Holidays In New Zealand: 3 Must-Sees In The Country To Enjoy

New Zealand is a travel destination that promises a fabulous stay of relaxation and escape.

Particularly vast, the country consists of a luxuriant nature lending itself to different leisure activities. It has many historical and traditional sites that fascinate young and old alike. To help you learn more about the attractiveness of the New Zealand holiday destinations, here are three must-sees to enjoy during your family vacation in New Zealand.

Visit the Auckland Zoo during a stay in New Zealand

Going to meet animals is one of the most popular activities for families going on holiday to New Zealand with children. So, during your getaway in the country, do not miss to visit the famous Auckland Zoological Park. Located near the business district of Auckland, this exceptional site is home to abundant and fascinating wildlife.

Children and adults alike will be impressed to see remarkable animals, such as Asian elephants, sea lions, Galapagos giant tortoises, Temmick cats that are scarce species of feline, wallabies, tigers from Sumatra, etc. Real meeting place between Man and animals, you will have the opportunity to approach, and even to pet, some animals.

Have a lovely relaxing time in the city of Kawhia

Spending a few days in the charming town of Kawhia offers you the opportunity to enjoy a good time with family during your trip to New Zealand. It is located on the west coast of New Zealand, not far from Raglan and Hamilton. This beautiful town will seduce you for its sublime stretch of black sand beach lined with dunes on the edges of Ocean Beach. The water is warming almost all year long, and the waves are unusually mild during low tide.

During your stay in luxury destinations new zealand, you can wade safely into the sea with your young children. Adults will have the chance to pamper in the various water activities offered by local service providers. Do not miss a stroll in the city and sit in some of its restaurants to sample the local cuisine.

Explore the fabulous Waitomo Caves

Exploring the fabled Waitomo Caves is one of the must-sees to include in your New Zealand family trip. This is possibly one of the holiest and impressive places in the country of kiwis. You and your children will be filled with amazement at the breathtaking spectacle of these caves illuminated like a starry sky.

This luminescence comes from glossy worms lined with the walls of the caves. An enchanting sight that you can admire while traveling on a boat the underground river running through the caverns of Waitomo. It should be noted that it is prohibited to make noise or to take pictures during your journey at the risk of scaring the larvae. When they are frightened, they do not produce light for hours.

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