Maldives Is The Right Place To Relax

This country seems to have been specially created to be an ideal tropical resort. Exotic nature, clean air, fantastic beaches, impressive diving, comfortable hotels, excellent spa, extremely polite staff.

And also some unique atmosphere, whimsically woven out of measured leisureliness, silence and many pleasant trifles that allow you to enjoy the fullness of being away from civilization.

The Maldives is a generous scattering of islands and coral reefs in the middle of the Indian Ocean to the west of Sri Lanka. Because of its closeness to the equator, the temperature is stable all the year round 28-32° С. The ocean is hot, almost at any season comfortable for swimming and practicing sea sports. Around the islands is vibrant and diverse marine life, the observation of which is an essential element of the resort appeal of the country.

For the Maldives for objective reasons, almost wholly missing any production, which makes luxury destinations Maldives one of the most environmentally friendly places on earth. The basis of the economy is tourism. The hospitality industry is developing very dynamically, which allowed the country in a short time to become the most famous tourist destinations in the world.

Today, about one-fifth of the country is developed for tourist purposes, but this amounts to more than 200 resorts of 3-5 stars level. Practically everywhere the principle “one island – one hotel” operates. Therefore, even a traveler inveterate life is not enough to rest in each one at least once.

In general, with activity on the water here everything is in order: snorkeling on the home reef – for beginners, snorkeling safari on remote beaches – for advanced, dangerous diving, boat trip with a glass bottom, “hunting” for dolphins, night fishing, daytime fishing fishing for large fish and much more.

There is also a picnic on the uninhabited island, an excursion to Male (in the Maldives holiday destinations this pleasure is not available to everyone), a seaport on a seaplane, master classes on cocktail preparation, excellent evening music programs, karaoke, and next morning after an active day – a premium breakfast with champagne. In general, with the food here everything is fine. The island has eight restaurants, and three bars, and guests can choose any meal- from half board to premium All-Inclusive Dine Around.

In between snorkeling, a regular beach rest and a variety of master classes, you should look into the spa to pamper yourself with the Maldivian sand massage in combination with the original aromatherapy.

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