Switzerland; a Travel Destination You Fall In Love With Again And Again

Switzerland is country of dreams as it sits at top somewhat in the middle of Continental Europe, Switzerland is a proper diverse country that’s way more than its snow-capped mountains (which are amazing by the way). For a traditional traveler, the visit will be all about the Swiss Alps and admiring the snowcapped beauty. But it is all the more different tour for people who are willing to go beyond one place to experience the best places in Switzerland. Here is what you can look, admire, and see in your luxury destinations tour of Switzerland.

  1. The Panoramic Vista at Sauvabelin Tower- This wooden tower is built from Douglas fir wood and raise to about 35 metres from ground level. The tower was built to mark the beginning of the third millennium and the tower’s design has been inspired by Château de Chambord in France. Climbing the 302 steps of this winding helix construction opens up 360-degree views of Lake Geneva, the French Alps, Jura, and the city of Lausanne. The park within which the Sauvabelin Tower is located has a playground and a lake with boat rides and so, if you are looking for places to picnic within Lausanne, Sauvabelin Tower is a great choice.
  2. The vineyeard of Lavaux- Just about 15 km away from Lausanne, lies Lauvax; a UNESCO Heritage Listed region that is popular for its lush terraced vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva and glistening in the sun. Lavaux vineyards sprawl for more than 800 hectares and tourists can enjoy an amazing time amidst Nature strolling or even cycling amidst the grapevines. The winegrowers in this region welcome tourists for day tours in their vineyards which includes spending a day helping the winemaker with his daily chores, sampling the wines straight from the cellar, going on tour around the area.
  3. A visit to the Olympic Museum- Lausanne is the headquarters for the Olympics. No wonder this place is a resource of information including the Olympics museum here is the biggest source of information for everything related to this mammoth sports event. What you find in the museum are permanent and temporary exhibits relating to sport and the Olympic movement like torches, historic posters, equipment, and clothing worn by Olympians. The well maintained lawns around the museum featuring Olympic themed sculptures and the famous Olympic Torch and the refreshing lake views from the museum make the trip to the Olympic Museum absolutely memorable.

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Some Innovative Ways to Make Your Europe Luxury Tour more Interesting

Europe, as a continent, has been a dream of many tourists as their luxury destinations and why not. It is a gold mine of beautiful countries that have exceptional monuments that display the marvels of architecture. On the other hand, it has vast natural landscapes with all the elements of what we call nature’s paradise. However, there is always an overwhelming concern as to how to go about touring the continent which might last for at least a month. So here is a look at some of the ways to make your Europe travel worth all the fun:

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  1. Contact your tour operator- Ok, it is too obvious but at the same time too important as well. But you do realize that Europe holiday tours can be time-consuming and immaculate planning is required whatsoever. Europe, as we all know, is rich with countries, history, and culture and bucket list attractions. Moreover, the linguistic difference at each of the borders can be challenging for the tourists. This is where the inputs and guidance of the luxury tour operator in Gurgaon. They are equipped with Europe itineraries crafted with expertise, knowledge of the destinations and local networks (as well as customer feedback) to create itineraries that will fulfill your bucket list.
  2. Be smart on the travel budget- It all starts in a much-planned way as far as budget is concerned. But the plan falls apart only in a couple of days of the tour. The reason being the inexperience of the travelers and some impulsive expenses. Once again it is going to be the tour operators who would save the day. With their valued assistance, you get the tour prices in terms of the travel, excursions, and accommodations that are included in each itinerary. This makes your luxury travel far more worthy of every penny spent.
  3. Guided tours- As mentioned before, the language is definitely the barrier in the Europe luxury travel. Hence, it is obvious that you have to or rather you should go for guided tours. The guided tours are going to be the biggest saving grace especially if you have the Louvre in France as your place to visit. Additionally, the luxury tour operator in Gurgaon arranges for the local guides who are as passionate about having foreign tourists come over as they do about their rich culture.Guided tours
  4. Strike a balance between excursions or free time-Like it or not, the guided tours can be pretty mundane for some. Therefore, it could be a brilliant idea to take some time out and go on your own. The excursion tours are pretty much impromptu, to say the least, and the best ways to ascertain if you are truly up for a solo tour the next time you plan your adventure travel.

So we hope that you have all the insights and the itinerary that you would need to on a grand tour of Europe. Happy holidays.

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The Never Ending Romance of Luxury Travel with France

What is it about the charm of France that refuses to die down? Perhaps it is the vineyards and fields of lavender to Michelin-starred cuisine that is what makes France a destination to suit all the senses. The very definition of luxury destinations gets more and more vibrant with The Mediterranean which is so sparkling it looks as if it has been sprinkled in diamond dust, lemon trees beam with sun-shiny color, and there isn’t a better place to sit back with a glass of pink champagne. The artistic legacy in this coastal region of southeastern France is immeasurable – Matisse, Chagall, and Monet are just a few of the artists who painted here – and it just goes to show how captivating the landscape is.

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Even when we detour from the usual destinations in France like The French Riveria, the beauty of the country is simply out of the world. One such place worthy of mention is Provence which you can visit moving west down the coast towards Spain is Provence, one of the most popular places in France to rent holiday homes. If you talk of the biggest draw in Provence, it is Luberon, an atmospheric region dotted with ancient hill towns, rugged valleys and sun-soaked views. Some of the most classic destinations are Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Roussillon and Gordes. Provence also has treasure in Aix-en-Provence, a town immortalized by Paul Cézanne, whose paintings of Mont Saint Victoire which would leave a captivating experience for your eyes.

Normandy is another gem as one of the Luxury Travel Destination. Stretching across 350 miles of coastline, Normandy, in the northwest of France, has a maritime charm and plenty of places to get away from it all. Scenic drives take you past the white chalk cliffs of Etretat, colorful quays and wind-swept sand dunes, and into an agricultural heartland famous for produce such as apples and cheese.

Lastly, you must feel it is a crime to let go of the French capital Paris, right? Such is the vivid picture of Paris, a city known for the best haute couture, architecture, and world-class art. But it is the fashionistas which go gaga over shopping in the luxury designer stores and enjoy some quality champagne thereafter. And of course the Louvre, the cornerstone of the finest art and architecture and yes, it has much more to offer than the iconic painting of Mona Lisa.

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