What To See In New Zealand. A Short And Essential Guide

New Zealand is a magical state, where the views of the various mountains find a perfect union with artificial constructions

New Zealand has entered the collective imagination as a place rich in natural wonders. Probably, the tourist boom that has seen many travelers travel to New Zealand is due to various film works that have been carried out in New Zealand.

On the other hand, the country has remained unknown to the West for some time also because of its geographical position which sees it at the end of the topographical maps.

Just think, that some travel-related newspapers confirm that New Zealand, like neighboring Australia, is one of the most technologically grown countries in the world. Even the administrative system of this State is well developed so that to enter if you do not need to go to the consulate located in the Italian capital to apply for a visa. In fact, it is sufficient to ask for it on the official website of the New Zealand government.

The visa

It is entirely free and is valid for three months. The main attractions of the New Zealand holiday destinations are divided between natural ones, historical ones, of which a part refers to the colonial period during which the British Empire occupied New Zealand, and those relating to the local aborigines and their customs.

Because of the history of British colonialism, it is not uncommon for New Zealand to find cities or places called in English. For example, the town of Wellington, the city of Queenstown and so on. The colonial period is also reflected in some cultural peculiarities of the area, so much so that the New Zealand anthem calls out to the United Kingdom. The entire State of New Zealand is composed of 2 great paradisiacal islands.

Walking here is genuinely a superb experience: you can meet dolphins, seals, New Zealand goats, scarce birds and much more. Also, the most athletic could practice mountaineering by venturing into the local mountains. Fiordland Glaciers, New Zealand Fjords, and local waterfalls also take part in the Fiordland National Park.

The third place we recommend visiting is called Arthur’s Pass. Nowadays, it is a park worth discovering the flora. There are a beech forest and several rivers that join the panoramas. In the past, this passage was used by the Maori warriors to connect the West and the East. Also here you can find various glaciers. The fourth of the mandatory stops in New Zealand is Queenstown.

The latter is located near Lake Wakatipu on the southern island. During the shooting of the film The Lord of the Rings, some of the most important scenes were filmed in this place. Therefore, in addition to the curious tourists here, you can often meet fans of the Saga of the Ring, written by Tolkien. Also, you can request to take an excursion into the wild lands of the Maori.

At the end of your trip to luxury destinations New Zealand, why not visit Kaikoura? It is a town located near the snowy peaks of the local mountains. Here you can admire vibrant vegetation and see the great toothed whale of the ocean. Moreover, in the near seabed, you can also see other types of water animals.

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