Wine Tasting In Kakheti: A Guide To The Best Places

Perhaps the main thing that awaits a tourist in sunny Kakheti is the wine, known to many since Soviet times by the brands Kindzmarauli, Saperavi, Tsinandali and others.

Of course, other regions of Georgia are famous for their wines, but it is in Kakheti that winemaking and wine consumption are literally elevated to the rank of a cult- with their own stories, legends, ancient toasts, tricks of production, etc.

In this article, we are going to describe the most attractive luxury wine travel destinations of Kakheti- large wineries with tasting rooms, small family wineries, wine museums, small wine cellars and invite you to a fascinating and drunken trip to Kakheti.

From my point of view, it is best to choose the capital, the city of Telavi, as the base for a wine trip to Kakheti – in this case, you can travel around thoughtfully for a few days and taste all the most interesting places.

If there is not much time, it is better to go from Tbilisi to a one-day wine tour – at the moment there are about 50 different individual excursions in Kakheti from Tbilisi, and about half of them are devoted to wine.

For example, you can go on an individual luxury wine travel tour in Kakheti- the land of the sun and grapes. You will be driven all day in a comfortable car to the best wineries and the most interesting sights, the guide will tell you many interesting stories and legends, and in the evening you will be safe and sound returned to Tbilisi by the tour operator.


Winery “Telavsky wine cellar” is located in the capital of Kakheti, Telavi and is one of the largest enterprises in the region. “Cellar” was founded in 1915 by an entrepreneur named Kokhtabeladeshvili, and then the traditional Georgian method was the basis of his technology: the wine was infused in clay qvevri jugs deepened into the ground.

Over it’s more than a century of history, the plant has undergone several modernizations, but still they try to maintain a balance between the original traditions and modern technologies.

However, they also willingly adopt other people’s experience: for example, the French learned to infuse wines in oak barrels, which made it possible to produce unique sweet and dry wines.


Winery “Shumi” is located at the entrance to the village of Tsinandali, not far from the estate-museum of the princes Chavchavadze.

Of the wine places in Kakheti, the Shumi tasting is most convenient and enjoyable: a large factory, an interesting museum, a vineyard with collection varieties, a professional visitor center for visitors, a tasting park with a terrace and barbecue facilities.

Well, and most importantly – really worthy quality drinks are poured: Kindzmarauli, Tsinandali, Mukuzani and the local port. Secondly, tasting (usually combined with a tour of the plant) is absolutely free.

Moreover, it is free not for buying something, but on its own. Anyone is given a sample of local wine. Opening hours of the tasting room: from 10:00 to 17:00. Opening hours of the visitor center of the Shumi plant: from 10:00 to 20:00.

Tastings are arranged either on the garden terrace (in summer), or indoors next to the store (in winter).

If you are a connoisseur of some Georgian wine, here you can see firsthand what the grapes from which it is made look.

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