Top 5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Chile

Chile stretches through the dry, dusty deserts to ice glaciers in the area of 4,270 kilometers and has more than enough locations that the country could boast of. It is this amazingly stark contrast of climate that has attracted a bunch of chile luxury travel. So let’s take a look at the five most beautiful places to visit in Chile.

Valaparaiso– Smaller than Santiago, but busier than the wine country, Valparaiso – Valpo – is the capital of the Valparaiso province and region. It is located in central Chile on the Pacific coast. Valpo could be your ideal find in your Honeymoon Travel as the bohemian experience because of its hip beaches, fresh seafood and boutique hotels. San Alfonso del Mar is the known place for excellent views, spas, cuisine and luxury. Another strikingly typical feature of Valparaíso is the brightly colored houses, bohemian culture and beautiful seaside views. Due to the steep hillsides overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Valparaíso looks nothing less than a labyrinth of streets and cobblestone alleyways that embodies a rich architectural and cultural legacy. Valparaíso is Chile’s third largest city nestled between the sea and the coastal mountain range. Much as it is popular for many old cobbled streets and unique architecture the city can also leave a mark among the travelers of chile luxury travel for its lovely harbor and beaches. It can be rightly said that Valparaiso is quite a place for sightseeing and other activities. The country’s tourist attraction cashes in on the country’s rich maritime heritage such as Lord Cochrane’s Museum and the superb Naval and Maritime Museum with its displays dealing with the War of the Pacific of 1879 between Chile and allied Peru and Bolivia, with particular emphasis on the contributions of Chile’s war heroes. As a bonus attraction, there is the Ironclad Huáscar in the Port of Talcahuano some 600 kilometers south of Santiago. Talcahuano’s beautiful harbor – home to Chile’s navy – is the base for this immaculately restored historic vessel built in 1865 in Britain and one of the only surviving such battleships of her kind.

Torres Del Paine National Park- Torres del Paine is a national park in the Extreme South region of Patagonian Chile and features mountains, lakes and glaciers. The central most important attraction of the park is the three Towers of Paine which are basically three spectacular granite peaks that have been shaped by glacial ice. The highest peak is about 2,500 meters (8200 feet). The spectacular Torres del Paine National Parkalso attracts tourists from across the globe thanks largely to its reputation of being honeymoon destinations in chile. Torres Del Paine National Park could take weeks for you to explore numerous lakes, mountains, hills, and glaciers. The park’s namesake, “Torres del Paine,” refers to the three glorious granite peaks of the Paine mountain range

Easter Island- One of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries revolves around the famous statues on this remote island located some 2,300 miles from the coast of Chile. The Rapa Nui who once lived here are believed to have built the 887 giant Moai rock statues, the lightest weighing 86 tons. How they were able to move them around from platform to platform around the island is still anyone’s guess. By coming here, you can come up with your own theory – were they placed by aliens from another planet?  While they’re likely to remain a mystery, the statues serve as the only link to the demise of this isolated Polynesian culture. In addition to admiring the Moai and delving into their mysteries, you can also enjoy soaking up the tropical sun on one of two white sand beaches, snorkeling and diving in indigo-hued waters, traditional surfing and body surfing.

Chilean Fjords- The southernmost glaciated inlets in the world, cradled in the remote southern tip of Patagonia, the Chilean Fjords of Tierra del Fuego are a spectacular feast for the senses and a true splendor of nature. Stretching for more than 1,600km and encompassing an area brimming with not only fjords but also volcanoes, waterfalls and imposing glaciers, this stretch of harsh yet mesmerizing coastline is an amazing destination for anyone who wants to get off the beaten travel path in South America. Aside from the tremendous scenery, the Chilean fjords are home to a splendid array of wildlife. From migrating whales to endless colonies of penguins, cormorants and elephant seals, you’ll see all manner of fantastic creatures down here when you visit. You can drop in on small fishing villages seemingly cut off from the rest of the world and treat your taste buds to the freshest seafood delights. Unencumbered, pristine and sparsely populated, the Chilean fjords are a treat for a busy, hectic and tired soul. This is where you come to rejuvenate your spirit and feel at one with nature again. If you’re searching for an ‘out there’ experience, one that has the potential to totally change your outlook on the world in which we live, then a trip to the Chilean fjords beckons with glee. Visiting the Chilean fjords on a cruise is the best way to immerse one’s self in the harsh and somewhat inhospitable environment. The landscapes are spellbinding and many are also impossible to reach by road. Aboard a Patagonia expedition ship you’ll have the invaluable chance to explore further, and with more ease, and indulge in the comfort of a warm and cozy ‘home’ whilst exploring some of the most extreme land on earth, where winds and cold temps can be overwhelming. You can reach uninhabited islands, untouched by man and unexplored, and visit settlements only reachable by sea.

Pucon- In the heart of Chile’s Lake District is the quaint town of Pucon, which has a charming alpine feel. For many visitors, adventure sports are the top priority, with skiing and snowboarding, hiking through national parks, white-water rafting, kayaking and many more outdoor activities to enjoy. You can’t miss this imposing volcano, which poses in the background of this sweet, rustic town, coated with a dusting of snow during the winter months. Many agencies will offer the opportunity to hike up to the top of the volcano, which usually takes around five hours. It’s best to pay a deposit rather than the full amount, in case you can’t climb because of bad weather. In winter, you can also ski on the volcano. Pucon has the distinction of rewarding the travelers of luxury destinations chile with white waters that adds to the adventure with large waves for fun and adventure activities. One thing to be noted is that there are grade III and IV waters along the higher part of the Trancura River. It is ideal to go to the lower part of the river as it is slower and gentler.

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