Honeymoon In Dubai. Facts VS Myths

Modern honeymooners are increasingly choosing for a honeymoon not cosy Europe, meditative Asia, or all-inclusive islands, but the futuristic Arab Emirates!

The most popular destination in the UAE is undoubtedly Dubai. Despite the annual growth of Russian-speaking tourists in the “emirate of the future”, there are still those who continue to live with the myths of the past and fear the strict rules of the Muslim state. So, if you do not know how to persuade your soulmate to a dream vacation, read our article aloud.

In this article, we will break the stereotypes about Dubai holiday destination and tell you everything you need to know for the newlyweds about the new centre of the Middle East.

Myth 1- Women are forbidden to appear without an abaya

According to 2017, the ratio of the local population to expatriates (approx. – foreign specialists) is 1 to 9. And among this 90 % of the population, you can find representatives of almost any nationality and religion. Therefore, on the streets of Dubai, fashionistas in black abayas (approx. Abaya – a long Arab dress with sleeves) you will almost not see, but short shorts and a deep neckline are commonplace.

By the way, the emirates rarely cover their heads, not to mention their faces, so women who are completely covered in black robes are most likely tourists from Saudi Arabia.

Myth 2 – A kiss in a public place threatens deportation

Newlyweds, hug, and kiss on health, just do not do this:

  • Defiantly, in a public place
  • While intoxicated
  • In sacred places

You can properly enjoy honeymoon destinations in Dubai with great decency.

Myth 3 – For a glass of wine, you can be put in prison

Dubai is the emirate of a Muslim country. Muslims have a separate attitude toward alcoholic beverages. Most believers do not use them at all, some do not even allow them in their presence. We do not advise you to drink whiskey on the streets of the UAE, as well as to drive while intoxicated. The rules of public order are strict, and the fines are high.

Myth 4 – An unsafe place, brides steal on the street

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. Why? First, see myth 3!

Secondly, the security control of the emirate is in the hands of the sheikh himself. Unlike its rich counterparts, Dubai has no natural resources, and the economy is entirely built on tourism, and tourism is the key to tourism. It is here that you will see the most modern baggage control at the airport, cameras on all buildings, “smart systems” in elevators and houses.

Myth 5 – The heat is unbearable, you can’t get out of the hotel

The climate in Dubai is really warming up. In summer, the temperature rises to 45C, but winter is a paradise and enjoyment from 18 to 25 C. If you intend to go to the UAE from October to May, you will see the whole gamut of entertainment- from luxurious beaches with coral diving, shows of dancing fountains and open-air parties, to walks in the authentic textile market Dubai Old Souk.

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