India: Enthralling and With Something For Everyone


Ancient, rich in culture, and with so many destinations that one would be hard-pressed to explore them all, India really is a traveler’s dream. The largest democracy in the world is a country that’s intense, often times chaotic, and every bit as colourful as /expected. Visitors on the lookout for luxury destinations India need only take a look at the numerous places to visit and things to see to satiate their curiosity.

India is a massive country with 29 states and 7 Union Territories. Each state has its own religion and culture, making it an incredibly diverse place that’s impossible to traverse in one shot. Any traveler looking to enjoy an unforgettable experience in a land that offers plenty should make their first stop here. They’ll leave with numerous stories to tell and memories to relive.

What to do


Since each state has something different to offer, visitors would do well to pick the places that interest them the most and fit them into their itinerary. Attempting to visit all 29 states and 7 UTs would require time and some effort. It would be more cost-effective to settle on a few states and get to know them well.

To the north, visitors can cover Rajasthan, Delhi, and Agra – the ‘Golden Triangle’. There are forts to explore and palaces to admire. They can also take a trip to the holy city of Varanasi. If planning to visit the east, Kolkata and Darjeeling should not be missed. These lovely cities that are rich in culture are home to colonial architecture, temples, and museums as well as tea plantations, more religious establishments, and the famous Mount Kanchenjunga respectively.

To the south, visitors can enjoy views of stunning landscapes like Araku Valley, Skandagiri Hills, and Kudle beach. They can admire the architectural ingenuity of places such as Halebidu, Hampi, and Mahabalipuram. If beach travel is on the itinerary, Goa is the ultimate stop. It’s the perfect locale for nature lovers, water lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts all at once. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and BhagwanMahavir Wildlife Sanctuary are two places that shouldn’t be missed.

What to see


Every state in India has something worth seeing. However, the temples, forts, palaces, colonial buildings, and natural landscapes are particularly worth noting. Visitors can go river rafting alongside hiking and nature walks. For a more laidback experience, the backwaters at Alappuzha offer a relaxing way to unwind. Book a floating boathouse and enjoy the gentle lapping of the waters. If you’re a nature enthusiast, visit the many reserves for a look at one-horned rhinoceroses, bird species, and tigers.

India has something for every visitor. It’s vibrant, colourful, chaotic at times, and extremely memorable. If a relaxing, easy-going ambience is what you’re looking, you’ll find it at the beaches and hill stations. If history is what interests you, the numerous forts and palaces are waiting to be explored. Contact luxury tour operator in India for all the best deals. They can show you the best places to visit according to your time and your budget.

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