If you are more interested in elephants, head to Amboseli Park on the border with Tanzania, where you can not only view these animals from a very close distance, but also photograph them against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro.

A little to the east is the Tsavo nature reserve, on the territory of which there is a chance to meet all the representatives of the big African five in one day.

Among the rest of the reserves and national parks of Kenya, the relatively small, but very original park of Nairobi stands out. Its border runs just 7 kilometres from the centre of the Kenyan capital, so here giraffes and rhinos roam against the backdrop of skyscrapers of glass and concrete.

african elephnts

Inside this park, there is a shelter for orphaned elephants, where they are first fed, and then they are trying to return to a full life in the wild. Since this nursery is in fact not a tourist attraction, it is open for visits only for one hour a day (from 11 to 12), but during the excursion the elephants can be fed and petted.

Elephants are not the only animals you can get to know in during Luxury Tour and Trip to Nairobi. Not far from the elephant nursery is the national giraffe breeding centre, where they are allowed to be hugged and hand-fed.

The Kenyan capital is interesting not only for animal nurseries and reserves – Nairobi, the best Family Travel Destination, has a rich cultural heritage. Be sure to visit the house-museum of the Danish woman Karen Blixen, the author of the cult novel From Africa.

The house has fully preserved the original furnishings of the early 20th century, which perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a typical African plantation of that time.

We also recommend visiting the Kenyan National Museum – in addition to an ethnographic exhibition and an exhibition dedicated to colonization, there are thousands of stuffed birds and mammals and an impressive collection of hominid skulls.

Kenya is called the “cradle of humanity” because it was in this country on the territory of the rift valley that the oldest remains of hominids, the first human ancestors, were discovered.

The Rift Valley or East African Rift is a deep rift in the earth that runs through nine African countries. Anthropologists believe that in 3-4 million years East Africa will become an island, separating from the continent along this crack, and the outlines of the continents that we are used to will change forever.

Of course, tourists are attracted to the rift valley not so much by its geological significance as by its magnificent views. This deep depression, along the bottom of which a chain of salt lakes stretches, and mountain peaks and volcanoes rise along the edges, is truly a magnificent sight.

On the shores of the lakes of the rift valley, birds like to settle, in particular, pink flamingos. One of the best spots to spot flamingos is Lake Nakuru National Park in Central Kenya.

Flocks of up to one and a half million flamingos gather on Nakuru, sometimes completely covering the surface of the lake. In addition to flamingos, the park is also home to about 400 species of birds and many mammals, including the rare white rhinoceros.

Kenya strikes with a variety of fauna not only on land but also under water. The waters of the Malindi and Watamu National Marine Parks are home to stingrays, octopuses, whale sharks, sea turtles and a huge number of tropical fish.

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Ayurveda In India: Back To The Origin Of Healing Treatments

Relax and rejuvenate package in India takes you the country where classical Ayurveda was born. This traditional Indian healing method dates back over 5,000 years and is extremely beneficial for health.

In this fast-paced world, more and more people are realizing the importance of achieving a balance of mind, body and soul and taking time for yourself every now and then.

There are hotels spread throughout India with expert Ayurvedic teachers to help you achieve your goals (weight loss, health, anti-stress, etc.) and return home refreshed. Also, can you think of a more exotic place than India?

Discover India, a country full of charm, with monuments dating back to before Christ. Its landscapes, beaches, nature and aromas will fascinate you. Taste an authentic Ayurveda diet with Ayurveda food and buy the best spices in the bazaars.

Relax And Rejuvenate Packages in India

And if India doesn’t appeal to you otherwise, Ayurveda in Sri Lanka or other options are also present for you to have a sunny and exotic vacation.

Recently, Ayurveda tours to Kerala and other states of India have been very popular. Ayurveda is the source of many modern types of naturotherapy and health improvement.

Currently, medical tours to India with Ayurveda attract attention as a solution to the problems of toxicity, strengthening the immune system, and successful prevention.

