Top 3 Family Vacation Destinations In Greece that You Should Not Miss

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We had one of best family vacations ever and we would like to thanks to the company, that is Welgrow Travels, with this travel company, we managed to have our best holidays. Let that be for expert advice, guidance and hard work and every service we needed. Our agent spent a tremendous amount of energy organizing our trip the less we did. They helped us with every requirements and the trip was beyond our expectations and was successful! Welgrow travel handled it with very good humor and solemn desire to make luxury trip in greece one full of amazing memories.

The Company organized an astonishing blend of activities for the family as well as the couples with a perfect grouping of culture, seafaring, seeing the sights and shopping. The landscapes were just as beautiful as ever, the beaches were so full of serenity with small tickling sound of waves touching the body, giving us a smile on every face. We had so much fun, so many laughs and days were just pleasant and the Greek people were just as wonderful. The foods which are must a say is mouth watering and will go out of the way to ensure you are well fed as they pride themselves on their cookery.



Just step into the ring where Olympic athletes competed that is in the grandeur of Olympia and take a look on every temples, statues, altars, treasures and the buildings. Fix your eyes on at Meteora’s monasteries, perched atop towering rocks at high point. You can also consider the Oracle’s insights covering multitude of ancient sites from the grandeur of Delphi which is the most important archaeological sites of classical Greece or from the grandeur of Athens where you will enjoy the tour of the Ancient Agora of Athens in the Foundation Hellenic World.

Our Agent that Welgrow travels booked us in lovely apartments and villas in evry place wherever we had to go, the best among all was Sani Asterias Suites, Hotel Ploes, we had a fantastic stay and awesome view. Each place was magnificently only one of its kinds and genuine to the island, over and over again it was full of history. In Rhodes we stayed in an apartment, Elite Suites that was near Amathus Beach where we were provided complimentary gift on departure and treats during the week.

In Santorini, we went to Andronis Luxury Suites which is the best hotel in this place. This hotel is an absolute jewel and a cherry on the cake and so many things set it apart. The location itself is out of this world beyond imagination. We had shops, cafes and restaurants in great quantity at doorstep and In Crete, we had best stay as compared to others and the staff members were so friendly and warmth. The location is just the right thing for the fresh view situated perfectly close to the sea and the town is just few minutes’ walk able distance from the hotel. Each accommodation was so thoughtfully ideal for us, thanks to the organizer.


Having a historical background of more than 4000 years, the eternal island continues to stand even before we had our eyes on it. It is known for its biggest ever volcanic eruptions in past. The hustle and bustle in this island is the plus point of this place, welcoming thousands of travelers’ everyday with warmness and kindheartedness.

Its beauty lays in the multicolored beaches varying from Red, sea green, Orange, sapphire or Black, take into all the colors of rainbow within one. You will find yellow or golden sand beach at Papohaku Beach Park. It has its best sights during noon, when the sun light falls on the sea reflecting back the golden color of the sea.

The Green sand on Talofofo Beach gets its color from the mineral that is one of the products of lava. The Black beaches are found in Costa Rica that creates spectacular view and are unbelievably charismatic. The violet sand or the violet beach which is not in particularly violet but you may find the patches on the coastline that can be seen perfectly after the winter storm.

The best excursion could be sea excursion where you can see the sunset on a sailing boat. This place is actually considered as the best honeymoon destination where one can find the clear waters as well as the colorful waters and one must have a view of island’s famous Caldera.

You can have the best experience of your life with ultimate cookery as it is a true culinary delight. You can treat you taste buds with fresh goat cheese, white egg plants, fava and many more. The best wineries you can give a try are Athyri, Aidani, Mantilaria, Assyritiko and many more varieties at restaurants.


Crete, Greece

The fifth biggest islands in the Greek world where you can find the diverse mixture of landscapes with splendid beaches, best culinary, wonderful villages, vibrant cities and treasures of ancient times in just one place.

Crete is an extensive place that is known for satisfying differentiations where scenic views range from dazzling coastline to craggy mountains and moving towards the farmland you will find the olive trees that are refreshing. Centered coffee shops surrounded by villages.

It’s a genuine spot like backtracking your thoughts to nature’s place, incarcerating the pine trees and alluringly little towns. It is segregated further into many small viallges where you can find monks especially for men, clear waters at every end, coves, camps and shrines open for all. One part of Crete is Halkidiki, which is again separated out with smaller towns, out of which one is Sithonia that is easy to get by boat and open to male pilgrims only.

The peacefulness in the park will give you bewildering days walking around and long idealistic evenings. A drive around these places can give you beautiful sights of many more places, looking at the slow moving ferries, giving a slight look at the olive and feta.

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