Is It Really Worthy To Travel To Japan?

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Imagine entering a temple where a large figure of Buddha welcomes you. Also imagine enjoying the silence, walking and finding yourself in a street full of light, sound, color and large skyscrapers; then board a bullet train that allows you to see an imposing mountain up close and close the day with a good dinner.

Japan holiday destinations

Japan is not only the country where unforgettable cartoon characters have emerged, the nation of samurai or sushi, it is a place that combines culture, tradition, gastronomy and natural landscapes that, year after year, attract millions of tourists.

In a visit to Mexico, Kazuo Yana, parliamentary vice minister of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, explained that his country received 28,690,000 tourists, 19.3% more than in 2016.

And what does Japan holiday destinations offer to international tourists? It could be summarized like this:


It is one of the nations with the lowest crime rates. In 2015, only one death by firearm was registered and, for more than a decade, the crime rate has been falling.

Leaving your bag in a restaurant, while you go to the bathroom, is not something out of the ordinary, nor is it to see dozens of bicycles parked on the street without any protection against theft. If you drop the wallet, they will notify you. You can walk confidently until the early morning.


Although most Japanese do not speak English, they will always be ready to help you. There are many cases of tourists who ask for an address and, if it is a nearby place, some citizens may ask you to follow them and they will take you to the place you are looking for. If they can’t, they’ll try to give you detailed instructions with signs and keywords.


The Japanese cuisine is varied and nutritious. It is part of their culture. While there is Japanese food all over the world, it is not the same as enjoying it in your home country. It’s about experimenting with how carefully it is prepared.


In Japan there is a culture of enjoying each season of the year, so there are activities depending on the season. The most famous is “Sakura”, the blossoming of cherry trees.

The cherry tree is beautiful to look at, but it is not only that. In Japanese culture it represents something very specific. It blooms in a moment and that doesn’t last long.

When the flowers fall, they also take with them the beauty of the experience, only the memory remains, the longing and that part is a Japanese feeling, a “Japanese sadness”. Something that is beautiful, but is not forever.

But not everything is the cherry blossom. The Mount Fuji, the symbol of Japan, is another emblem of its natural beauty, you can visit luxury destinations in Japan by booking a package with the help of the experts of Welgrow.


An ancient culture, such as the Japanese one, has accumulated aesthetic and historical expressions that today we can experience through various activities, such as the tea ceremony or sumo wrestling.

The Japanese honor their traditional clothing. Therefore, in cities like Kyoto , it is not uncommon to see national and foreign tourists enthusiastically wearing the yukata (summer kimono).

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