxi) from either the capital Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen, the most popular beach resort of the region. We visited three of the most important bodegas, La Geria, El Grifo and Los Bermejos, and also drank very drinkable wines from two others – Rubicón (no relation to the California winery) and Vega de Yuko.

Being part of such wine travel and tour can turn out to be a enthralling as well as a journey which can have your senses unwind. To book your wine travel, contact Luxury travel operators in Gurgaon.

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Why Wine Tourism is Continuously Booming

For centuries, we have been given to understand that tourism is all about exploring the mere geographical countries and continents that hold the brilliant resources of nature and displays the beauty of heritage and culture. However, when it comes to exploring culture, the wanderlusts have different agendas when it comes to exploring luxury travel destinations. This can be simply enjoying the luxuries of staying at a hotel, go snorkeling in deep seas or climb on the cliff for getting the vibes of a true warrior who has won it all. But there are also a growing number of tipsy travelers who wish to have a laid back outing in their favorite destinations. Thus they have given rise to Wine Travel Destination.

Wine Travel Destination


Believe it or not but wine tourism is on the continuous rise with people taking a liking for walking through vineyards, sipping, slurping, talking with winemakers about landscapes, family, grape varieties and, after the fourth glass, the possibility of time travel. The world is fast catching up with this trend and is no more afraid of offending anyone’s line of thoughts which also include hardliners of culture who term it as a taboo to consume wine in the first place. As mentioned earlier, it is the structural change in luxury travels which has brought about this surge in wine tourism.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that we always set out on a luxury tour to relax in every stretch possible. Literally! Imagine visiting a vineyard in the midst damn-near-ideal arrangements of mountains and hills, with vines rising up slopes and rolling towards villages and towns designed for mellow well-being. It is the most perfect and natural ambiance that a globetrotter can ask for. It would not be an aberration that your cultivated taste for wine can be a ticket to exploring the most remote and yet most scenic places around the world.

Some of the top wine destinations in the world conceive of it as the cornerstone of civilization which caters to both material and spiritual needs. Another reason for the boom in Wine Travel Destination is the fact that the countries having such destination have expanded the whole idea of this niche. Previously, it was all about visiting vineyards doing a tasting, leave with a couple of bottles and that was that. But now this narrow set up has been broadened with a bucolic setting, in which people find their own level of wine activity. They can concentrate on tasting and talk, or cycling and walking. Wine is an entrée to all sorts of enjoyment.

Besides, there is also an idea that some of the wines “do not travel” i.e. the wine which you enjoy fresh right in the middle of the mountains may not taste as good in your luxurious penthouse with friends. The reason being that wine tasting is a multisensory activity engaging a plethora of moods, something similar to tasting the food from a different cuisine. Hence, Wine Travel Destination gives you the most fulfilling and satisfactory experience that can be revived for a long time.

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Raise Toast For The Best Wine Travel Destinations in The World

To choose a particular theme for your luxury travels can be quite a job to take over but if you have clarity of thought and precision in planning to mix your passion with travel, it is only going to maximize your fun. The traveler’s milieu is a vast and diverse one and many of them having a liking for wine destination travel. That is right. Even the not so sober and the tipsy have something artsy to explore!   Wine lovers rejoice as there is plenty of amazing holiday destinations out there. And it’s not only renowned destinations like France where you can find fine vines to quaff from.

There’s a whole host of dreamy destinations for wine lovers where you can expect to enjoy some of the finest wines and eat food so delicious you’ll never want to leave. Take a look:

Raise toast for the best wine travel destinations in the world

  1. Slovenia- It is one of the more underrated and a lesser known country producing the finest wines of the world. However, the vast majority of the perfectly fermenting juice, usually grape juice is not exportable. Instead, they consume the vast majority of it themselves! Slovenia remains something of a hidden gem of the global wine industry. With three main wine-producing regions – Drava, Lower Sava, and Littoral, you can pick and choose where you take a tour and expect delicious, home-cooked food as well. The city of Maribor is where you’ll find the ancient vine, which only produces around 100 bottles each year. When you need to walk off the wine, head for Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled for fresh air and breathtaking views.
  2. Stellenbosch, South Africa- Stellenbosch’s wine-producing heritage dates back more than 335 years. No wonder you can have the fabulous glass of vino on your Wine Travel Destination. The destination also speaks of legacy and many legendary tales which makes the entire exploration experience of life. Encompassing over 140 vineyards, you can visit Stellenbosch on a day trip from Cape Town. However to truly enjoy the joys of the area, stay a night or two and enjoy one of the many wine experiences on offer, such as the blending class at Middelvlei Wine Estate. There’s even ‘wine’ blending for children using grape juice instead of the real deal. Don’t let your senses get befooled over the fact that Stellenbosch is famous for wines alone. Equally irresistible are the food on offer. The greatest combo is a chocolate wine pairing.
  3. Santorini, Greece- Known for those picture-perfect white-washed villas against beautiful blue seas, Santorini offers yet more to the wine-loving traveler. Learn how to use the fresh island ingredients to create beautiful Greek food at the acclaimed Selene Restaurant, in the village of Pyrgos. And top it off with delicious wine with the most indigenous and unique method. The wine is grown in the volcanic soil and the special climate of Santorini. Wine tours at one of the many vineyards are plentiful, but the Art Space – a contemporary art gallery in a winery dating back to 1861, is particularly special as it is located eight meters underground.

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