What Places In Argentina To Visit Depending On The Time Of Year?

Argentina is a vast country, so much so that we have all the possible climates and ecosystems: mountains, beach, snow, heat, waterfalls, etc. This opens us a wide range of possibilities when choosing a destination to travel within the country.

In this article, I want to give you some advice and recommend some luxury destinations Argentina to visit depending on the time of year based on my own experience. I have been able to visit all the places I recommend, so do not hesitate! But first we will answer a ubiquitous question:

What is the top time of the year to travel to Argentina?

This question does not have a single answer because it will depend on your preferences, as I commented in previous paragraphs. There are so many climates and possibilities that transform Argentina into a destination for the whole year.

Maybe what I can recommend is that, preferably, travel in autumn and spring, for several reasons:

There are fewer tourists: if you do not like to stand in line for dinner, see the points of interest full of people and so on, then you better go out of season.

It’s cheaper: everything comes out cheaper, from the hotel to the tickets and attractions.

And while I recommend these two seasons, it does not mean that they will not have a great time if they go in winter and summer, the key is knowing how to choose the perfect destination, and that is what I am going to teach you now.

Argentina in spring-summer (September to March)

If you are planning to take a summer vacation there are several luxury destinations in Argentina that I recommend visiting:


If you like the sea and make a beach, then the ideal goal is the Atlantic coast: Mar del Plata, Villa Gesell, Pinamar, Cariló (if you like green landscapes this is the best), etc. My favorite is Mar del Plata because it combines the advantages of a large city with kilometers and kilometers of beach, more options for restaurants, and activities for all ages, nightlife, etc.

Mountain and rivers

Another option that I like a lot is the center and south of the country, if instead of beach prefer to spend the hot summer afternoons in the river (with crystal clear water) then I recommend visiting Cordoba and its different flavors: Villa Carlos Paz, Villa General Belgrano, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, etc.

My favorite, in this case, is Villa Carlos Paz, it is the destination par excellence that chooses the most famous plays of the country, the city doubles its population in the summer season and has many options and activities for all tastes, from tourism activities adventure (rafting, trekking, etc.) to nightlife for the youngest.

Also within the destinations with rivers and mountains, I recommend visiting the south of the country: Bariloche and Villa la Angostura. These destinations in summer become a great place to visit because the temperatures do not scale as much as in the center of the country, the vegetation blooms and it looks all green; except at the top of the mountains that are always snowy, there are even parts of the ski center of the Catedral hill that you can ski.

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