The complete guide to visiting Thailand

Fine sandy beaches and lush forests, discover Thailand, the jewel of Southeast Asia! Discover Thailand, the wonder island of Asia.

Discover its main regions, all so different. Visiting luxury destinations Thailand is enriching yourself with a culture full of respect and traditions. Here are all our practical tips to help you prepare for your stay in the land of smiles! So, are you getting on board with us?

To discover a luxuriant universe, this province created from scratch by King Mengrai in the 13th century is ideal. Trekking, cycling and rafting are the flagship activities of the “Rose du Nord”. Less frequented by tourists than the South of Thailand, this region is worth a detour. Not to be missed if you travel to Thailand in November, the Chiang Mai Loy Krathong Festival.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second city behind Bangkok. La Rose du Nord is located in a fertile valley, that of the Ping River. This allows the inhabitants of the province to cultivate the poppy, which creates opium and morphine, and which is also used for baking.

The city is famous for its handicrafts with objects made from silver, wood and ceramics. All around Chiang Mai, you can go hiking and discover traditional villages.

Bangkok, the city with two faces

The Thai capital counts nearly 10 million inhabitants and swarms day and night. Separated in two by the railway, the old city with its markets and its many temples (more than 400) faces the new city and its innumerable buildings.

One of the city’s must-see monuments is undoubtedly the Reclining Buddha: 45 m long and 15 m high. This statue of Buddha on his deathbed can be seen at Wat Pho, the oldest and largest of Bangkok’s temples. Impossible to visit Thailand without going through the hectic Bangkok.

What to do in Bangkok during your stay?

Koh Samui

In southern Thailand, the island of Koh Samui is the largest island in the area and the third behind Phuket and Koh Chang. Covered with coconut palms and bordered by white sandy beaches, Koh Samui is widely accessible, regardless of the means of transport.

Phang Nga

North of Phuket, the province of Phang Nga is a diver’s paradise. Krabi is the most famous spot for indulging in underwater activities. It is the bay that is really worth a look: it is like speckled with a hundred uninhabited islets. There is no shortage of water in this region, since the bay is crossed by three rivers, thus offering various activities to tourists.

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is an archipelago of around fifty islands. Most of them are classified as National Park, covering an area of ​​152 km². These islands are covered with lush forest and bordered to the west by magnificent beaches.

Which season to choose to visit Thailand?

Thailand is a popular destination for tourists, who generally seek to enjoy its sun-drenched beaches and the smiles of its locals. For these, the best time to go to luxury destinations in Thailand is the cool season, which runs from November to February.

Corresponding to the winter months in Western countries, the influx of tourists therefore increases drastically and the prices charged by airlines and accommodation providers with it. Avoid the holiday season to visit Thailand if you want to take advantage of affordable prices, especially on the islands and at the resorts.

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Which Thai region to favor for your accommodation?

Visiting Thailand can meet various desires according to profiles and situations. A land of sunshine and smiles for some, spiritual and historical heritage or even a place of celebration and urban life for others.

Each traveler is always looking for a particular vision of this country as diverse as it is stimulating. For fans of scuba diving and lazing on paradisiacal beaches, the islands that dot its coasts will be perfect postcard-shaped refuges for their holidays.

In the South, in Phuket or on the islands of Koh Phi Phi or Krabi, picturesque caves, snow-colored beaches and dense tropical forests will amaze amateurs who come to visit Thailand for its golden finery.

To the east of Bangkok, unspoiled nature is the force of law here. Around Isan, a region still little visited, it is the natural parks, the rice fields as far as the eye can see and the historical heritage which give a more peaceful vision of a secular Thailand.

Conversely, the central plains where Bangkok spreads and its endless suburbs constitute the cradle of Thailand today. Here, modernity meets tradition to the delight of tourists.

Finally, in the North, the country deploys its many mountains around Chiang Mai. In the region of the Golden Triangle, land of legends and history, there are still many remote villages in which time still does not pass at the speed of new technologies which saturate the capital. A godsend luxury destination Thailand for travelers in search of harmony with nature and real and enriching encounters.

