Luxury Travel in Tanzania: Wildlife Safari

Planning a trip abroad is a good option but what if you are visiting the same monuments, monasteries, beaches, buildings, state of the art architecture if you are not going for a safari travel once. Travelling is an opportunity and a destined one, not everyone gets the chance to travel. It is just a means of meeting new people of other country and experiencing new things in life.

Now, the winter is meandering down, it is not too late or too early to plan one last trip without breaking the bank this year on a visit to safari destination. For many, the ultimate vacation involves a beach a place to enjoy sun, sand and waves while fixing your eyes at gorgeous water views but in the same cases safari is one such place where you will have all kinds of feelings from frightening to alarming and trip will be seriously full of thrill.

Tanzania is the most visited place and for that it has got enormous number of hotels ranging from 2 Star to 5 star hotels with all luxury and island lodges. You may also get discounts at many lodges and hotels during high season. Best one is Hiliki House, Unguja Lodge, Midland Hotel, Sanctuary Swala, The Hibiscus, Tembo House hotel and many more with facilities on top. You may find at every corner of the city with best hotels to accommodate.

Provided that such opportunity to take time for yourself giving you all kind of services and assisting you with the best destination to visit, Well Grow Group is definitely the one travel agent to book for your destinations at an affordable price. For safari, vacation in Tanzania can be the best place to visit. This December fresh grasses begin to cover the plains from Tarangire to Ngorongoro National Park. Every place is a land of mystery, surprises, fun, entertaining, pleasurable and memorable, all these entities depends on one attribute.

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Whether you’re on a spring or autumn break trip or want to spend the holidays among palms instead of pine trees, an undiscovered yet affordable vacation in Tanzania, it can be just the counter for the perfect days to pass on.

A Tanzania Safari is an uncommonly remunerating place and very different from other safaris with umpteen numbers of visitors with all the basic extravagances you would look for in a particular destination. Visitors tend to take a safari either toward the North of Tanzania or the South of Tanzania. Zanzibar and Tanzania’s other Indian Ocean islands are just a short skip away and give an acknowledged chill out after the rigors of a safari.

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Kilimanjaro national park which is known for it’s consisting of highest peak mountain and the most visited place among others and is a home to many animals. Inside it is covered with many games like fishing, hiking, camping and many more for extensive game viewing. Here you can find an Uhuru Park with a stylish outdoor eating area and mouth watering foodstuffs. On the way itself, you will come across hyrax, the grey duiker, rodents, red duiker, bushbucks, cape buffaloes and many more.

A place, Mwanza which is visited by few but it’s the next largest city after Dar es Salaam in Tanzania with largest population, it has got only few places to visit but it is the best place to rest and to stroll. It has got Lake Region and the busiest spot. The town looks on top of the lake which includes Bismarck Rock. It is the place full of tourist attractions as well as historical sites and museums. Sukuma museum at Kisesa area is one well known museum.

Dar es Salam is the first largest city in Tanzania with largest number of population and commercial centre for all. The name implies haven of peace and is acknowledged for its sea side shore. It is linked with many important sea routes to all destinations and is lively place for fishing that too at crack of dawn. The city showcases a Village Museum that is in the north of the city center and this museum hosts tribal dances, cultural activities and other events. Botanical Garden, Azania Front Lutheran Church, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Mbudya Island, Bongoyo Island, Oyster Bay: popular weekend spot and also referred as coco beach and to savor street food, are just few places worth mentioning in this bustling city.

Just like these above mentioned places, there is another vibrant city named Zanzibar City. It has got the best of all, to make your holiday priceless. With its beaches and water spots and its national park consisting of much number of species ought to find in other places. Jozani Forest is the one which is most common place to look for the animals; you might catch a quick look of Blue Sykes Monkeys, Bush Pigs, Aders Duiker Antelopes, Elephant Shrews, Chameleons and plentiful birds and butterflies.

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The best time to see the wildlife of Jozani is in the early hours in the morning when environment is at its most vivacious and man-kind at its least. Stone Town is another popular spot in Zanzibar where you can explore the markets, sea food and stack of fruits and vegetables. Coffee House is renowned in that place where you can get few minutes rest from the hustle and bustle of the crowded place.

To pack a little ecstasy into your trip, one must head to the mesmerizing national parks of Tanzania, explore different species animals or birds or aquatic animals and entice your taste buds with a variety of delectable cuisines.

Enjoy this luxury tour and trip vacation to the fullest at the refreshing elements of Tanzania. Hotels in here are of no problem when there are all amenities that are pre-booked by Well Grow Travels from hospitality to private lunch and are expertise in providing remarkable conveniences to all its customers. This travel is no less than a wonderful destination having a plenty of space for game viewing or a wildlife viewing in the Tanzania and is truly a perfect option for a safari ride as well as a family holiday.

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