Chile – Every Backpacker’s Paradise

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Vibrant cities, diverse wildlife and astonishingly beautiful landscapes, this how world defined the Chile. A long, narrow fragment of land is clinging to the edge of South America’s western edge. The impulsive shape of the country itself is the biggest attraction among the tourists across the world. Chile is geographically a self-contained country for one or many reasons. From far north to south you will find someone waiting to receive in the country with open arms. There is much to say about Chile but to sum up, it is the only country on the planet which can amuse every tourist’s appetite.

A country with beauty in its every corner.

The Backpacker's Paradise

Your selection of Chile holiday destinations can’t be doubted during any season of the year; the country has everything to offer from desert to forests, volcanoes, arm of the sea and beaches. The country is filled with tourist attractions be it cities or countryside beauty is there in every corner of the country. There are three tourist attractions that no one likes to miss and known as the luxury destinations in Chile.

An opportunity to go isolated.

Easter Island

Easter Island Stone Heads, commonly known as Isla de Pascua or Rapa Nui it is one of Chile’s territory extended in the south-eastern Pacific. The island has 887 clearly visible stone heads known by the Chile and world as moai. They were made by the Rapanui tribe and had made its mark on the  UNESCO World Heritage site. The island is counted in the isolated places of the world. It is situated halfway between Chile and Tahiti. It is counted in the luxury destinations in Chile because in spite of being remote it offers best of the services to the visitors.

Luxury destinations chile-A hub of climbers and trekkers

climbers and trekkers chile

San Pedro de the Atacama, one of the most popular luxury travel destinations in Chile. It is a small oasis town fully surrounded by the landscape, and it contributes largely to its beauty. The town has a proximity with the Atacama Desert one of the driest deserts in the world and the Licancabur Volcano. It is one of the best places for the tourists who have a fondness for climbing and trekking, which can be easily taken care the tour operators of the town.

Canopy Ziplines only in the Lake District.

Canopy Ziplines

Move around 650 miles in the south of Santiago, and you will reach the country’s Lake District. It is located at the base of Andean mountains, the district’s scenery includes green lakes, verdant forested valleys, and conical volcanoes. Canopy ziplines activities are gaining popularity among the tourists. The activities include traveling between high platforms in the trees through aerial runways.

Chile, are also favorite among the tourist as the country has relatively low terrorism threat. The country is a cocktail of natural beauty which makes it an ideal destination for the travelers looking for daily adventure and surprises. Chile is the only country that can offer everyday adventure to its travelers. The only place where you can discover millennia the historical native cultures and it ruins and even ghost towns can be found to keep you thrilled. Luxury destinations Chile is a place where everything is possible.

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