The complete guide to visiting Thailand

Fine sandy beaches and lush forests, discover Thailand, the jewel of Southeast Asia! Discover Thailand, the wonder island of Asia.

Discover its main regions, all so different. Visiting luxury destinations Thailand is enriching yourself with a culture full of respect and traditions. Here are all our practical tips to help you prepare for your stay in the land of smiles! So, are you getting on board with us?

To discover a luxuriant universe, this province created from scratch by King Mengrai in the 13th century is ideal. Trekking, cycling and rafting are the flagship activities of the “Rose du Nord”. Less frequented by tourists than the South of Thailand, this region is worth a detour. Not to be missed if you travel to Thailand in November, the Chiang Mai Loy Krathong Festival.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second city behind Bangkok. La Rose du Nord is located in a fertile valley, that of the Ping River. This allows the inhabitants of the province to cultivate the poppy, which creates opium and morphine, and which is also used for baking.

The city is famous for its handicrafts with objects made from silver, wood and ceramics. All around Chiang Mai, you can go hiking and discover traditional villages.

Bangkok, the city with two faces

The Thai capital counts nearly 10 million inhabitants and swarms day and night. Separated in two by the railway, the old city with its markets and its many temples (more than 400) faces the new city and its innumerable buildings.

One of the city’s must-see monuments is undoubtedly the Reclining Buddha: 45 m long and 15 m high. This statue of Buddha on his deathbed can be seen at Wat Pho, the oldest and largest of Bangkok’s temples. Impossible to visit Thailand without going through the hectic Bangkok.

What to do in Bangkok during your stay?

Koh Samui

In southern Thailand, the island of Koh Samui is the largest island in the area and the third behind Phuket and Koh Chang. Covered with coconut palms and bordered by white sandy beaches, Koh Samui is widely accessible, regardless of the means of transport.

Phang Nga

North of Phuket, the province of Phang Nga is a diver’s paradise. Krabi is the most famous spot for indulging in underwater activities. It is the bay that is really worth a look: it is like speckled with a hundred uninhabited islets. There is no shortage of water in this region, since the bay is crossed by three rivers, thus offering various activities to tourists.

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is an archipelago of around fifty islands. Most of them are classified as National Park, covering an area of ​​152 km². These islands are covered with lush forest and bordered to the west by magnificent beaches.

Which season to choose to visit Thailand?

Thailand is a popular destination for tourists, who generally seek to enjoy its sun-drenched beaches and the smiles of its locals. For these, the best time to go to luxury destinations in Thailand is the cool season, which runs from November to February.

Corresponding to the winter months in Western countries, the influx of tourists therefore increases drastically and the prices charged by airlines and accommodation providers with it. Avoid the holiday season to visit Thailand if you want to take advantage of affordable prices, especially on the islands and at the resorts.

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Six Scientific Reasons Why Traveling is Good for Your Health

Who does not like to travel?  Buying tickets, packing, planning trips, and then embarking on an adventure are activities that almost everyone likes. And, unlike many other things that provide pleasure, travel not only has any contraindications but has many and varied health benefits. This has been proven by various scientific studies, as summarized below.

  1. Less stress and greater emotional well-being

Stress reduction seems the most obvious of the benefits of traveling to luxury beach travel Destinations. Although it is a brief departure and a destination not too distant, leaving behind the routine and the frenetic pace of life in the city allows you to disconnect, leave behind the anguish and enjoy the present. But attention: the attitude is important, because there is also the so-called “holiday stress”, a state of tension caused by the preparations of the trip, the insecurities, and difficulties that this can bring, the feeling that time will not be enough to do in the destination all “what needs to be done”, etc.

luxury beach travel Destinations

  1. The brain, grateful

Until a long time ago, it was believed that the brain, from adulthood, was no longer modified. However, science has proved that this is not the case: neurons can create new connections and even new neurons can be formed, throughout life.

  1. A stronger and healthier heart

A study conducted in the United States determined that traveling reduces the risk of suffering myocardial infarction, especially for the elderly. Statistics indicate that men who travel frequently have a 21% lower chance of having a heart attack. Holidays can be good for your health, recommend the conclusions of this work.

  1. Solid self-esteem

Every trip represents a sum of challenges: to move, to get used to an unknown place, to relate to its people. And the farther fate is, the greater the challenge since it involves coming into contact with exotic customs, unknown languages and, inevitably, problems of various kinds. Finding the resources to solve them and be able to get ahead promotes self-esteem as few other things can do.

  1. Greater scope to face the problems

Going far helps to get away from the parties stressors of life can help improve your perspectives, provide new points of view, and develop new strategies to cope with problems.

