Top Reasons To Visit Alaska

From gliding past icy glaciers and epic mountain peaks, to spotting humpback whales and bears, Alaska is home to some of the world’s wildest landscapes. On your luxury travel in north America, if you are yearning for a spot which is something of spectacular nature’s show of snowcapped mountains then Alaska is definitely the place to be.

Alaska, America’s largest state is home to some of the most impressive scenery which offers your eyes the deluge of towering glaciers, mirror-like lakes, fjords and rugged mountains, along with perfect clear waters. This is definitely the getaway you would like to keep the scorching Indian summers at bay. More than the natural scenic beauties, let us look at some more reasons for choosing Alaska:

The landscapes

Alaska is the largest US state by absolutely miles and stretches to the vast terrains to the point that it leaves Texas behind! And yet it remains vastly inaccessible.

As one of the highlights of luxury destinations north america the Hubbard Glacier, the largest tidewater glacier is the biggest takeaway. Double the joy with views of icebergs being carved up, gets smashed into the freezing waters. You also get a chance to be at the vicinity of Mount Denali which is over 20,000 feet. This state has been treasuring over 15 of North America’s tallest mountains.

But hold on a sec, you cannot afford to miss the fjords too. Two of the prime fjords Kenai and Tracy Arm look particularly appealing – this makes the spot the right backdrop to click a few snaps. Behold, the wildlife is always around the corner.

The Wildlife

How could you probably miss the wildlife from your luxury travel in north America? Especially when it is the habitat of Grizzly bears, black bears, polar bears, whales, sea lions, puffins, wolves, reindeer, caribou, sea otters, moose, eagle. Regardless of where you go to and where you glance at, you are sure to be enthralled to see the amazing wildlife. A wildlife boat tour is all it takes to see the wildlife up close and personal. There’s a bus tour along Denali’s Park Road and you could spot the state’s very own big 5 -wolves, moose, grizzly bears, dall sheep, and caribou.

Fun filled activities

There’s no way you get bored or worn out as Alaska is all about best spots outdoors. One of the most popular things to do in Alaska has to be a boat ride. Get immersed in the wildlife and creatures who get spotted but the biggest perk would be that of seeing Mother Nature in its pristine self. The very sight of seeing a tall sheet of ice shave off a glacier and plummet into the sea is something you can probably see only once in a lifetime!

Better still, there’s also helicopter flight over the icy landscapes, and in Alaska, there are small planes and helicopters, which will fly you over the state’s untouched peaks and landscapes in the luxury travel in north America

The Northern Lights

The aurora of the northern hemisphere! You sure know we are talking about the Northern Lights which do unveil itself in winter but you still stand a chance to see them from September until mid-April. The prerequisites though are pure darkness, spot free skies and mild weather. While they can be seen from all across the state, it is Fairbanks which holds the edge for getting the best view.

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5 Destinations For Your Honeymoon in The United States

A honeymoon does not have to include tropical drinks or baths in crystal clear waters be considered a dream, and the goal is to spend time together, as a couple, to celebrate the beginning of your new relationship.

Your dream honeymoon can be achieved in your dream destination, i.e., the USA, and so here is a selection of 5 luxury destinations North America for your honeymoon.

In Brunswick Islands, North Carolina, you may consider renting a small house on the beach.

You will find several cities, islands, and beaches that will give you many options. If you desire to stay away from the crowds, try Caswell Island, where the only commercial establishment is the golf club.

Explore the almost untouched dunes at Sunset Beach and dine at one of the many beachfront restaurants in Southport. The Brunswick Islands will transport you to a time when life was simpler, and the only thing you had to worry about is what you will eat for dinner.

California’s Sonoma County can make you feel like you’re in Italy, thanks to the many vineyards and beautiful hills in the area. In addition to just drinking wine, you can take a romantic wine tour on a horse-drawn cart, make your wine or even create your cheese. You can also go trekking through the redwoods, go on a hot air balloon ride or go whale watching. Just about everything in Sonoma revolves around wine, but there is also golf, an impressive arts community and many festivals throughout the year to keep you busy.

Sedona Arizona is a paradise for nature lovers. The weather is beautiful pretty much all year round, with cold nights even during the hot summers. There are hiking trails, coves for swimming and some of the most beautiful landscapes at the honeymoon destinations in North America. After a long day of hiking, return to the luxury hotel for massages and champagne. The city offers a range of delicious dishes, and there are even several wineries nearby.

Biloxi in Mississippi is nestled along the Gulf Coast and is home to beautiful beaches and southern charm. Enjoy a fresh seafood dinner and local delicacies. Take a kayak on one of the many streams and admire the fauna and flora. The sub-tropical climate ensures good weather almost all year round. The Eco-tours allow you to explore the marshes, swamps or see alligators or dolphins. Visitors can also take a tour of a shrimp or fishing boat and help catch up on their dinner!

Portland Maine is rich in history and has beautiful scenery, as well as lighthouses on the coast with mountain views. The place is perfect for the couple who wants to relax, enjoy each other. Visit one of Portland’s many historical sites, museums or galleries during the day and eat fresh seafood at night. Portland is home to several quaint bed and breakfasts that will make you feel right at home while you enjoy your honeymoon.

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Have Ultimate Honeymoon Trip to North America

Honeymoon Trip to North America

The wedding is over, you and your partner will begin your new life together, you tow will start your life with a romantic honeymoon trip. With any second thought you can come to USA that it is the perfect destination for a honeymoon. Interestingly, North America is a true a hot-spot for honeymoons traveler’s where the couple will be delighted and enjoy some quality time together. There is no doubt that North America is a magnificent continent, where one will not only explore geography and civilizations, culture, but also enjoy amazing romantic getaways. The country is a home of some of the dazzling destinations in the world where you will enjoy the gaze at stunning natural landscapes like snow-white mountains and sandy beaches and many more.

Now honeymoon trip are available in different colors, shapes which couple can enjoy and fall in love with each other. They can enjoy honeymoon Continue reading

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