5 Incredible Honeymoon Destinations in Chile

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Every couple once married deserves a more than earned rest, and that is where the excellent honeymoon appears. An opportunity to focus on the other and to cement what will be your life as married. Now, many think that to have a well-deserved post-vacation it is necessary to take a flight to a destination outside the country. However, it needs not to be that way necessarily.


  1. Iquique

It is one of the ideal honeymoon destinations in Chile for any couple getaway, not only for the attractions of the city but also for its climate. Iquique is one of the towns that maintains an ambient temperature of 20 ° C (on average), which makes it pleasant to visit at any time of the year. This panorama is the perfect excuse to visit the beach of Cavancha or to get to the Oasis of Pica; there is a slope with waters of up to 25 ° C where a romantic bath in a couple is the usual postcard.


  1. San Pedro de Atacama

If yours is on the side of the adventure, San Pedro is a town give serious consideration to when choosing a destination honeymoon. Not only for the adventure that involves getting there, but also by the tens of tourist attractions that marvel at its visitors and, of course, everything is more beautiful if you are visiting as a couple. The Tatio geyser, the Salar de Uyuni, the Valley of the Moon and Cejar Lagoon, are just some of the places that can be known near this locality that, surely, will remember forever.

San Pedro de Atacama

  1. Choros Point

Turquoise waters, white sands and dolphins, no, it is not the description of some beach Caribbean, is the description of the picture to be found in Punta de Choros. A site located 114 kilometers northwest of the Serena and where you can camp (in places allowed) and visit paradisiacal Islands such as Isla Damas. It is an ideal honeymoon destinations Chile to live with nature and share with the native species of the sector.

Choros Point

4- Viña del Mar

More than the festival, Viña is much more than that. While the charms of your city speak for themselves, highlighting the benefits is never too much. Because the garden city is the perfect combination of a busy metropolis with the tranquility of beautiful beaches, to this must be added the great gastronomic offer of Calle San Martín, the alternative to trying your luck at the casino, a tour in victory or pleasure of a romantic walk along the extensive coastline.

Viña del Mar

  1. Maitencillo

If you just seek tranquility and leave the adventure for another time, a perfect alternative is this beach. A spa that offers the opportunity to escape from the city to just enjoy those moments in front of the sea with the only concern of “how strong the sun is.” Now, if the savings of the year are considerable or if the marriage sponsors were generous and instead of a blender were played by an impressive check, an excellent option is to spend your stay at honeymoon destinations in Chile.


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