Walks and experiences to do in Thailand

Ayutthaya Historical Park

Less than 100 km north of Bangkok, Ayutthaya was the capital of the Kingdom of Siam (former name of Thailand) from 1350 to 1767. Today, the hundreds of golden temples of this majestic city are nothing more than ruins.

Ruins all the same classified world heritage of humanity by UNESCO and which extend over more than 10 km². The extraordinary discovery of the site is done on foot, by bike or by boat!

Fine sand and turquoise sea

Pattaya and the resorts on the east coast are worth a stop, but don’t stay there too long, because other places are more authentic and above all much more spectacular. You cannot visit Thailand without discovering its magnificent islands such as Phi-Phi, still very wild, or Phuket.

With its heavenly beaches and lagoons, this island is a delight for scuba diving enthusiasts. It was discovered in the 1970s by a handful of hippies who landed on Kata Beach. Tour operators offer treks, a sporty way to discover the island of Phuket during your vacation.

In the province of Koh Samui, some beaches are absolutely beautiful. That of Chaweng is the longest and offers the highest concentration of hotels, and therefore evening entertainment. Suffice to say that going out will not be a problem!

The beaches of Lamai are also popular, which will give you a choice when booking a hotel. The beaches of Bophut are lined with typical, wooden houses, and the fishing village has managed not to deny itself, despite the various pressures linked to tourism.

The result is a wonderful place to laze in the sun without fear of heavy crowds like the beaches of Chaweng. An ideal luxury destination in Thailand to spend your honeymoon!

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The Intriguing Festivals Of Thailand That You Should Not Miss In Your Luxury Travels

Thailand is known for its beautiful landscapes, heritage, and culture. There are many places to visit that have a historical significance and have magnificent architecture. You can soak into the Buddhist culture, scenic boat trips, vibrant festivals, relish Thai cuisine and get a Thai massage in your Thailand luxury travel. You can also attend festivals in Bangkok to immerse into its beautiful culture like never before. Bangkok is known for its many nature and adventure activities. Beaches are serene and have turquoise waters. No wonder the country has earned fame as ‘The Land of Smiles’ and the ‘Venice of the East’ because the river runs throughout the city. Festivals are the most joyous celebrations in the country. Be sure to check and attend these festivals in your luxury travels which can give you an unprecedented sneak peak into the country:thailand luxury travel

  1. Loy Krathong- This festival is celebrated in November as the Festival of Lights. It is celebrated all over Thailand. Krathong in Thai means banana trunk decorated with flowers, incense, leaves, and candles. Loy in the Thai language means to float. These Krathongs are floated to show respect to rivers since agriculture is the main occupation in Thailand, this festival holds a lot of significance. Pra Mae Khongra is known as the River Goddess and Krathong is floated in the rivers to show respect to her. Thai people worship this goddess and ask for forgiveness. Celebrating this festival is said to wash away misfortune in the coming year. This festival is celebrated on the Full Moon day that falls in November as per the Lunar calendar.
  2. Chinese New Year- This is also known as the spring festival and celebrated as per the Chinese calendar. One day before the festival locals go shopping for buying items to offer in prayers. It is also known as the ‘Spring Festival.’ Colorful parades are held in the evening. You can watch the Year Dragon taking a procession to temples. Drummers and dancers grace the streets in colorful processions. You can fascinate yourself watching the colorful dragon and dancers in the streets of Bangkok. Chinatown is beautifully decorated with lights and music. There are dance events happening all day. You will also see huge discounts on almost all the places spread across Bangkok. The sky is filled with firecrackers in the night. You can enjoy scrumptious Chinese banquets. You will find red paper lanterns all over Bangkok on this day.
  3. Candle Festival- This is the most iconic festival celebrated in Bangkok and all around Thailand. Artistic candles are decorated and made. Many wax statues that depict Buddhist mythology are created for this festival. Boats are decorated with flowers and parasols ride along the riverside. Locals ride these boats to collect candles from the locals and dedicate them to the temples.

Lantern Festival- Two festivals are celebrated on the same day. One is the Lantern Festival and the other is the Loy Krathong festival. It is called Yi Peng in Thailand. Many people gather at the banks of the Peng River and release lit paper lanterns in the sky. Visit Chaing Mei during this festival as this is the best place to experience it on this day. The view of sky lanterns looks exhilarating when released in the sky. This festival has existed since the time of the Lanna Kingdom in ancient times. In the Thai language, these floating lanterns are called Khom Loi. They are made of rice paper and the candle is attached to them. The air from the candle makes the lanterns float in the air.

