Thrilling Travel Experience

Thrilling Travel Experience

Why You Should Go

Japan is a destination that instills in people a longing for traveling. The friendly and futuristic city of Tokyo is a feast for all senses, especially for kids. Slurp on bowls of Ramen and wonder at the neon world of Sega Joyopolis, a video game themed park. Spend time exploring the various historic sites of Kamakura’s towering Buddha, ancient castles and temple ruins. Take a cable car ride up Mt. Fuji.

What to Expect

Start the journey in Tokyo, where a privately guided tour takes you to the top of the Tokyo Tower. Also pay a visit to the Asakusa Kannon Temple as well as Nakamise-dori, a vibrant street that sells traditional Japanese snacks, kimonos and dolls. Spend some time in the Sega Joyopolis video game center on the futuristic Odaiba Island. Visit the religious center of Nikko and Edo Wonderland, an educational theme park. Next stop is Kamakura for a look at the imposing Great Buddha. Next, tour the Hakone region near Mt. Fuji. Embark on a ropeway ride for a breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji. Walk amid the live geysers and take a cruise on the lake Spend the night in a Japanese tatami room at a traditional inn. Board the bullet train for a visit to Hiroshima, where you can pay your respects at the Peace Memorial Park. Go on a scenic excursion to the Miyajima Island, which is famous for the Torii Gate rising out of the sea at the 12th century Itsukushima Shrine. Visit the beautiful Himeji-jo castle, and carry on to Kyoto. Tuck into a tempura dinner, as you absorb a cultural dance performance in the Gion district. Visit the famous temples, and climb up the Fushimi-Inari shrine. Also, while in Kyoto, spend a day in Nara.

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Your journey will be private and customized based on your schedule, budget, and interests.