When you know other realities, you take distance from your own life, and you can see your own problems in their true dimension. Often, after a trip, many people value much more what they have and stop complaining (or do less) for what they lack, which also leads them to greater emotional well-being.

  1. Traveling makes you happy

Many people know or intuit: luxury family travel provides more happiness than buying things. The reason is that stored memories, the sum of the experiences, provide long-term pleasure and well-being, much longer than the satisfaction of buying something lasts. Moreover, not only the trip is enjoyed more than material goods, but the anticipation of the experiences that have to be lived during the trip generates a feeling of happiness greater than the anticipation of buying objects.

luxury family travel

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Pick You Best Place To Visit Thalaind

Thailand is one of those famous countries that is never seen in a standstill mode; there is just so much happening, and indeed in a blink of an eye you could miss a lot. The reason being that luxury travel Thailand let you enjoy the choicest of destinations where the wild crowd party in the spots visit some of the most sought after places tailor made for the romantics. And when you are on a honeymoon, some islands in Thailand are such a beauty that, you will most probably gasp in wonder and rightly so. For the “land of smiles” and white elephants is blessed with a series of islands which are adorned with calm sandy beaches, emerald-green waters, sky scraping sea stacks, a legion of tourist spots and a selection of romantic resorts for Mr and Mrs lovey-dovey.

Phuket, the hub of groovy nightlife and chic resorts- It’s a rich and an extremely exuberant place; perhaps the best known luxury destinations in Thailand as well. Phuket is the paradise for the newlyweds as some of the resort amenities are provided exclusively to the married couples. To visit and explore the nightlife, head over to Patong’s Bangla road. Among other sightseeing places, you can head out to Wat Phra Thong and Big Buddha that gives you the panoramic view of the city. You can also visit the “Three Beaches Viewpoint” and “Monkey Hill”.

Koh Phangan- If being laidback and relaxing is your thing in Luxury Beaches Travel Destination, Koh Phangan, located next to Koh Samui is an ideal vacation spot. A relatively less commercialized spot, it is equipped with some of the most opulent resorts of Thailand and is the perfect venue for half-moon parties. Some of the pristine lakes that cannot be amiss in your vacation are Sadet-Ko PHA Ngan national park, Ao Nai Wok, Phaeng          Waterfall and Wat Khao Tham (a Buddhist temple).

Koh Mak- A tad bigger than Koh Wai, this is one of the best places to go if you are on a luxury travel Thailand. Besides a lot of tourist resorts, there are many interesting places to keep you entertained. Some may prefer to get the tan or engage in rejuvenations, the others can always go around the beautiful temple and park called “The Kingdom of Somchai Affection”.

Koh Samat, the spot of exotic beauty- It is another romantic gateway that can hardly escape the prying eyes of the honeymooners. The uniqueness lies on the “T” shaped formed island that has a bundle of beachside and hill resorts that perfectly lets you cherish some of the moments of passion. Ao Phrao, facing west is a secluded point on the island when compared to the east which is mostly jam-packed. But again it is the east of the island that has a fairly sizable number of resorts and restaurants. Amid all the bewilderment to choose the best resort do visit the Khao Laemya National Park which is the perfect gift for your lovepie provided he/she is a wildlife lover.

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Thailand Well Known for Beaches

beaches thai

Beach lovers aren’t ready to rock and roll because Thailand is an island of beautiful beaches. Thailand is also known for its tropical weather which sounds quite good. For Luxury destinations, Thailand is a best popular tourist attraction. Just go to the great Buddha of Thailand. Thailand is complete best tour package it will give you enjoyments at fullest. Thinking to plan a trip to Thailand with family and friends, then don’t wait to go ahead with luxury destinations in Thailand.

Places to visit in Thailand

thai beach

Amazing places are hidden in Thailand only you have to do is plan a trip to reveal the enjoyments, beautiful places like annual monkey buffet is a bizarre tradition celebrated every year, which involves 600 monkeys as a guest to feast over two tons of grilled sausages, fresh fruits, ice-cream and a host of other delicacies. Great Buddha of Thailand is the attraction for tourists, Thailand has 1430 islands most popular is ko phi lee is about a circle of steep limestone hills covering two shallow bays called as Maya Bay is especially for diving with crystal clear water that gives beauty to the islands. Erawan Falls is most popular of the Erawan national park in western Thailand.

The seven layered waterfalls denote Erawan which is a mythical creature according to Hindu mythology. Floating markets are the best tourist attraction reason so don’t  miss amphora floating market outside the capital city of Thailand. The JI green market is most colorful night market of Thailand; the Sukhothai historical park consists of 200 ruins and 21 temples and the royal palace. So here is full of enjoyment for luxury destinations in Thailand. If you have not visited Thailand, Continue reading

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