Find Out Here What Makes Italy Such A Popular Holiday Destination!

Italy is an unusual country. Each traveler will find in it something interesting for himself. Stunning monuments, exotic beauty of the landscape, amazing Italian cuisine will leave a lasting impression in any visiting season.

And most importantly, amazing people live in the country, famous for their hospitality. The approaching Christmas makes them even more open and welcoming. Therefore, visiting Italy in winter, especially during the holidays, will allow tourists to feel all its originality and cordiality.

Blue sea, friendly people, culture, good food, exciting cities, and landscapes make Italy a popular holiday destination. If you need more reasons why your next trip has to go to Italy, we have some here for you

  1. The climate

Since luxury destinations in Italy has both mountainous and pronounced coastal regions, the weather is correspondingly varied and can spend both a lovely winter holiday, but of course especially great summer holidays here. The Mediterranean climate is considered particularly healthy, also thanks to the salty sea air. Of course, the temperatures vary slightly between north and south, but on average it rarely gets colder than 4-5 degrees, even in winter.

  1. The sea

Who thinks of Italy, thinks of the Adriatic, but Italy is also on the Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea. One finds in many new coastal sections with rocks and forests, but also beautiful long sandy beaches with bright sand. The beaches invite to long walks and sunbathing – pure relaxation.

  1. The culture

Due to the long history of Italy, anyone who is interested will get their money’s worth. You can stalk in the footsteps of the Romans, visit many beautiful museums and admire the monuments. The national libraries of Florence, Rome, and Naples are unique.

  1. Cities and landscapes

Rome, the Eternal City, with St. Peter’s Basilica and the famous old town is on the plan for many. If you do not want to devote the night in a hotel, you can look for a cozy holiday apartment from the great offer. If you are still gazing for the perfect holiday accommodation in Italy, you will find what you are looking for with our hotel search.

Naples is to Rome and Milan- the most populous city, beautifully situated on the Gulf of Naples. Anyone interested in fashion, for example, will be comfortable in Milan. A visit to Florence, in the footsteps of the Medici, combined with a romantic stroll through the city, is not just something for lovers of the new. In the southeastern part of Italy, in Puglia, there is an impressive coastal landscape. This area thrives on the cultivation of almonds, olives, and wine. From a cottage, you can explore the city.

  1. The food

Pizza, pasta, and co. – The luxury destinations Italy are known best for their excellent food and hospitality. If the day usually begins with a light breakfast, you can enjoy pasta with side dishes such as meat, fish, seafood, and a 3-course dinner in the evening. And gelato is a duty anyway during the Italy holiday.

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