Dubai: A Different Destination

Dubai spreads worldwide fame; for its majestic buildings, large events and infinite luxuries. Dubai is undoubtedly an international business center between the infinite tranquility of the desert and the fast-paced bustle of its capital, many in this advanced city find their infinite predilection.

Let’s take a quick walk through the land of oil and soak up the specific honeymoon destinations in Dubai you must visit among all the wonder.

Be sure to stroll through the wonderful fountain systems

Dubai Fountain is located along a beautiful artificial lake of the Burj Khalifa in the huge Dubai Mall. This wonderful fountain is largest in the world and seems incredible as it dances to the rhythm of the music. This is one of the things you cannot miss during Dubai holiday destination trip;its first show is at 6am, it performs choreographies that go from classic to destinations in Dubai

Shopping is another of the charms that the city of Dubai has, it has very large shopping malls where you can buy products from the most select brands in the international market.

Dubai for Everyone

In Dubai there is much to see, know and enjoy, despite being located in the heart of the desert, this wonderful city has managed to dethrone the metropolises of the planet and quickly position itself as the capital of the world. Whether you went for a business stay or tourism, visit luxury destinations in Dubai to get maximum enjoyment during visit.

Dubai Marina:It has expensive and beautiful residential areas with leisure and recreation areas along with huge canal, the best way to take advantage of its infinite beauty is by taking a walk and crossing all the docks or making a cruise that takes you through the entire channel and you can see its characteristic sky scrapers.

Madinat Jumeirah is one of the few structures that Dubai keeps with a resemblance to an ancient Arab city, both its interior and exterior architecture, know it as the Venice of the Middle East. Take an abra or canoe from the region and visit honeymoon destinations in Dubai, you can take postcard photographs and during the nights it is much more acclimated by its terraces, bars and restaurants.

Dubai Aquarium is the largest in the world since it needs 10 million liters of water to function, which is equal to 5 Olympic pools and you can find it in the Dubai Mall. It serves as a home for 33 thousand aquatic animals of almost 200 species. It is essential that if you are in Dubai you visit this incredible aquarium since you will not find something like it anywhere else in the world.

The Burj AL Arab: It is one of the most expensive Dubai luxury hotels due to its demand for visitors as some of the millionaire sheikhs residing in this country. In addition to being classified as the only 6-star hotel in Dubai, it has an approximate height 321 meters, making it one of the tallest structures in the world in the area of hotels. This beautiful and expensive building is built on one of the artificial islands of Dubai, about 270 meters away from the Persian Gulf and the only connection it has with terra firma is an avenue through which anyone wishing to stay at this hotel. The beginning of this luxury construction began in 1994 and was officially presented to the world finished in December 1999.

Burj Khalifa:If you are a lover of architecture or its modernisms, be sure to stroll through the Burj Khalifa, the largest building in the world, which boasts its 163 floors distributed by its 863 meters high. If you do not suffer from vertigo on the 124th floor there is a beautiful viewpoint that offers a 360-degree view of Dubai.

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Honeymoon In Dubai. Facts VS Myths

Modern honeymooners are increasingly choosing for a honeymoon not cosy Europe, meditative Asia, or all-inclusive islands, but the futuristic Arab Emirates!

The most popular destination in the UAE is undoubtedly Dubai. Despite the annual growth of Russian-speaking tourists in the “emirate of the future”, there are still those who continue to live with the myths of the past and fear the strict rules of the Muslim state. So, if you do not know how to persuade your soulmate to a dream vacation, read our article aloud.

In this article, we will break the stereotypes about Dubai holiday destination and tell you everything you need to know for the newlyweds about the new centre of the Middle East.

Myth 1- Women are forbidden to appear without an abaya

According to 2017, the ratio of the local population to expatriates (approx. – foreign specialists) is 1 to 9. And among this 90 % of the population, you can find representatives of almost any nationality and religion. Therefore, on the streets of Dubai, fashionistas in black abayas (approx. Abaya – a long Arab dress with sleeves) you will almost not see, but short shorts and a deep neckline are commonplace.

By the way, the emirates rarely cover their heads, not to mention their faces, so women who are completely covered in black robes are most likely tourists from Saudi Arabia.