Yoga, Ayurveda and spa treatments of different traditions are the three pillars of Ananda in Himalayas. The most important thing here is not treatment, but the creation of an atmosphere of peace in which the body itself heals itself.

All Ayurvedic centres in India have an individual approach to each client. Therapies and active programs focus on deep relaxation, cleansing, and ultimately pleasure.

Medicines or medical procedures are selected individually, in Ayurvedic practice exclusively natural, natural remedies are used: ghee, medicinal plants, Spices, minerals, metals, so these medicines do not have harmful side effects.

Methods such as various types of massage (with oil, with powdered medicinal plants), steam room are widely used.

The excellent health centres and hotels of Kerala, Goa, Karnataka and the Himalayas offer a large package of wellness treatments and comfortable accommodation. The price for Ayurveda tours depends on the number of days, the chosen hotel and movement, as well as the cost of Ayurvedic packages.

Deep relaxation, inner balance and a radiant appearance, the beautiful Kerala will help you find your natural balance for body and soul! Surrounded by a beautiful long white sandy beach and breath-taking sea views, you will find the right place to switch off and forget the worries of everyday life.

Relax in the tropical and spacious garden or treat yourself to a long walk on the stunning beach. During your stay, specially trained therapists and doctors will be at your side and will create an individually tailored treatment plan based on the principles of Ayurveda knowledge, which is thousands of years old.

The yoga offer also has a supportive effect on the relaxing effect of your treatments. Whether a classic Ayurveda full-body oil massage, a relaxing forehead shower or herbal steam therapy – the extensive range of therapies rejuvenates, relaxes and stimulates body and mind. Enjoy a relaxing cure on one of the most beautiful beaches in India by booking wellness tourism packages.

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Why Travelling Alone Is Not A Bad Idea?

There are plenty of reasons to go on vacation alone as you will meet many solo travelers who all had their own story!

Traveling alone because no one is available- You have set days off (or you have been taxed), but no one around you can leave at the same time as you. Should we deprive ourselves of traveling or say that we will take full advantage of this moment to concoct a program in line with his tastes?

Your friends do not travel like you- The search for the right travel companion is not always obvious, and sometimes your friends do not have the same way of traveling as you.

Leaving alone is sometimes better than leaving with people who do not have the same vision of holidays and with whom the stay can become a source of tension or frustration.

Luxury Tour and Trip

Traveling alone to live your holidays differently- Luxury Tour and Trip is not necessarily a “default” trip, it can be a real choice. Because it makes it easier to meet the locals, to concoct a route that immerses you at 800% in the destination (and which corresponds to 800% to your tastes!), because it offers flexibility unheard of (whether in the choice of the destination, the budget spent, the program of the stay). The solo trip can be a decision perfectly assumed!

Going alone to think of yourself- Going on vacation alone is also confronting oneself. Find what makes you vibrate but also take on you to overcome some fears, whatever they are (fear of the language barrier, fear of scams and security problems, fear of getting lost, etc.). We learn a lot about ourselves, and it makes the experience very powerful.

How to leave alone without worry?

A solo trip offers you the unique opportunity to have a blank piece of paper in front of you, on which you can compose the itinerary of your dreams!

Find the perfect destination

There are surely places you dream of visiting. And maybe places you do not know yet that will arouse your curiosity. Some wait to have “found the right person” to make these trips: and if you leave alone, now? If the place is really fantastic, you’ll want to go back with the people you love, and you’ll experience it differently!

It is a good way to refine your choice and especially, to avoid the “errors of the season”: when you travel alone, you do not have the look of a second “companion” who will ask you the good Questions. “Uh but it’s not the monsoon/cyclone season at this time?

A little organization

Obviously, everyone travels as he wants, but when you go alone, you can only rely on yourself, so it is sometimes useful to provide a minimum route and take some precautions.