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Indulge Your Senses In Wellness Tourism In Thailand

Thailand, the Land of Smiles has always been market to reckon with in the field of medical tourism. But in recent times, the feasibility and even the tourism appeal has shifted the focus to Thailand’s spa tourism. Wellness tourism is generally categorized into two branches: medical tourism and wellness tourism. In either case, patients are to travel in the luxury travel destinations in Thailand to experience luxury with wellness which is cost saving, has shorter wait times, and expertise that they cannot receive at home.

With wellness tourism, people head to the beautiful country of Thailand in order to treat their physical illness and also to gain back the mental calm which can be instrumental in maintaining their well-being or help in developing better health habits. While the treatment does help in immediate relief, it is the wellness therapies that provide the comfort to the senses and the nerves with proper pampering. This is done by the means of non-traditional therapies which do not involve physicians and do not take place in clinics. They are rather conducted by therapists familiar with integrated medicine in comfortable, sometimes immaculate, retreats often referred to as wellness spas.

Lately, “wellness spa tourism” has gained popularity as well as relevance among the overseas tourists who cross borders for preventive medicine and lifestyle improvement therapies in the Luxurious Spa.

The prime reason being is the Asian health-tourism destinations like Thailand wherein the key component of the entire therapy is the alternative treatments to achieve balance among mind, body, and spirit. The treatments is the most comprehensive with the inclusion of some of the most ancient and scientifically proven methods of alternative therapies like therapeutic massage, detoxifying clay baths, the treatment following Ayurveda, colonic cleansings, acupressure, yoga, reflexology, meditation. Furthermore, the Luxurious Spa is also equipped with aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy.

Thailand has truly become the leader in wellness spa destination to the point that the country enjoys the title of Asia Spa capital albeit unofficially.  If we are to look at the popularity and even the very reason as to why the Luxurious Spa tend to thrive in Thailand, we can deduce that it is the  country’s ability to deliver a relaxing atmosphere, warm hospitality and service, and therapists with the soft touch and welcoming personalities necessary for a rejuvenating, health-renewing wellness-spa experience. Needless to say, this makes people choose Thailand over most of the wellness destinations in other corners of the world.

As mentioned before, the Thai wellness specialties include an array of traditional treatments that make the spas there so special. It is replete with expert therapists who have an innate understanding of the age old methods and techniques that they use, partly due to the overall connection to well-being that is part of Thai culture.

Thus, in order to make your Holiday Vacation, truly enriching filled with absolute rejuvenation; Thailand could very well be the country you need to drop your anchor on. After all, life is all about indulgences that keep the physical radicals balanced and mental sanity intact!

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Pick You Best Place To Visit Thalaind

Thailand is one of those famous countries that is never seen in a standstill mode; there is just so much happening, and indeed in a blink of an eye you could miss a lot. The reason being that luxury travel Thailand let you enjoy the choicest of destinations where the wild crowd party in the spots visit some of the most sought after places tailor made for the romantics. And when you are on a honeymoon, some islands in Thailand are such a beauty that, you will most probably gasp in wonder and rightly so. For the “land of smiles” and white elephants is blessed with a series of islands which are adorned with calm sandy beaches, emerald-green waters, sky scraping sea stacks, a legion of tourist spots and a selection of romantic resorts for Mr and Mrs lovey-dovey.

Phuket, the hub of groovy nightlife and chic resorts- It’s a rich and an extremely exuberant place; perhaps the best known luxury destinations in Thailand as well. Phuket is the paradise for the newlyweds as some of the resort amenities are provided exclusively to the married couples. To visit and explore the nightlife, head over to Patong’s Bangla road. Among other sightseeing places, you can head out to Wat Phra Thong and Big Buddha that gives you the panoramic view of the city. You can also visit the “Three Beaches Viewpoint” and “Monkey Hill”.