Myth 2 – A kiss in a public place threatens deportation

Newlyweds, hug, and kiss on health, just do not do this:

  • Defiantly, in a public place
  • While intoxicated
  • In sacred places

You can properly enjoy honeymoon destinations in Dubai with great decency.

Myth 3 – For a glass of wine, you can be put in prison

Dubai is the emirate of a Muslim country. Muslims have a separate attitude toward alcoholic beverages. Most believers do not use them at all, some do not even allow them in their presence. We do not advise you to drink whiskey on the streets of the UAE, as well as to drive while intoxicated. The rules of public order are strict, and the fines are high.

Myth 4 – An unsafe place, brides steal on the street

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. Why? First, see myth 3!

Secondly, the security control of the emirate is in the hands of the sheikh himself. Unlike its rich counterparts, Dubai has no natural resources, and the economy is entirely built on tourism, and tourism is the key to tourism. It is here that you will see the most modern baggage control at the airport, cameras on all buildings, “smart systems” in elevators and houses.

Myth 5 – The heat is unbearable, you can’t get out of the hotel

The climate in Dubai is really warming up. In summer, the temperature rises to 45C, but winter is a paradise and enjoyment from 18 to 25 C. If you intend to go to the UAE from October to May, you will see the whole gamut of entertainment- from luxurious beaches with coral diving, shows of dancing fountains and open-air parties, to walks in the authentic textile market Dubai Old Souk.

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Why Honeymoon In Dubai?

Dubai is the ideal destination for a perfect honeymoon, especially for all those couples who love cosmopolitan cities, with a thousand curiosities and exciting places to discover in every corner. It is, in fact, a real meeting point of different cultures, with a magical mix between the Arab traditions of origin and the great luxury of the subsequent contributions of the West.

Here you can meet people from all over the world, with entertainment and clubs of all kinds, where you can try the different cuisines of each country. We must not forget the immense charm of the desert and the opportunity for unforgettable adventures that can be realized during your stay. There is the possibility to satisfy the most disparate needs, starting from the fun in attending the racing competitions, to the exciting desert safaris, or simply at the sight of the exotic charm of a belly dancer.

Anyone who decides to spend their timeat honeymoon destinations in Dubai will have a wide range of luxury hotels and resorts to choose from. Definitely worth mentioning is the renowned Burj Al Arab, the symbol of the city, with its 7-star category, a guarantee of maximum accuracy and of great glamor. However, if you have a more limited budget, there are numerous equally valid alternatives for excellent hotels within the city, starting from relatively cheap ones up to the 5-star category. All accommodations aim to ensure their guests a comfortable stay with attention to destinations Dubai

The honeymoon, in addition to being a romantic and engaging experience, can be enriched by numerous fun activities, which can be included in your itinerary: do not miss, for example, shopping at the Dubai Mall, which represents one of the shopping centers largest in the world, with its surface 700 meters long and 600 wide, to house the more than 1200 shops, grouped in at least 10 centers within the entire complex. In the immediate vicinity, it is possible to admire the tallest tower in the world, the BurjKhalifa, with its 829.8 meters high at the antenna.

You can also enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city, suspended between past and future, with the view of the very modern Twin Towers. For couples who, in addition to the romantic aspect, also want to experience the most fun and typical activities of the city, it is advisable to move from one side to the other through what is called Abra, a very inexpensive water taxi that connects the two banks of the river and which represents a means of transport still used today by the inhabitants.

Another experience not to be missed is a walk in the commercial port of the city, where for centuries the goods that come from business routes with India and Africa are unloaded. And after these cultural routes, it will be possible to enjoy the real jewel of the city that will make the entire honeymoon unforgettable: the sea and the beautiful luxury destinations Dubai.

Being able to enjoy a sunset lying on a sunbed, sipping a drink, with all possible comforts, will give the sensation of feeling in an oasis of peace and relaxation, lulled by the romantic sound of the waves.

Once you have enjoyed the beautiful sunset, you can go to one of the wonderful gourmet restaurants in the city, for a delicious candlelit dinner. For all couples who are passionate about nightlife, it will then be possible to go wild in one of the many clubs, with music and dancing of all kinds. Among the most renowned clubs, we cannot fail to mention the Sky View Bar at the Burj Al Arab or the 360 ° in the Jumeirah Beach hotel complex.

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