Master your budget

Solo wine Travel tends to be expensive if only because you do not share accommodation with someone. Many places still practice the “individual room supplement” even if we have the impression that for a few years, there are more and more single rooms in the hotels. It is, therefore, useful to set a budget limit and take it into account when choosing your destination by taking the margin!

wine Travel

Eat alone at the restaurant

It may be the point that seems to me still a bit difficult on a solo trip! At lunchtime, everything is fine: that is what a lot of business travelers do when they are traveling for a meeting in another city.

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Visiting Grand Bazaar, The Most Iconic Tourist Spot in Turkey

The Grand Bazaar in Turkey’s capital city of Turkey is not just iconic market or a popular spot in your luxury travel; it is a place which has been part of world’s civilization given the concept of having combined everything for trade and commerce at the same spot. In Turkish, the Grand Bazaar is also known as Kapalıçarşı meaning “cover market”. The Grand Bazaar is a microcosm of colors, traditions, and commerce. This makes it the hub for shopaholics and also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Turkey. Built-in the 15th century, the Grand Bazaar is spread over 30,700 square meters and has over 60 streets and 4000 shops.

Luxury Tour and Trip

Grand Bazaar is like a labyrinth in itself with 64 streets and 22 entrances to the Grand Bazaar thereby making it pretty difficult to visit without proper planning. To make things simple, you need to go by the few pointers. For instance, if you are looking for jeweler shops, you should enter through the Beyazıt Gate. Nuruosmaniye Gate is where you should enter through if you want to buy carpets at Zincirli Han. Grand Bazaar has a bevy of shops and some of the items are a must-buy in your luxury tour and trip of Turkey.

The Turkish carpets are known for their vibrant colors and patterns. Most of the carpet shops here and generations-old as is the carpet industry here which is at least 500 years old. The Turkish carpets have a reputation for being made of silk thread. Different regions of Turkey produce their own unique form of patterns on the rugs and carpets. Some of the famous types of design are the Holbein design which was designed in the time of the Ottomans and the Kilim rugs which comes from Turkey’s rural areas.

Add to that the wonderful reflection of the typical melting pot of the Turkish culture, hospitality and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Turks. The amazingly genteel sellers are all anxious to reassure you that you do not have to buy. One can hardly pass the market without getting the fragrance of foods and spices. If food is your thing, you are certain to bag Middle Eastern Saffron, meatball spices and curry powders for your journey back home. You can also shop for coffee and tea here.

The Grand Bazaar is where you also find the greatest and most talked potteries. Intricately painted mosaics and ceramics are a hallmark of Turkey. There is a selection of the best pottery in well-known landmarks of Turkey like the Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque. Most of the wonderfully created pots and other vessels have their genesis in Iznik, a town in northwest Turkey, the most famous for these ceramics. The tiles from Iznik are used in mosques and palaces with their iconic cobalt blue patterns.

Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque

This is just a foreword of what you are set to see in Grand Bazaar. For more bespoken experience contact the luxury tour operators in Delhi NCR for setting out in the most fascinating journey of Turkey.

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Make Your Dream Holiday a Reality by Hiring an Online Travel Planner

Everybody on the planet needs a break from the fastidious and occupied life and holidaying is the best method to assuage from anxiety and get some refreshment. The world is an exceptionally wonderful spot and one must explore it in the constrained life compass he has. There are innumerous spots on the planet that are truly worth visiting. At the point when the discussion is about going for a vacation there are numerous things included in it. From booking tickets and lodgings to organize nearby touring there is a great deal of diligent work included. It get to be troublesome for people to deal with all these luxury tour and trip all alone, and travel planners are the professionals that are a one stop solution to all your travel needs.

luxury travel destinations

Travel organizers are experts who arrange your whole trip from boarding till returning securely. If you are a travel freak or nature lover or need a break from your hectic life, travel planners are the first people you must contact. Here are some of the advantages you get when you choose an travel planner or a tour organizer for your excursion –

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Exploring The Best Luxury Beach Destinations Of The World

Beaches have always caught the fancy of globetrotters all across the globe for the sheer easy going atmosphere that it has to offer. The luxury beach destinations only sweetens the deal as you get the prime enjoyment and delight to get immersed in clean water amidst the posh beach resorts which give you all the amenities to revive your  nerves after the long hours diving and snorkeling. Opting for a Beach Travel Destination is a wholesome experience in its own right. Here we list the best luxury destinations of the world where you can splash into!

