What To Take With You On A Safari?

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Collecting suitcases for a trip to safari, the main thing is not to go to extremes. Spartans, accustomed to traveling with a minimum of luggage, can be puzzled by the search for the right jobs in the vast expanses of the African savannah. And the prudent tourists, who took with them a “wagon and a small cart”- risk to admire the beauty of nature, looking in a slit because of the barricade of backpacks.

So remember the basic rule of safari – travelers move around in parks on SUVs along with their luggage, unless your program starts and ends in the same hotel, then things can be left in the hotel. If the suitcases are a lot – they will merely be fixed on the roof of the car, depriving you of the opportunity to ride with a lifting roof and make good photos of the animals seen.

First of all, this applies to large groups, as all off-road cars go 7-seat and together you can dial at least three suitcases of things when you travel 6 or 7 people, the choice of baggage should be approached with particular trepidation.

So, let’s go through the list.

Shoes and clothes for safaris

Most of the time on the luxury safari travel you will spend sitting. Therefore clothes should be comfortable, from soft natural fabrics, with a minimum of elastic bands, ties, tightening belts and decor elements like large buttons.

Please note, to see some animals, it is necessary to leave early in the morning, and at this time can be cold and without warm clothes cannot do. Take into account the time of the year and the weather conditions in the area. For example, in the reserves of northern regions, the temperature in the daytime can be about + 22-25 ° C, and +35 ° C in the southern part of Tanzania and on the islands.

Important trifles necessary for safaris

Even if the weather forecast guarantees the absence of the sun – do not rush to spread goggles. They will help save your eyes from wind, dust and small insects when you crack out of the window or by the open roof of a speeding car in search of objects for observation.

Put in a backpack:

  • A bandage on the face to protect from dust may be relevant in some regions;
  • Spare batteries/batteries for photo and video equipment (in our safari machines there are devices for charging them);
  • Binoculars, to examine the surroundings and animals in detail (there is always one binocular in the car, so you only need to take an additional one at your discretion);
  • Photocopies of documents (passports, visas, traveler’s checks, air tickets, insurance policy), which are best kept separate from the originals;
  • dry and wet wipes;
  • hygienic supplies (shower gel, toothbrush);
  • disinfectant gel/hand spray;

Ideally packed luggage for luxury safari travel Destination should fit in a small suitcase. Additionally, you can have a camera/camera case.

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