Plan a Holiday in Thailand – Its Convenient

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Thailand, a land of marvelous beaches, cultured cuisine and Buddhist culture. A country that attracts around sixteen million travelers on its land every year. Thailand is Asia’s one of the most admired travel destinations across the world. Its cultural integrity remains largely intact, one of the countries in the Asia that was competent enough to avoid the colonization and has willingly absorbed the western culture while keeping its rich heritage intact. Neon lights and high rises are picture perfect for the tourist, while the typical Thai community is still occupying the villages, so you have to go far to get the real glimpse of fishing communities and Buddhist temples.

There is an array of luxury destinations in Thailand. But there are some places worth to be on your itinerary.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Thailand


Bangkok, a large city, profoundly known for its vibrant streets and the ornate shrine is the capital of the Thailand as well. Adjacent to the city is Wat Pho Temple, having an enormous Buddha reclining, and on opposite shore, you will find Wat Arun Temple with its Khmer-style spire and steep steps. To attract their tourists the city has conventional teak edifice like the grand Vimanmek Palace and residence turned Jim Thompson House that distinguishes it from its skyline high rises. And if you are shopaholic the city has mega malls tiny stalls as well.

Plan a holiday in Thailand

Koh Samui, the second largest island lies on the east coast of Kra Isthmus in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is famous for it palm fringed beaches, dense, mountainous forests, and coconut grove along with its posh spas and luxury resorts and stands high in the luxury destinations Thailand. The island has some of the popular beaches like Lamai and Chaweng on the east coast filled with strolling vendors and lounge chairs. The towns around the beaches are Island’s party centers, fully packed with bars, nightclubs, and pubs.

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya, one of the luxury destinations in Thailand is a city situated on the eastern Gulf coast is famous for its stunning beaches. A fishing village way back to the 1960s is now lined up with high rise condos, cabaret bars, shopping malls, a finest chain of hotels and clubs entertaining tourists 24×7. Apart from this, the city is also famous for its designer Golf courses some of which provide their visitors the view of Pattaya Bay. Activities like parasailing and jet-skiing are very popular on Pattaya’s beachfront. If you are fond of windsurfing, then Jomtien Beach on the South is the perfect place for you. Traffic is closed to Neon-lit Walking street every night, as it is filled with discos, bars, and massage parlors.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, the city, is the home to more than hundreds of Buddhist temples that include Wat Phra and Wat Chedi Luang, created in 14th and 15th century respectively. A mountainous city located in the north is one of the best destinations in Thailand. Nimmanhaemin Road, outside the central Old City, is lined with cosmopolitan boutiques, galleries, restaurants serving the signature local dish, and cafes. Handicrafts like silverware, lacquerware, and silk can be easily found in the open air markets such as Night Bazaar.


Krabi, a resort town situated near the Andaman Coast, is also the capital of Krabi Province of Thailand. The town lies in an area surrounded with mangrove forests limestone karsts. Tiger Cave Temple, situated on a hilltop and can be reached through the stairs, the Temple, is a Buddhist site having a sweeping view.

Once visited the luxury destinations in Thailand, you will find the reasons to visit the country time and again. From food to scenic beauty, beaches, bars, discos, nightlife and many others, just pick the reason that amuse you most and plan your holidays to Thailand.

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