Wine Tourism In The USA: The Preferred Destinations

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The USA lends itself to an attractive wine adventure. The American vineyard, which covers more than 400,000 hectares, has something to offer wine lovers. In this case, wine lovers are welcome to explore the American vineyards.

They promise an exceptional adventure combining discoveries and good wines. The following destinations are therefore suitable for this type of route.

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California and its vineyards

San Francisco has always attracted visitors from all over the world. Between the Pacific Ocean and the bay of San Francisco, it promises guaranteed moments of relaxation, day and night.

The vast majority of attractions meet the needs and expectations of visitors. In addition, taking experience of the wine tourism in United States is a must have thing you should do while your visit.

In San Francisco, let yourself be carried away by the wine travel tours that the city can offer you and combine them with the California wine region. You will find an excellent tour operator on this site for your next stay in Costa Rica.

Then discover good wine in Sonoma Valley which is located more than 70 km from the city. It will be a stage to visit several vineyards which are renowned for the good quality of their wines among which are generally white wines.

Among others, there are Buena Vista Winery and Ravenswood Winery. While enjoying the good wines of the region, do not hesitate to take advantage of gourmet restaurants for a tasty experience in the USA.

Also, other exceptional places are also accessible for wine tourism in California, notably Napa Valley which is prized for its red wines or Central Valley, known for its table wines.

Washington State and Oregon

After California, Washington State comes second in wine production. With an area of ​​20,000 hectares of cultivated areas, the number of vineyards is constantly increasing in this part of the USA.

In reality, the vineyards in this region use grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon or Riesling. Most of the vineyards are accessible there in the east of the state. A route in this part promises splendid landscapes.

However, to make the most of this Wine Travel Destination, it would be best to start the trip with a trip to Washington DC. After discovering the main attractions of the city, it’s nice to change the air on the vineyard side. On site, it is possible to taste good wine.

If there is one other state that is worth a detour in terms of wine tourism, it is Oregon. It has been able to forge a reputation since the 70s for its Pinot Noir.

However, black is the number one grape variety in Oregon. In fact, thousands of hectares of land have been devoted to this grape variety. Several areas are accessible to enjoy this adventure.

It will be an opportunity to taste good wine produced by several producers in the region, such as Ken Wright, Cristom or Ponzi. While savoring wine, you can also take advantage of your visit to taste other local products.

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