The Divine Beauty of Luxury Holidays in Dubai

Unprejudiced, luxurious, bold and surreal. Dubai is now a universal synonym of reality that is independent of reality. A magical place that promises to make everything possible, “an Island that there is no adult,” where instead of pirates, mermaids, and lost children, we find legendary palaces, Sheikh’s billionaires and some of the most amazing sights in the world.

Dubai is the synthesis of all those recreational destinations, lavish and glossy that entered the popular imagination and have played with our imagination: it is a bit ‘Las Vegas, is a little’ New York, is a bit ‘Tokyo and is a little ‘Milan.

Dubai is a city that in recent years has rewritten the rules of the city, refusing to set limits. Choosing a Dubai holiday destination means entering the world apart, made of unbridled fun, 800 meters high-rise buildings, shopping centers with hundreds of shops and most irreverent tendencies.


Dubai is a contradiction, a meeting between the roaring frenzy of urban and technological progress and Middle Eastern traditions that still strongly influence the social life of the city. The luxury destinations Dubai is also its most interesting aspect, offering a very broad choice of leisure and pleasure seekers in search of ever seen, but also a vast cultural scene of Dubai quieter and intriguing.

Best of Dubai- Dubai holiday destination

Visit Deirah, the business district which is home to several attractions, including giant glass buildings with more sophisticated architectures. There seem to set foot in a bizarre and futuristic world, where the word “too” seems to have been forgotten. From this side of the canal, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Gold Souk, the fish, and the famous spice souk.

A journey through the scents and colors of this land, with the possibility of finding some souvenirs at a good price. Jumeirah is instead the most tourist district in Dubai, as well as the most refined.


Luxury destinations Dubai for luxurious fun!

Go at the impressive Jumeirah Mosque, the largest in the city, where take a picture or book one of the guided tours. In this area also lies the Jumeirah Beach Park, a great park for a walk by the sea and to stop for lunch at the lot. The Dubai beaches are an excellent, in the course of your visit, to relax and take a little ‘sun and transformed Dubai into a perfect destination for a vacation to the sea in winter.

There are private beaches, equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, and beaches, like the one in the area Umm Suqueim. The unbridled luxury and the fact that Dubai is a tax haven mean only one thing: shopping. Boutique shops are scattered in the most famous streets of the city, such as the Mall of the Emirates, the largest shopping resort in the world, in addition to restaurants, shops, theaters, and audiences, it also houses a ski slope indoors.

After all this dazzling pageantry, it’s time to learn about the origins of Dubai. What was there before the skyscrapers and eccentricity without borders? The old city and the old quarter of Bastakiya can answer this question. This area of the city, fully renovated, still, retains the traditional look of a Dubai began as a village made of coral houses and palm leaves and based on the pearl trade.

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