Discover Victoria Falls- A Beautiful Wonder Of Nature

If you are passionate about the African continent, a destination that you cannot miss is the Victoria Falls. You should visit them more than once and at different times of the year, as it is a destination in which the seasons differ very well, and each one has its own charms.

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A plateau with attractive gardens, high mountain ranges, exciting wildlife, vast lakes like the sea and enchanting waterfalls are all features that make one want to visit Africa again and again.

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It is estimated that about 5.5 million cubic meters of water of the Zimbabwe River per minute continues to drop down into the valley and you can enjoy it from the front end of the valley, which is as high as the banks of the river.

To see this waterfall from one edge to another, you must enter the border of Zimbabwe by car or by crossing the foot bridge. This bridge is located 700 meters south of the waterfall and standing on it, you can see its full view.

In the nearby forests, monkeys jumping from one branch to another will also be seen, as well as the tweet of many types of birds will fascinate you.

The Victoria National Park here is full of elephants, African buffalo, lions and other wild animals. The river also has many dangerous crocodiles, so bathing in it is not safe.

In the summer (October-April) you will experience high temperatures that can reach 30°C, although at night these drop to 14°C. In the afternoon, you will probably experience storms, as the rainy period coincides with the interval from November to March.

Contrary to this, in winter (September-October) the days are normally dry and quite sunny, and temperatures are close to 20°C, while at night they drop to 5ºC, forcing you to bundle up and discard any plan that include direct contact with water.

In this period, there are exclusive sightings of the native fauna of the region, who flock around the Zambezi River to drink due to the scarcity of water. It is a unique opportunity to witness large herds of elephants and buffalo.

The waters of the Zambezi River, the main architects of the existence of these dreamy waterfalls, maintain such a high level in April that they force rafting to close during the month, although if the weather behaves right, exceptions can be made.

Between February and July, the high waters occur reaching the maximum level between March and April. If you see the falls in that interval, you will be an eyewitness of fantastic rainbows, even more so if you can see them from the air.

In contrast, in the low water period, between August and January, almost no dew forms and rainbows are presumably not part of your experience. However, this is the best stage to capture the geological formation of the falls at its best.

In short, that Victoria Falls provide unique charms in each season. It is a luxury destination in South Africa that after knowing it will leave you with the dilemma of returning to see what you may be missing.

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