Reasons To Go To Kenya: The Best Ideas For Those Who Want To Get To Know The Diversity Of Nature And Wildlife In East Africa

Tours in Kenya- one of the most impressive and unforgettable travels on the African continent, because this country is truly filled with natural beauty, original culture, luxury wildlife, and smiles and joy are the greatest treasure of its people.

It is not without reason that Kenya is called the “navel of the Earth”, because this unique African country is located at the equator, so if you want to get closer to a serene life and get real pleasure from relaxation, then comfortable hotels, snow-white beaches, blue lagoons, unique flora and fauna of national parks are all it is waiting for every tourist during an exciting trip.

Do you want to go to a southern country with cosmic landscapes to see with your own eyes how a lion goes hunting and the natives dance with spears, if yes, then quickly providers of luxury safari tours to make the best out of your vacations.

Participate in a safari

The first tourist association with Kenya is safari, because about 250 thousand tourists travel here annually to go on an exciting adventure along the prairies of Kenya and plunge into the pristine nature, observing the life of animals in their natural habitat.

For more than twenty years, wildlife lovers have come to this country to get to know more closely its diverse wildlife. Many tourists have a specific safari goal – an attempt to discover the Big Five: leopards, buffalos, elephants, lions and rhinos.

Safari Travel tours can last several hours or several days, and depending on your personal preferences and financial capabilities, you can go on an exciting excursion not only in a jeep and a minibus, but also in a balloon, as well as a small plane. Thus, you will have a unique opportunity to see landscapes that are unique in their natural beauty from a new angle.

Breakfast with a giraffe

Giraffe Manor Hotel near Nairobi is the only place where anyone can enjoy an unusual breakfast with a giraffe. Giraffes happily make contact with tourists, and in the mornings they look at the windows of the mansion with reliable refreshments.

However, don’t worry – you don’t have to share breakfast, because when you check in they give out special food for new friends.

Meeting with amazing neighbors is guaranteed, because the hotel is located right in the middle of the nursery, where giraffes that are threatened with extinction are grown. At least a guided tour is worth a visit to Giraffe Manor, but it is better to stay at the hotel for a few days.

Get a new gastronomic experience

During a tour of Africa, You have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the local cuisine, which is quite diverse and multifaceted. The traditional cuisine of Kenya is represented not only by exotic fruits and vegetables, but also dishes with an African “accent”: steaks from antelope, crocodile, ostrich, giraffe and other wildlife.

In the Kenyan cuisine, the traditions of different nations are successfully combined, so do not be surprised to discover the tastes of Arabic seasonings and Indian curry in food, as well as when you are offered to drink tea with milk in English.

Do not miss the opportunity to try local mangoes, coconuts and pineapples – the soils in Kenya are quite salty, so the fruits are sour. Speaking of Kenyan products, one cannot ignore the seafood that the coast treats: fish, fresh shrimp and lobster,

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