Luxury Travel in South Africa

Luxury Travel in South Africa

South Africa is a land that is replete with adventure and thrills. In fact, we love the place so much that we have crafter unique itineraries for this wonderful country that can showcase everything from the wildlife to the food! The choice is yours… Visit colonies of the curious meerkats, walk along the cobbled streets of the vibrant neighborhoods of Cape Town, sample delicious wines and traditional delicacies, go kayaking alongside the penguins, and wander through the grassy plains of the Kalahari! The traditional dance performances will surely leave you breathless, and a meeting with the local artisans will help you understand the art and craft of the region better. Watch with bated breath as prides of lions saunter past you, even as herds of elephants and giraffes meander towards their watering holes.

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Highlighted Experiences

Take a look at some of the popular destinations of South Africa:

  • Johannesburg - Take a look at the horrors of the Apartheid Museum.
  • Kalahari Desert - Spend time at the large meerkat colonies. Their inquisitiveness is adorable.
  • Cape Town - Take in the culture, history and natural beauty that surround you in this picturesque town.
  • Robben Island - Go kayaking with the acrobatic penguins who are swimming right beside you
  • Plettenberg Bay - a quaintly beautiful town set right on the water
  • Knysna Featherbed - a beautiful nature preserve with rare animals
  • Elephant Sanctuary - Sleep right next to these gentle giants, help with their feed and frolic with them during bath time.
  • Victoria Falls - One of the largest waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls is a frothing, towering mass of rushing water.

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