Koh Phangan- If being laidback and relaxing is your thing in Luxury Beaches Travel Destination, Koh Phangan, located next to Koh Samui is an ideal vacation spot. A relatively less commercialized spot, it is equipped with some of the most opulent resorts of Thailand and is the perfect venue for half-moon parties. Some of the pristine lakes that cannot be amiss in your vacation are Sadet-Ko PHA Ngan national park, Ao Nai Wok, Phaeng          Waterfall and Wat Khao Tham (a Buddhist temple).

Koh Mak- A tad bigger than Koh Wai, this is one of the best places to go if you are on a luxury travel Thailand. Besides a lot of tourist resorts, there are many interesting places to keep you entertained. Some may prefer to get the tan or engage in rejuvenations, the others can always go around the beautiful temple and park called “The Kingdom of Somchai Affection”.

Koh Samat, the spot of exotic beauty- It is another romantic gateway that can hardly escape the prying eyes of the honeymooners. The uniqueness lies on the “T” shaped formed island that has a bundle of beachside and hill resorts that perfectly lets you cherish some of the moments of passion. Ao Phrao, facing west is a secluded point on the island when compared to the east which is mostly jam-packed. But again it is the east of the island that has a fairly sizable number of resorts and restaurants. Amid all the bewilderment to choose the best resort do visit the Khao Laemya National Park which is the perfect gift for your lovepie provided he/she is a wildlife lover.

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Plan a Holiday in Thailand – Its Convenient

Thailand, a land of marvelous beaches, cultured cuisine and Buddhist culture. A country that attracts around sixteen million travelers on its land every year. Thailand is Asia’s one of the most admired travel destinations across the world. Its cultural integrity remains largely intact, one of the countries in the Asia that was competent enough to avoid the colonization and has willingly absorbed the western culture while keeping its rich heritage intact. Neon lights and high rises are picture perfect for the tourist, while the typical Thai community is still occupying the villages, so you have to go far to get the real glimpse of fishing communities and Buddhist temples.

There is an array of luxury destinations in Thailand. But there are some places worth to be on your itinerary.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Thailand


Bangkok, a large city, profoundly known for its vibrant streets and the ornate shrine is the capital of the Thailand as well. Adjacent to the city is Wat Pho Temple, having an enormous Buddha Continue reading

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Reasons Why You Should Go for a Wellness Tour to Thailand At Least Once in Your Life

Wellness Tour to Thailand

Life is an unending journey and work pressure and busy schedule of daily life can exhaust any individual. There need to be some moments in life where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. A spa or a wellness tour to an exotic destination can relieve much of your stress and tension. When you think of spa and wellness one destination that strikes your mind is Thailand. The country is gifted with some of the best beaches and millions of tourists come here to explore the stunning hidden travel treasures here. Over the last decade approximately 2 million people have visited Thailand for wellness tourism. There are uncountable reasons that will make you believe that Thailand is the best destination for a wellness tour be it internationally accredited services, budget friendly tourism or world famous spa resorts. Here we tell you some good reasons that will force you to plan your next luxury travel to Thailand.

Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

The Thai culture is stuffed with delectable cuisines and dishes that can give a run to anybody’s taste buds. The food varioes gfrom one region to another but trust me there is such uniqueness and taste in Thailand’s cuisine which Continue reading

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3 Luxury Destinations in Thailand that are in Every Traveler’s Fantasies

Thailand invokes pictures of white sand shorelines and cerulean waters, serene temples, and lavish mountain wildernesses. In Bangkok, a 21st-century play area, the fragrance of hot road food fills the air, and the Grand Palace reviews the nation’s conventions. Outside the capital, the marvels of the wide open charm, whether you are elephant trekking in the northern slopes, investigating Ayutthaya’s stunning remains, or making a plunge the waters of the unspoiled southern coast. The exceptional soul of the Thai individuals—this is the “place that is known for grins,” all things considered—adds warmth to any visit.

Luxury Destinations in Thailand

It’s difficult to condense the differences of travel to Thailand. Its capital, Bangkok, is an overflowing city with plated temples and palaces, while the two coastlines, on the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, have postcard-impeccable shorelines. In the uneven inside, slope tribes live as they have for centuries. What’s more, wherever you Continue reading

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