Top 5 Perfect Places to Visit in Tanzania

Tanzania is a perfect safari destination, with mind boggling untamed life and unblemished wild. Seeing the Great Migration is one of the highlights of a Tanzania visit. The considerable movement is for the most part in the Serengeti from December to September. Accompanied by the dry months of December, January, and February the movement is a mass of a huge number of creatures that are unpredictable. To maintain a strategic distance from the group, consider arranging your pleasure trip in May, June, or November.

South Africa has a great quantity of wildlife and scenery, from the sandy beaches, absolute, forest covered cliffs and amazing marine life of its coastline to dry as a bone deserts, peak filled mountain ranges and open savannah. Tanzania should be your first destination of choice in comparative with other African places. Vast numbers of shepherd animals, predators and bands of apes coupled with the country’s dedication to conservation to make Tanzania the most advantageous choice for journeying and safaris.

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This diversity of habitats is echoed in the country’s peoples and history and this beautiful wilderness place is filled with a colorful mixture of people and cultures. Even though we plan your trip to perfection and provide all the necessary information, it’s still nice to come with a little local knowledge about the most well known p laces in Tanzania and must to g and spends at most a day.

Following places attracted me so much and the unpredictable yet lovely animals dominated the places. Few of them are:

Mount Kilimanjaro

Trekking up kilimajaro is like a dream coming true and is a number one destination for winnable climbers when getting on a trip to the top of the mountain. Climbing up the western infringes of the mountain and taking a miraculous look from the top is just the best part of the place. There are several routes that will lead us to the top, but the shortest path and the best one amongst is Lemosho-Western Breach route as it takes less time compared to other routes and you will also get a chance to camp by the glaciers and ash pits of volcanoes. One must invest few more pennies on a sleeping bag that is expensive but worth the cost and is a wonderful mount to achieve the highest possible altitude within just a short period of time and the most scenic route to the pinnacle.

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

The journey of wildlife viewing in the African bush is the most crowded as well as the well known destination for your trip to the Serengeti National Park. It has got the highes numbers of hoofed animals on this planet and is famous for the king of all animals, containing of around 2500 lions. It guarantees an exceptional safari with richest grazing grounds on the continent and home to the largest mammals. It has got everything a tourist person requires while travelling and staying at the place. Its wide variety of accommodations from large hotels to small yet luxury hotels keeps everything in highlight giving a feel of luxurious.

Zanzibar Beaches

It is known for its two main land masses, Unguja and Pemba. Amongst both, Unguja is the most popular island acknowledged for its greeting retreat from the relative hustle and bustle of other beaches. It consist of all the attractions that most hunger after such as scuba diving, splendid beaches, fresh seafood and much more. Other than all these, it is famous for its spices and you will also be able to visit the working spice farm and can have close look at every spice and cultural delights as well.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

It is the nature’s wonder that is incredible and out of this world. The busiest Crater and the natural wildlife safari sites in the world are filled with most private safari experience. Nowhere else you can find the trappings of an elegant highland in just two night stay at this place. With no doubt there are many hotels where you can have the 360 degree view from the top or scenic view from every side of your room. Umpteen varieties flora and fauna one can find here in this are all year around. It is best enjoyed with family and children as it has a large concentration of games.

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park

Staying within the park will be a good option to take pleasure in the scenery and the grasslands and the best option to explore the park and it is the best wildlife experience from inside. This place is very gorgeous and contains remarkable mixture of habitations, animals and particularly birds. On the other hand outside of the park does open up riches of activities with walking, village trips, mountaineering and additional activities such as mount biking is accessible at a number of lodges. You can see herds of pelicans and flamingos, crowned eagles, guinea fowl, herons, stilts, spoonbills and egrets. Animals like tree climbing lions, zebra, impala and many more are just the scenic beauty of this lake. Before you start off with your journey, you can stop off at and have a lunch.

You may find it augmenting your travelling experience! Tanzania has a steamy type of weather, but it can vary throughout the country. The best season to visit is autumn and spring where you can see variety of birds, animals and colorful flowers blossoming offering safari experience. Nevertheless, even if you are wandering during the dry season it is sensible to prepare for all types of weather as it has got something or the other for every traveler and gives a brief introduction to Tanzania’s wildlife. Wildebeest, Zebra herds, Tree climbing lions, Mongoose, Giraffes all congregating on these grassy plains is a eye-warming and exciting.

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