Budget Friendly Countries To Go On A Vacation

From Hungary to Honduras: discover the top inexpensive places where you can go this summer with a small budget. There are several things that are considered in the travel budget: flights and accommodation of course, but also all the expenses you will have to face once you arrive at your destination. For this reason, go to a cheap destination. Once you are there, you can have fun without breaking the bank.

  1. Hungary

Situated on the Danube, Budapest, the old capital of Hungary is the most beautiful Europian capital and is perfect for a pocket friendly holiday. From previous few years, the cost of living has increased, but Budapest has several low-cost airlines available that allow you to match with your expected budget at the time of preparing for holidays.

Treat yourself to delicious cakes, taste the local spirits, and take the time to relax in the many spas of the city.


  1. Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the seaside resorts along the Black Sea have experienced a tourist boom in recent years, as Bulgaria is a perfect country for a cheap trip, far less than traditional summer destinations such as the south of Spain. If you prefer the atmosphere of big cities to the beaches, go to Sofia, the capital of the country.

  1. Greece           

Due to the economic situation in the country, the cost of living has fallen in recent years at luxury destinations Greece. Sure, going on vacation to Santorini or Mykonos is relatively expensive, but there are many quieter and lesser-known islands such as Paros or Skiathos where you can sunbathe in the sun and drink frozen Mythos (a Greek beer brand), ideal for a cheap stay.

luxury destinations Greece

  1. Asia

Shopping in Mumbai’s luxury shops or sleeping in an international hotel in Delhi will cost you as much as if you were in Dubai, but apart from these enclaves, the cost of living is extremely low in India, it’s ideal to go on holiday cheap. Even if you only travel in first class on the trains (“The Rajdhani” or “The Shatabdi Express” are the most comfortable of them), they are air-conditioned, and meals are included in the ticket price) and you take the taxi at arm’s length, the money will go very slowly, so India is a perfect place for a cheap stay.

  1. Thailand

The cheapest luxury destinations in Thailand areBangkok and Pattaya, followed by Samui, and Phuket is considered the most expensive of the most popular resorts. The larger the settlement, the more local there are, which means more opportunities for budget food.

luxury destinations in Thailand

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is much cheaper than Thailand, even in resort areas. In fact, you can find very cheap food in Vietnamese shops and Thai mackerels. But another question – can you eat it? These countries are not hygienic. And the fact that Thais eat – several times fried chicken butter in oil – not every Russian can eat.

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Luxury Travel in Greece- Plan a Soothing Holiday with Family

If you are one of those folks who have never thought of taking a holiday to Greece, then you must think twice. You are missing out on quite a lot by not taking a Greece Holiday. Situated to the south of the Balkan Peninsula, Greece is a well-admired and most beautiful tourist location. It is visited each year by thousands of travelers and holidaymakers. Greece is surrounded with the Macedonia (north, Mediterranean (south), Aegean Sea (east), Ionian Sea (west), Bulgaria (north east), and Albania (northwest).

During Greece luxury travel, one can experience a blend of both captivating heritage and modern resort. Greece consequently has something to offer to its every visitor. You can take Greece holidays so as to explore the extraordinary ruins while at the same time learning more about its intriguing heritage. Your holidays in Greece are bound to be filled with a lot of fun. Greece is renowned for its mountainous landscapes. It is a legendary land with wonderful weather, too many beautiful islands surrounding it and mesmerizing beaches to refresh.

This country is one of the preferred spots for a lot of Europeans and millions of travelers get attracted to visit this place every year. Travelers are advised to plan their luxury travel in Greece from May to September. During these months the weather is at its best, during summer there are pleasant sunny days without any rains to make your vacation smooth but still a few Greece resorts can get breezy. Many couples wish to perform their wedding ceremonies in Greece where they can exchange their love for each other in more romantic style.

Greece is an outstanding example of a popular European holiday destination that suits all those parents who are traveling with their kids. The luxury destinations in Greece have the essence of class in their every panorama. Greece has numerous activities that all the family members can enjoy right from a kid to an old man. The Greek side of Greece is also perfect for the new category of tourism like ecology tourism that incorporates lots of different types of activities such as river trekking, bird watching, bungee jumping, mountain biking, rafting etc. I can assure you travel in Greece will never be boring for anyone.

Outside of fun-filled days, it can be difficult to keep children happy, especially when it comes to food. While some children will enjoy the opportunity to try new foods, there is no denying that children can be fussy or demanding. But, don’t worry….. Greece has variety of foods to choose from. Travelers can also visit educational spots in Greece where their children can be entertained by spending their time in a useful manner. There are places such as museums and primeval sites which provide knowledge about the illustrious Greek culture. With so many amazing experiences your travel in Greece will always stay in your minds and hearts.

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