  1. Fiji- Fiji, a country which does not enjoy much of the positive opinion among the populist globetrotters is a country with hidden beach treasures. Its beaches have the elegant Wakaya Club, which has gone through multi-million dollar upgrade lift. The same can be said of the South Pacific oasis, you will experience an equally luxurious home away from home. The collection of exciting, exclusive listings at ThirdHome will match you to a beautiful home for your tropical vacation.

2. The Seychelles- When thinking of beautiful places, The Seychelles is one of the first places that comes to mind. With rare wildlife, crystal clear waters, lush rainforests, and breath-taking beaches all outlined before a striking backdrop of rocks, this truly is like paradise. To get the maximum of a wonderful experience in this archipelago, it is highly recommended you take a cruise around the islands.

3. Maldives- Could you possibly find a country which is built entirely upon the best sea and sand in the world? Maldives is the goldmine of some of the most well documented resorts like the One & Only Reethi Rah, sport addict’s dreamland, Velaa Private Island, and LVMH’s uber-chic Cheval Blanc will be joined by the new St. Regis, which is sure to be a magnet. It is high time you added Maldives in you bucket list of luxury beach destinations.

4. Cape Town, South Africa- This coastal South African city is one of the most complete dream destinations in the world — with one of the best food scenes, some really happening night life, and beautiful beaches. What you also get is a beautiful cutting-edge art and a buzzing commercial scene all within minutes of incredible wildlife and scenic mountains for hiking. The city is soon to see the Silo Hotel which shall be opened inside the new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa with dramatic views of the waterfront and Table Mountain, whimsically eclectic interiors, rooftop infinity pool and bar, and inside access to the city’s hottest museum.

5Portugal- The charming country where you can look to conquer the waves with your surfboard or want to travel with your beau. Beaches like the Praia da Costa Nova, Ilhavo (Aveiro) is one of the many calmer beaches in the country that is known and spoken highly of for some of the exciting underwater adventures. A place you are least likely to forget!

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The Essentials To Pack In Your Next Luxury Travel

The journey, especially, the luxury travel is mostly about exploring the destinations minus the daily hustles and roadblocks which mar your journey, the most adventurous part before reaching the destination. But this cannot be done without a few items which are pleasant, pampering and stylish as possible.  If you happen to be one of those who make it to the frequent flier’s list, you surely need a checklist of the essentials. So we combine the list of all the necessary stuffs and articles that you need to own before setting out to your preferred luxury destination.

  1. Vacation shoes- As the feet land on the destination of your dreams; you would like to take each step with comfort and luxury, right? In that case owning pair of vacation shoes that are not just comfortable but also ooze style becomes important in your luxury holiday destinations
  2. Noise-cancellation headphones- Music worm or not, you do need a pair of noise cancellation headphones. It is time to put aside your bulky set at home and pack an ear-bud-style type instead. Probably the best way to pass your time in the delayed flights waiting in the terminal or even when you are negotiating with a snoring co-passenger!
  3. Multipurpose bag- This is the extra bag that you unpack the minute you check into your hotel, and take with you everywhere. One small tip; choose the flat one which has the most basic style and color. Choosing the bag of common shape would also spare the space in your suitcase. And it will also complement every single one of your outfits.
  4. Contoured sleep masks- A contoured sleeping mask comes with the specialty of not messing your eye make-up whilst it stays in your eyes to keep the bright away while you are asleep. And there is nothing to worry about in terms of the sleep masks hogging the space. You know they fit well even in the small pouch in front of your seat!
  5. Luxury blanket- Whether it is a blanket, a shawl, a sweater or a pair of socks, you cannot go wrong with cashmere. A blanket is one of those essentials that pinch the most when the airline staffs turn the air-conditioner to the full while on board. Keep a blanket which is warm and yet not bulky. The one which you can use while watching sunrises and sunsets.
  6. Perfume- During your tour to the luxury holiday destinations, it is all but necessary to keep the sweat and perspiration under check with an enchanting perfume. Make sure to pack a bottle of luxuriously light perfume which is not heavy on anyone’s senses and yet does the trick with its long-lasting fragrances.

Now that you look all set to go out on a grand Luxury Tour and Trip, be sure to check out on the luxury tour operators to get the most bespoken packages to create travel memories of a lifetime.

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Iceland – 5 Places Where Fire and Ice Jibe

Places Where Fire and Ice Jibe

Iceland, the only place on the planet where fire and ice concur.The country with great diversity.The land where dark winters are offset by the midnight sun of the summer.A country where isolated existence has propelled a vibrant and rich culture. Luxury destinations Iceland, are full of adventure, Icelandic nature will fill your travel with stunning experiences. You will be stunned with the creativity of the indigenous people and the beauty of the landscape. Visit the luxury destinations in Iceland to have a never before experience.

Experience midnight sun hiking and lagoon bathing in Iceland only

The popularity of the country is increasing with every passing day. Its natural beauty has allowed the country to earn the crown of one of the most beautiful places in the Europe. During your Iceland tour, you have an opportunity to discover rugged arms of the sea, hot springs, a great blend of glaciers and some of the fantastic landscapes. Hiking in midnight sun and taking a bath in fantastic blue lagoons is something that you will not Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why Every Luxury Travel Lover Must Visit Los Cabos at Least Once in Their Life

Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is a story of two Mexican towns, diverse in some unmistakable ways, yet both offering a great involvement with the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez. San José del Cabo has the more settled atmosphere, with advanced shopping and workmanship displays, while Cabos San Lucas has a great time cherishing shoreline scene and nightlife. Whether you stay in one, the other, or — no doubt — some place in the middle of, Los Cabos travel offers lovely shorelines and a beautiful exhibit of shopping, sportfishing and the mental space to kick back. Utilize this Los Cabos travel guide discover your place in this edge of Baja.

Nightlife in Los Cabos

At the tip of Baja California Sur you will locate the double destination of Los Cabos. Asking why they call it a double destination? Part of the fun accompanies investigating the area’s two drastically stunning personas. Quiet San Jose del Cabo holds the look and vibe of a real Mexican town. Cobblestone roads, private restaurants and boutiques emanate from the focal principle square and mission church. Wild Cabo San Lucas, on the flip side of the parkway (called the Corridor), is gathering focal with hip bars and the smooth Luxury Avenue Mall based on the marina.

Los Cabos is one of the best luxury destinations in and is often referred to as “la buena Vida”- the great life we long for. The Cabo San Lucas zone has it each of the: a combination of hotel alternatives, a full cluster of water and land exercises, golf and tennis, unwinding spas, displays and shopping, lovely shorelines, and great night life and restaurants. There is something for everybody in Cabo.

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Know More About Luxury Tour and Trip To North America

Travel in North America

If you are a budget traveller than this blog is not for you! Luxury travel is completely opposite to that of a budget travel. As the term justify itself. The term “Luxury” means getting the best of everything at a big price. You can make your dream vacations come true with luxury tour and trip. The first step for luxury is finding a destination that is lavish and a perfect place where you want to spend your valuable time. It is best to choose the holiday destination depending on the weather as the change in the location and atmosphere will help you to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

One of the most loved travel destinations by people is of North America. It is said that America helps to satisfy the craving of every traveller that enters its land. Beverly Hills on the west coast, New York City in the north-east, energetic celebration in New Orleans’ Deep South is among some of the most loved travel spots by the people. Therefore, making it one of the most loved tourism destination. It is advisable that for Luxury Travel in North America you should get in touch with the best travel agency that has great reviews and reputation in the market.

tour and trip in north america

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